The Genealogy of the early Garden Family.



John Garden. Portioner of Latheris and Dorlatheris, 1480-1510. Died before 1555. Married c.1502 Beatrix Gordon of Abergeldie (born c.1482), dau of Sir Alexander Gordon of Abergeldie.

  A. Alexander Garden.    
  B. George Garden. Born c.1501. Died 1590. Portioner of Dorlatheris and Laird of Banchory 1555. He was sent by James 5th 1st of England to Denmark with the marriage treaty of the Princess Anne. Married c.1548 Isobel Keith (born c.1517), daughter of the Laird of Troup.    
    1. Robert Garden    
      a. Thomas Garden.    
      b. Francis Garden.    
        (1) John Garden. Born c.1672. Died Invermark, Scotland 26 April 1745. Married 29 October 1696 Catherine Farquharson (born c.1675, died 24 November 1738).    
          AA. Robert Garden. Born c.1716. Died 8 November 1772. Married Mary Gordon.    
    2. Arthur Garden Laird of Banchory. Born Banchory, Aberdeenshire c.1572 1541 [IGC thinks c.1548]. Married c.1603 1567 [IGC thinks c.1567] Elspet Gordon, daughter of George Gordon of Gight [ thinks she was dau of John Gordon 4th of Gight].    
      a. Alexander Garden. [IGC thinks he was born c.1568]. Died before 25 October 1639.  Last Laird of Banchory which was sold because he was financially embarrassed by the Denmark Experience. Married c.1599 Janet Strachan of Banchory.    
        (1) Major Alexander Garden, afterwards 1st Laird of Troup, 1654. Born 1629. If Alexander and Janet married when they did, why would they wait 30 years to have their first child? Died 1699. Married c.1660 Betty Strachan, daughter of Alexander Strachan of Glenkindy.    
          AA. Alexander Garden 2nd of Troup. 1665-1731. Married c.1686 Bathia Forbes daughter of Sir John Forbes of Craigievar.    
            aa. Jane Garden. Married Alexander Leith of Freefield.    
            bb. Peter Alexander Garden 3rd of Troup. Born 1685. Died 1740. Married 23 April 1713 Jean Grant of Cullen.    
              A. Alexander Garden, 4th of Troup. Born 1714. Died unmarried 1785. MP Banffshire.    
              B. Francis Garden, 5th of Troup, Hon Lord Gardenstown. Born 1721. Died 1793.    
              C. Peter Garden of Delgaty. 1723-1785. Married Katherine Balneaves of Glenlyon. Assumed the additional surname and arms of Campbell. Great granddaughter and heiress of Campbell of Glenlyon.    
                1. Francis Garden-Campbell, 6th of Troup and Glenlyon. 1768-1815. Married 18 January 1791 Penelope Smythe.    
                  a. Francis Garden-Campbell, 7th of Troup. 1793-1826. Married first 23 December 1815 Christina Forbes Cumine of Auchry.    
                    (1) Francis Garden-Campbell, 8th of Troup. 1818-1848. Married 18th July 1839 Georgina Ann Brigstocke of Somerset.    
                      AA. Francis William Garden, 9th of Troup. Born 1840. Dsp 1895. He sold the Glenlyon title. Married 16 January 1863 Sara Cavenagh.    
                      BB. Archibald Garden. 1820-1880. Married 29th August 1868 Jane Cathcart Ewing Cumine of Otago, NZ.    
                        aa. Francis Alexander Garden, 10th of Troup. 1869-1913. Married in Dunedin 9th April 1896 (Isabella) Mary Bedford- Kenyon.    
                          i. Janet Garden. Born 1897. Died 1970. Married 19 October 1929 J C Hawk.    
                            a. Ann Hawk. Born 1930. Married 1965 Roy Garstag. 2 daughters.    
                          ii. Alexander Garden 11th of Troup. 1905. Dsp 1984. Married in Natal, S.A., 29 June 1949 Isabel Bullock, nee Fletcher (1909-2004). Divorced.    
                          iii. Isobel Maude Garden. Born 1903. Died 1985. Married in Hong Kong 22 December 1923 Major Arthur Ludlam Cruickshank, DSO, RA (1883-1964)    
                            a. Ian George Cruickshank, 12th of Troup. Born 16 April 1930. Married 13 June 1987 Sheena Macdonald Macmillan, née Grahame (born 1941), widow of Dr D C Macmillan.    
                    (2) Fanny Garden. Married 1834 William Fowlie. Their issue live in New York.    
                    (3) William Garden. He had a saddlery business in New York. Married.    
                    (4) Agnes Garden. Married John Kinloch of Logie.    
                    Francis married second Maria Duff, only daughter of Major General Duff of Carnoustie.    
                2. Alexander Garden of Delgaty. 1736-1777.    
                3. Lt Col Peter Garden. 1737-1780.    
                4. Henry Garden.    
                5. David Garden.    
                6. Helen Garden. Married John Burnett and had issue.    
                7. Margaret Garden. Died 1857 aged 83. Buried Tullich. Married 1791 William Farquharson of Monaltrie and had no children.    
                8. Mary Garden. Married 1806 Thomas Burnett of Park as his second wife.    
                9. Jane Garden.    
                10. Christian Garden.    
              D. Jane / Jean Garden. Married first Alexander Leith of Freefield. He married second Martha Ross.    
                1. Alexander Leith. Died 1828. Married 1774 Mary Elizabeth Gordon.    
                  a. General Sir Alexander Leith of Freefield. Married first Maria Thorp. Married second Mary Mackenzie.    
                  b. Elizabeth Ann Leith. Married Peter Gordon of Abergeldie.    
                2. Jean Leith.    
                Jane married second Arthur Forbes of Schivas. Married third Joseph Cuming of Auchty.    
                3. Further issue.    
            cc. Sarah Garden. Married Joseph Cumine of Aucry.    
            dd. Christian Garden. Married Hugh Forbes of Schivas.    
            ee. Bathia Garden. Married Patrick Forbes of Schivas.    
            ff. William Garden. Born Old Machar 26 July 1702. Married.    
        (2) Captain George Garden.    
      b. Rev George Garden. Born 1576. Died 1677. Minister of Clatt 1633-1677. Married in Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire 25 December 1636 Elspet Forbes.    
        (1) Rev Alexander Garden of Gartly and thereafter at Deer.    
        (2) John Garden. Bap Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire 23 June 1637 [IGC has a chart which shows him (married?) "twice 16?6"]. Farmer of Fowllartoune, Kinkell (now Fullerton, near Kintore). Married first in St Nicholas, Aberdeen 19 November 1685 Margaret Sewr and had the issue shown following. We did show a number of other children born to this couple but there is insufficient evidence that the other John Garden is the same man and his tree has now been moved to    
          AA. Jean Garden. Baptised St Nicholas 6 March 1687.    
          BB. Alexander Arbuthnot. Baptised St Nicholas 17 November 1689. He who went to Charlestown, South Carolina. He married Janet Robertson. Rev Alexander Garden. Born 1685. [An Alexander Garden was baptised St Nicholas, Aberdeen  26 May 1685, son of George Garden and Anna Chrightoun] Died South Carolina 21 September 1756.  MA, Univ of Aberdeen 1711. Minister of Church of England who emigrated 1719 to become minister of St Philip's Church, South Carolina. 5 children. If it was he who married Martha G_____ then he  had a son called John Garden (born 1733).    
            aa. Alexander Garden, MD, FRS (born Edinburgh c.January 1729/30, died London 15 April 1791), renowned botanist - after whom the gardenia was named. Married in Charlestown, SC, 25 December 1755, Elizabeth Perroneau (born 1738, died March 1805). [The book on Alexander Garden of Charles Town makes it clear that this couple were not great-grandparents of Rev. John Garden, Doctor of Divinity of Calgary, Alberta (qv below) ].    
              A. Alexander Garden. Born Charlestown 4 December 1757. Died Charlestown 24 February 1829. He went to Westminster School in London and got his MA degree at the University of Glasgow in Scotland in 1779. After joining the Continental Army in the American Revolutionary War, he became a lieutenant in General Lee's legion in February 1782, was aide-de-camp to General Greene, and rose to the rank of major. After the war, he was granted the right to his family's property, which had been confiscated after his father expressed disloyalty to the revolutionary cause. Married 1784 (Mary) Anna Gibbes.    
                1. Alexander Garden 1785-1805. Died aged 21.    
                2. Robert Garden  Died aged 8.    
                3. Henry Garden Died aged 6.    
                4. Charles Ogilvie Garden . Born 1789. Died 10 February 1800.    
                5. Eliza Gardenia Garden. Born 1800.    
              B. Margaret A Garden. Born c.1760. Died 1785.    
              C. Harriotte Garden. Born c.1762. Died after 1791.    
              D. Juliette Garden. Died after 1791. Married Alexander Fotheringham.    
                1. Harriet Fotheringham. Married G Benson.    
              E. William Garden. [Per Michael Shawan McCormick ... If he is mistaken then William is son of William Garden and Agnes Adam]  [Whom did he marry?]    
                1. James Garden.    
                2. Alexander Garden.    
                3. John Campbell Garden. Born New Brunswick 1784. Died Stamford twp 15 September 1860. Married 16 May 1820 Mary Thompson (born New Brunswick, Canada 17 December 1793, died Stamford twp, Welland, Canada 18 June 1880).    
                  a. William Nelson Garden. Born 20 March 1821. Died 29 January 1899.    
                  b. Mary Caroline Garden. Born 9 February 1823.    
                  c. Sophia Louisa Garden. Born 5 January 1827. Died 8 October 1892.    
                  d. John Augustus Garden. Born 24 December 1829. Died 27 September 1891.    
                  e. James Henry Garden. Born 5 April 1833. Died 20 April 1909. James married first 1853-59 Elizabeth Perry (1831-1905).    
                    (1) Emily Augusta Garden.    
                    (2) Laura Elizabeth Garden.    
                    (3) Charles Y. Garden.    
                    (4) Harold Garden.    
                    James married second 15 December 1906 Emily Hampton Smith (born 7 September 1851, died 14 August 1931).    
                    (5) Frederick Frampton Garden. Born 15 August 1878.    
                      AA. William Garden.    
                      BB. Dorothy Garden. Married Mr Hatton and had Jane Hatton and two sons.    
                      CC. Elenor Garden.    
                    (6) Walter Mack Garden. Born 5 October 1880. Died February 1881.    
                    (7) Florence Evelyn Garden. Born 30 May 1882. Died 1961. Married Harold Godfrey.    
                    (8) Olive Kathleen Garden. Born 24 September 1887. Died 24 May 1982. Married 1 September 1917 Dr Crawford Ward McCormick (born 12 October 1888, died 24 March 1949).    
                      AA. Nancy Garden McCormick. Married Henry Hoover Hook.    
                        aa. Catherine Grace Hook. Married Michael Rapport.    
                          i.. Nathan Rapport.    
                        bb. Martha Garden Hook.    
                        cc. Henry Hoover Hook, Jr. Married Carie _____.    
                        dd. Matthew McCormick Hook.    
                        ee. Rachel Hook.    
                        ff. Ward McCormick Hook. Born 4 November 1953. Died 6 November 1963.    
                        gg. Claud McCormick Hook. Born 4 November 1953. Died 5 November 1963.    
                      BB. Mary Ward McCormick. Born 5 May 1918. Died 11 June 2000. Married 10 April 1942 Edwin James Neill (born 22 September 1914, died 20 October 1977).    
                        aa. James Edwin Neill.    
                        bb. Nancy Kathleen Neill. Married Donald Whyte Hoaglund.    
                      CC. John Crawford McCormick. Born 29 April 1920. Died 31 May 1989. Married Margaret Ann Shawan.    
                        aa. Michael Shawan McCormick. Married first Cynthia Lewandowski.    
                          i.. Shawn Philip McCormick.    
                          Michael married second Emilie Whitcomb. Married third Susan Elizabeth Potter.    
                        bb. David Ward McCormick. Married Marla Ann Rose.    
                        cc. Mary Margaret McCormick.    
                        dd. Paul Clement McCormick.    
                  f. Frederick Oliver Garden. Born 1835. Died 1836.    
                  g. Arthur Garden. Born 13 December 1836. Died 3 February 1880.    
                4. Jane Garden. Born 1786. Died 1848. Married William Thompson (born 17 June 1786, died 18 January 1860).    
          CC. Margaret Garden. Baptised St Nicholas 4 August 1692.    
          John Garden married second in Methlick, Aberdeen 19 July 1705 Margaret Forsyth and had numerous descendants including    
          DD. George Garden. Born 1710 1664. Died 1791. Farmer in Heugh-head Keig and afterwards in Bandly, Alford. Married Elspet Reid.    
            aa. Agnes Garden. Born 1738. Died 1831.    
            bb. Elizabeth Garden.    
            cc. Alexander Garden. Born 1752. Died 1804. Farmer at Bandley. Married 1785 Grizeal McCombie, dau of Alex McCombie farmer at Lyntruck Lochel-Cushnie (born 1733, died 1811).    
              A. George Garden. Born 1785. Farmer at Bandley. Married Agnes Paterson.    
                1. William Garden. Born 1810. Died 1873. Surgeon. Married 1808 Mary Taylor. 1 son.    
                2. Alexander Garden. Born 1802. Died 1882. Farmer in Earlsfield Kennethmount.    
                3. Grizeal Garden. Died 1859. Married William Ironside.    
                4. George Garden. Farmer in Bandley. Married 1846 Margaret Paterson.    
                5. Christian Garden. Land surveyor, Aberdeen. Married 1860 Alex Adam.    
              B. Colonel William Garden. Born 1790. Died 1852. ADC to Queen Victoria. Mapped Afghanistan.    
              C. Hugh Garden. Born 1794. Died 1852. Army accoutrement maker in London. Married Christian Spring. 2 sons 4 daughters.    
              D. Alexander Garden. Born 1795. Died 1845. Residency surgeon Calcutta. Married Mary Douglas. 3 sons, 2 daughters.    
              E. Elizabeth Garden. Died 1861. Merchant in Aberdeen. Married Alex Cowle.    
              F. Jane Garden. Married George Yeats.    
              G. Lt John Garden, HEICS. Born 1797. Died 1821.    
            dd. Elspet Garden. 1761-1831. Married 1787 Robert Milne. No known issue.    
        (3) William Garden. Born Belhelvie, Aberdeenshire 28 March 1639. Farmer at Treveltie, Kinkell (now Tavelty, near Kintore) 1696. Possibly William Garden of Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. He married Mrs William Garden and had children marked ♣. It must have been another William Garden who married at St Nicholas, Aberdeen 17 April 1673 Jean Wallace (born c.1639) of Kinerney (because the children's dates of baptism are 8-10 years out). [There seems to be a generation missing when you get back to George Garden and Elspet Forbes if you go by the dates shown here. There are some children not included on the gedcom as I have not found any reference to them on the IGI as yet. When I do we will include them in there unless someone else finds a different link.
Sheena sent Greg a Pedigree Chart a while a go and on it she had Alexander Garden c 1568 married about 1599 to Janet Strachan and they had Major Alexander Garden about 1629 along with a brother Captain George Garden. My question is if Alexander and Janet married when they did, why would they wait 30 years to have their first child? Also if Reverend George Garden of Clatt was born about 1606 why would his brother Alexander Garden who married Janet Strachan be born c1568? I still feel that somewhere there is a generation missing. I have also been handed information on Mary Garden the Opera Singer who we have been told has a connection to the Garden family and I am tracing this also to see if this is so. With the information that I have found and also what we have been given with information on the Garden families from Aberdeen especially Belhelvie and Banffshire I still believe that there is a generation missing back after George Garden of Clatt to John Garden who married Beatrice Gordon.]
          AA. George Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1664.    
          BB. Elspet Garden.    
          CC. Marie Garden.    
          DD. ♣ [If he is son of William and Jean who married 1673, he was probably born thereafter; we think he was son of William and Mrs William Garden] Alexander Garden Sr of Craigern, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. Born c.1674. Married c.1695 Mary Logan (born c.1675) of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire.    
These are siblings of Alexander   (
in preference to being children     (
of Alexander and Mary Logan      (
  aa. Jean Garden. Born c.1701, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
  bb. William Garden. Born c.1703, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
            cc. [The alternative genealogy shows him as son of John, below] Alexander Garden Jr of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. Bap Kinerney 20 June 1706. Married New Machar, Aberdeen 4 November 1731 Jean Anderson [*1] of New Machar, Aberdeenshire (born c.1710).    
              A. Alexander Garden. Born c.1731.    
              B. Jean Garden. Born Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1732.    
              C. William Garden of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. Born c.1735.  Married Agnes Adam of Cluny, Aberdeenshire (born c.1743).    
                1. Alexander Garden. Born c.1758, of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. after 1841. Married Chapel Garioch, Aberdeenshire 28 May 1785 Margaret Gall. He may have been great grandfather of Rev John Henderson Garden (1889-1969), first student of Mount Royal College, Calgary (whose first degree was in botany and whose doctorate was in divinity).     
                  a. William Garden. Bap Craigearn 6 June 1787. Died 5 February 1855.    
                  b. Joseph Garden. Bap Craigearn 2 November 1788.    
                  c. Alexander Garden. Bap Craigearn 28 March 1790. Married 10 October 1814 Eliza Tod.    
                  d. James Garden. Bap Craigearn 8 December 1792. Died 3 February 1865. Married 14 May 1826 Jane Philip.    
                    (1) John Garden. Bap 15 December 1824. Died 5 November 1857.    
                    (2) James Garden. Born 27 October 1827. Died 21 June 1898.    
                    (3) Alexander Garden. Born 27 September 1829. Died 14 January 1892. Married Elizabeth Wilson.    
                    (4) William Phillip Garden. Born 11 July 1832. Died 1 May 1885. Married 1 December 1853 Margaret Cameron, daughter of John Cameron and Barbara nee Emslie.    
                      AA. Mary Ann Fraser Garden. Born 1854. Died 9 September 1897. Married 31 May 1873 Charles Abernethy.    
                      BB. Jean or Jane Garden. Born 7 April 1856. Died after 1861. Married 12 September 1884 Thomas Castles.    
                      CC. Elizabeth Garden. Born 1 January 1859. Married first 25 November 1881 Thomas Davidson.    
                      DD. Margaret ("Maggie") Garden. Born 16 January 1861. Died 28 March 1923.    
                      EE. William Garden. Born 1 March 1863. Died 29 November 1926. Married 31 December 1884 Margaret ("Maggie") Wallace.    
                      FF. John Cameron Garden. Born 11 July 1865.    
                      GG. Violet Harvey Garden. Born 23 April 1868.    
                      HH. Matilda Garden. Born 29 April 1870. Died 24 November 1877.    
                      II. Catherine Anderson Garden. Born 16 September 1872. Died 26 March 1933. Married 23 May 1891 William Kenley.    
                        aa. Catherine Anderson Garden Kenley. Born 16 Feb 1892. Died 28 Feb 1892.    
                        bb. Jessie Kenley. Born 8 Feb 1893. Died 3 July 1951.    
                        cc. Catherine Garden Kenley. Born 26 Sept 1894. Died 20 Aug 1958.    
                        dd. William Garden Kenley. Born 23 Jan 1897. Died 5 May 1979.    
                        ee. George Small Kenley. Born 11 May 1898. Died 28 Feb 1971.    
                        ff. Ann Small Kenley. Born 16 May 1900. Died 18 May 1900.    
                        gg. Nellie Kenley. Born and died 28 Nov 1901.    
                        hh. Frederick Garden Kenley. Born 27 June 1902. Died June 1983. Married 12 August 1925 Annie Wilson. Descendants.    
                        ii. John Small Kenley. Born and died 5 May 1903.    
                        jj. Gordon Cameron Kenley. Born 3 Sept 1908. Died 31 Dec 1990.    
                        kk. Thomas Davidson Kenley. Born 4 August 1910. Died 30 Sept 1910.    
                        ll. Blanche Willie Kenley. Born 12 Aug 1911. Died July 1986.    
                        mm. Charles Davidson Kenley. Born 18 July 1912. Died 19 March 1945.    
                        nn. Melba Kenley. Born 14 Feb 1916. Died 3 May 1996.    
                        oo. Male Kenley.    
                        pp. Female Kenley.    
                        qq. Male Kenley.    
                      JJ. Agnes Mill Garden. Born 10 January 1875. Married Alexander Flynn. Married Robert Flynn.    
                    (5) Margaret Garden. Born 28 April 1834. Died 20 July 1890.    
                    (6) Jane Garden. Born 6 June 1838. Died 24  February 1851.    
                    (7) George Hall Garden. Born 20 September 1841. Died 20 October 1897. Married 29 November 1862 Helen Walker.    
                    (8) Louisa Garden. Born 8 March 1843. Died 27 July 1866.    
                    (9) Agnes Wood Garden. Born 9 March 1846. Died 5 March 1903.    
                  e. Margaret Garden. Bap Craigearn 1 May 1795.    
                  f. Mary Garden. Bap Craigearn 8 May 1797.    
                2. Janet Garden. Born Cluny, Aberdeenshire 1769.    
                3. Margaret Garden. Born Cluny 1771.    
              D. Andrew Garden. Born Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1737.    
              E. George Garden. Born Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1740.    
              F. Barbara Garden. Born Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1743.    
              G. Francis Garden. Born Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1745.    
              H. Mary Garden. Born Mains Millhill, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1751.    
              I. John Garden. Born Castlefraser, Cluny, Aberdeenshire c.1754.    
These are siblings of Alexander    (
in preference to being children     ((
of Alexander and Mary Logan       (
  dd. George Garden. Born c.1711, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
  ee. Katherine Garden. Born c.1719, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
          EE. John Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1675. Possibly died young.    
          FF. ♣ Margaret Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1678. Possibly died young.    
          GG. ♣ Miss Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1680.    
          HH. ♥ Margaret Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 23 December 1683.    
          II. ♥ William Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 5 December 1686.    
          JJ. ♥ John Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 1689.    
        (4) Rev Thomas Garden. Minister at Clatt 1669-1681.    
    3. Col George Garden of Leys. Born c.1572 1540 [IGC thinks c.1549]. Married in Edinburgh 1596 Nicolas Balfour. Sheena's Pedigree Chart also shows that George Garden who married Nicolas Balfour in 1596 was born in Banchory c 1543. This is 53 years difference. Either the dates have possibly been read incorrectly off their chart that they are going by or maybe a date was typed in wrong or there is a generation missing.    
      a. (female) Garden. Born Inverkeithing c.1597.    
      b. (male) Garden. Born Inverkeithing c.1599.    
      c. Thomas Garden. Born c.1600. Farmer / wool merchant in Gilcomston. Married c.1621 Anne Reland.    
        (1) John Garden of Bellamore. Born c.1622. Married 1664 Isobel Ogilvy (b.1627).    
        (2) Alexander Garden of Bellamore. Born c.1624.    
        (3) Thomas Garden of Bellamore. Born c.1625.    
        (4) A daughter of Bellamore. Born c.1626. Married Lt Charles Cadogan, later Lord Cadogan.    
        (5) A daughter of Bellamore. Born c.1627. Married Rev James Nicholson, Minister of Banchory. 1 son, 1 daughter.    
        (6) Anna Garden of Bellamore. Born c.1627.    
        Thomas Garden also married Isobel Ramsey.    

The book on {
Alexander {
Garden of {
Charlestown {
 establishes {
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connection {

d. [Unproven - Francis could be son of Rev George Garden by Elspet Forbes (md 1636) ]  [There seems rather a large gap between this birth and the George/Nicolas parents' marriage date]  Francis Garden of Midstrath. Born c. 1640 c.1600. [One source says that Francis Garden from Midstrath's father is Robert Garden and not George Garden who married Nicolas Balfour.] He had 2 daughters and    
  (1) John Garden of Midstrath. Born 1672. Died Invermark 26 April 1745 aged 73. The book says 1636-1738. Farmer. Sold Midstrath and then bought Invermark. Married 29 October 1696 Catherine Farquharson (born 1675, died 24 November 1738 aged 63).    
    AA. [The alternative genealogy shows him as son of Alexander, above] Rev Alexander Garden Bap Craigearn, Kinerney 2 February 1706. Died 1778. [CAH suggested his dates were 1680-1778 while Gail Elizabeth Garden Wright says that an Alexr (d.1778), son of John Garden (born c.1657), son of George Garden (born c.1576), son of Arthur Garden and Elspet Gordon md Janet Robinson - all of which seems unlikely]. Minister of Kinerney, then of Birse. Married first New Machar 4 November 1731 Jean Anderson [*2] (born c.1710).    
      aa. Alexander Garden. [Other than the book on Alexander of Charlestown, there seems to be no evidence of an Alexander born to Alexander Garden and Jean Anderson after 4 Nov 1731]    
            bb. Hugh Garden, 1732-1795. Manufacturer in Huntly.    
            Alexander married second Elizabeth Nicholson.    
            cc. Elizabeth Garden.    
            dd. Anne Garden.    
            ee. Francis Garden, MD. Born 1745.    
            Alexander married third Janet Robertson.    
            ff. John Garden. Born 1755. Army accoutrement maker of London.    
            gg. George Garden,. Born 1761.    
          BB. Rev Robert Garden of St Fergus. Born c.1708-16. Died 8 November 1772. Married Mary Gordon. He erected his parents' memorial in Droustie's kirkyard, in front of which we find, on a long, flat stone, broken across and clamped, ...  It covers the remains of Mr Charles Garden of Ballastreen in Aboyne (died 1761 aged 90). These families were related to Garden of Troup, and were tacksmen and factors for the Panmure and Glenesk portions of the forfeited estates...  The parish of Lochlee was not erected into an independent charge till 1723, when the Rev. Mr Garden was appointed minister.    
    4. Beatrix Garden. Born c.1550.    
  C. Wiliam Garden. Born c.1517.    
  D. Robert Garden. Born c.1504.    
  E. Beatrice Garden. Born c.1516. Married c.1535 Finla More (killed Battle of Pinkie 1547), ancestor of the Farquharsons of Invercauld and of Finzean.    

        (1) William Garden. Born 1639, of Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. Married Mrs. William Garden. Born c.1639, of Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. [A William Garden married at St Nicholas, Aberdeen 17 April 1673 Jean Wallace (born c.1639) of Kinerney but this cannot be William, father of these children, because a number of the children were born well before the date of their marriage. It is possible that William and Jean Wallace were parents of some of the later children.]    
          AA. George Garden. Born c.1664, (Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
          BB. Elspet Garden.    
          CC. Marie Garden.    
          DD. Alexander Garden Sr. Born c.1670, of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire. Married Mary Logan. Born c.1675, of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire.    
            aa. Alexander Garden Jr. Born c.1706, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire). Married Jean Anderson. Born c.1710, New Machar, Aberdeen, Scotland    
              A. Alexander Garden. Born c.1731    
              B. Jean Garden. Born c.1732, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              C. William Garden. Born c.1735, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)
Married Agnes Adam. Born c.1743, Cluny, Aberdeen, Scotland
                1. Alexander Garden. Born c.1758, of Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland, d. After 1841 (ancestor of John Henderson Garden, first student of Mount Royal College, Calgary)    
                2. Janet Garden. Born c.1769, (Cluny, Aberdeen, Scotland) (***** Gordon McLeod relation)    
                3. Margaret Garden. Born c.1771, (Cluny, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              D. Andrew Garden. Born c.1737, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              E. George Garden. Born c.1740, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              F. Barbara Garden. Born c.1743, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              G. Francis Garden. Born c.1745, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              H. Mary Garden. Born c.1751, (Mains Millhill, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
              I. John Garden. Born c.1754, (Castlefraser, Cluny, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
            bb. Jean Garden. Born c.1701, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
            cc. William Garden. Born c.1703, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
            dd. George Garden. Born c.1711, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
            ee. Katherine Garden. Born c.1719, (Craigearn, Kinerney, Aberdeenshire, Scotland)    
          EE. John Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1675. Possibly died young.    
          FF. Margaret Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1678. Possibly died young.    
          GG. Miss Garden. Born Kinerney, Aberdeenshire c.1680.    
          HH. Margaret Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 23 December 1683.    
          II. William Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 5 December 1686.    
          JJ. John Garden. Bap Echt, Aberdeenshire 1689.    


A number of people have greatly helped in the creation of this page including Ian Cruickshank, Greg Garden and Gordon Macleod.
We have drawn on "Dr Alexander Garden of Charles Town" by Edmund Berkeley and Dorothy Smith Berkeley, The university of North Carolina Press 1969

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