The ancestry of the Gordon Family


Laird of Gordon. Died 1138.
Richard Gordon of Gordon. Died 1170.
Thomas Gordon. Died 1214.
Thomas Gordon. Died 1258. Married Marjory.
Alicia Gordon. Died 1290. Married Adam Gordon (see below).
Adam Gordon of Faunces.
Alexander Gordon of Huntly.
William Gordon of Huntly. Died in Africa.
Adam Gordon of Huntly. Succeeded his brother.
Adam Gordon. Died 1270. Married Alicia Gordon (see above).
Adam Gordon. Died 1296. Married Marjory.
Adam Gordon. Got Strathbogie c.1319. Died c.1328. Married Annabella.
Adam Gordon. Died 1351.
John Gordon. Died c.1375. Obtained confirmation of Strathbogie 1357-8. Married Elizabeth.
a. Sir John Gordon. Died 1394. Entered into a "hand-fast marriage" with Elizabeth Cruikshank.
A. John ("Jock") Gordon of Scurdargue or Essie. Died c.1420. Entered into a "hand-fast marriage" with Henault MacLeod.
1. Alexander Gordon
2. Adam Gordon
John ("Jock") Gordon married Elizabeth (a.k.a. Margaret) Maitland.
3. John Gordon
4. William Gordon
5. James Gordon
B. Tam Gordon. The product of a "hand-fast marriage"..
b. Sir Adam Gordon. Died Homildon Hill 14 Sept 1402. Succeeded his brother. Married Elizabeth Keith, Lady of Aboyne (, dau of Sir William Keith, Marischal of Scotland.
A. John Gordon. Died 1408.
B. Lady Elizabeth Gordon. Died 16 March 1438-9. Married, 1408, Sir Alexander Seton (fought at the Battle of Harlow 1411, knighted by 1419, died 1440/41), 2nd son of Sir William Seton of Seton.
1. Alexander Seton, 1st Earl of Huntly, Lord of Gordon. By 1458 he had changed his family name to Gordon. Succeeded his father before April 1441. Died 1 July 1470. Buried Elgin. Married, first, c.8 January 1426-27, Egidia Hay, dau and heiress of Sir John Hay of Tullibody. Marriage annulled before Nov 1438.
I. Sir Alexander Seton, 1st of Touch. Ancestor of the Setons of Touch. Married Elizabeth Erskine, dau of Thomas Erskine, 2nd Lord
A. Sir Alexander Seton, 2nd of Touch.
  Alexander Seton married second by 18 March 1439-40, Elizabeth (died 9 July 1479), eldest daughter of William, Lord Chrichton, Chancellor of Scotland.
II. George Gordon, 2nd Earl of Huntly. Died before 30 Jan 1502. Chancellor of Scotland. Married first 20 May 1455 Elizabeth Dunbar, Countess of Moray, dau of James Dunbar Earl of Moray and widow of Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray (killed 1 May 1455). Dissolved without issue before 1459. Married second, before 10 March 1459-60, Lady Annabella Stewart (divorced 1471), ygst daughter of King James I. Marriage dissolved by Papal Bull 24 July 1471.  Married third, Aug 1471[Bettina McConchie] or 12 May 1476 [Burke's], Elizabeth Hay, dau of 1st Earl of Erroll, and sister of Nicholas Earl of Erroll, his brother-in-law who was married to Elizabeth Gordon.  Elizabeth was widow of 1st Lord Gray.
A. Alexander Gordon, 3rd Earl of Huntly. He commanded the left wing at Flodden and survived. Married 1st, 1474, Lady Janet or Joanna Stewart, daughter of Sir John Stewart, 1st Earl of Atholl.
1. John, Lord Gordon. Married Lady Margaret Stewart, natural daughter of King James IV.
a. George Gordon, 4th Earl of Huntly. Married Lady Elizabeth Keith, daughter of Robert Keith, Master of Marischal.
(I) George Gordon, 5th Earl of Huntly. Died 1574/6. Married Lady Anne Hamilton.
(i) George Gordon, 6th Earl & 1st Marquess of Huntly. Born 1563. Died 1636. Conspicuous as the head of the Roman Catholic Party in Scotland.  He defeated an expedition sent against him under the Earl of Argyl. at Glenlivat, in 1594. Married Lady Henrietta Stewart (died 1642), daughter of Esm Stewart, 1st Duke of Lennox (died 1583, son of John Stewart, Lord of Aubigny (died 1567)) and Katherine de Balsac (daughter of Guillaume de Balsac, Seigneur d'Entragues).
(1) George Gordon, 2nd Marquess of Huntly. Married, 1607, Lady Anne Campbell, daughter of 7th Earl of Argyll (son of 6th Earl of Argyll and Lady Agnes Keith) and Lady Agnes Douglas (daughter of 7th Earl of Morton and Lady Anne Keith).
(a) 3rd Marquess of Huntly. Married Mary Grant, daughter of Sir John Grant 6th of Freuchie (son of John Grant 5th of Freuchie and Lady Lilias Murray) and Mary Ogilvy (daughter of Sir Walter Ogilvy and Lady Mary Douglas).
(aa) Lady Mary Gordon. Married, 1635, Adam Urquhart, 19th of Meldrum (died 1684).
2. William Gordon.
B. Adam Gordon, Lord of Aboyne, Earl of Sutherland. Married Elizabeth, Countess of Sutherland dau & heiress of John 8th Earl of Sutherland.
C. Sir William Gordon of Gight. Killed Flodden 9 Sept 1513. He had the lands of Aboyne and he exchanged these with his brother Adam for the lands of Gight.
1. John Gordon.
a. William Gordon of Gight.
(I) Christina Gordon. Married Sir Adam Gordon of Park, great grandson of Sir William Gordon of Gight (killed 1513).
(i) John Gordon of Park.
(1) Jean Gordon of Edinglarrie. Married William Duff of Dipple.
b. Margaret Gordon. Married John Duff (died 1593).
D. Sir James Gordon of Letterfourie. Admiral of the fleet.
1. John Gordon of Chapelton and of Shiels. Married 1605 Margaret, née Arbuthnot as her third husband.
b. Beatrix Gordon. Born 1606. Died 1682. Married Robert Arbuthnot of Scotsmill.
E. Janet Gordon. Married first, Alexander Lindsay, Master of Crawford; secondly, Patrick, third Lord Gray
F. Elizabeth Gordon. Married 11 Jan 1481-82, Sir William Keith, 3rd Earl Marischal.
1. Robert, Lord Keith, Master of Marischal.
2. Lady Janet Keith.  Married William, 2nd Earl of Montrose.
G. Isobel Gordon. Ferrerius says she was dau of Lady Annabella Stewart. Married Hay William, 3rd Earl of Erroll.
H. Catherine Gordon. Sir James Balfour Paul says she was dau of Elizabeth Hay. Dsp 1537. Married first, Jan 1495-96, Perkin Warbeck (executed 1499), Pretender to the English Crown, who claimed to be Richard Duke of York, one of the Princes slain in the Tower of London. Married secondly, James Strangways; thirdly, Sir Matthew Craddock (ancestor of the Earls of Pembroke); fourthly, Christopher Ashton.
I. Agnes Gordon. Married Sir Gilbert Hay, of Kilmallock
J. Eleanor Gordon. Married John (?) Chrichton
K. Margaret Gordon. Married 1491 as his second wife Patrick Hepburn 1st Earl of Bothwell.
George 2nd Earl of Huntly had illegitimate children:
L. Alexander Gordon. Had letters of legitimation in Oct 1500.
M. Agnes Gordon. Married James Ogilvy of Findlater.
III. Sir Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie. From whom the Gordons of Abergeldie.
A. Beatrix Gordon. Born c.1482. Married John Garden.
IV. Adam Gordon. Died 1528. Dean of Caithness.
V. William Gordon. Mentioned in a charter of March 1457-58.
VI. Margaret Gordon. Died unmarried.
VII. Elizabeth Gordon. Married first 14 Nov 1461 Nicholas Hay, 2nd Earl of Erroll. Married second 1471 John 2nd Lord Kennedy.
VIII. Christian Gordon. Married before 8 July 1468 William Forbes 3rd Lord Forbes.
IX. Catherine Gordon. Married James Strangeways.
Alexander had two illegitimate daughters by Sir Thomas Cumming of Altyre.
X. Janet Gordon. Died c.1472. Married Sir James Innes, 12th of that Ilk.
XI. Margaret Gordon. Died 1506. Married 26 June 1484 Hugh Rose, 6th Laird of Kilravock.
2. William Seton. Killed at the Battle of Brechin 18 May 1452. Married Elizabeth Meldrum, heiress of William Meldrum of that Ilk. From them come the Setons of Meldrum.
3. Henry Seton. Killed with his brother William at the battle of Brechin 18 May 1452.
4. Elizabeth Seton. Married Alexander Earl of Ross.
Alexander Gordon. Died 1402.
Roger Gordon. Died 1402.
William Gordon of Stitchel. From whom the Lords of Lochinvar are descended.
John Gordon. A priest.
Thomas Gordon. A priest.

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