The  genealogy of the Evelyn family.

William Evelyn.    
  Roger Evelyn.    
    John Evelyn.    
      George Evelyn of Long Ditton. 1530-1603.    
      1. Thomas Evelyn.    
        a. Sir Thomas Evelyn of Long Ditton.    
          (1) Sir Edward Evelyn of Long Ditton, 1st Bt,  MP.    
      2. Sir John Evelyn of Kingston, Godstone & Marden, MP. 1555-1627.    
        a. Sir John Evelyn of Lee Place, Godstone and Marden. Born 1591. Died 1633-4. MP for Bletchingley. Knighted 1641. KL owns a badly overcleaned portrait presumably of him (wrongly described as Kneller), which is circle of John Michael Wright, c.1690.  Married Thomasine Heynes.    
          (1) Sir John Evelyn of Godstone, 1st Bt of Godstone and of Marden. Dspm 10 August 1671. The estate of Godstone devolved upon his brother George.    
          (2) George Evelyn of Nutfield and of Godstone. MP for Bletchingley. Married second Margaret Webb. Married third Frances Broomhall.    
            i. Richard Evelyn of Dublin. Divided the estate amongst his four sons. Married first Jane Mead.    
              (a) William Evelyn. Died 1776. Married Margaret Chamberlain.    
                i) John Evelyn of Wotton, Surrey. Born June 1743. Died November 1827. KL owns a poor copy of a portrait of him.    
                   A Captain George Evelyn of Wotton. Died 1820 of injuries incurred at Waterloo.    
                    William John Evelyn. 1822-1908. The estates came back together in his hands as he inherited from his cousins. KL owns a portrait of him which was once in an oval frame or cartouche. Married Frances Harriet Chichester. KL owns a portrait of her.  
                       a  Ada Jane Evelyn.  Married Philip Stewart Mackenzie Arbuthnot.    
                       b John Harcourt Chichester Evelyn. 1876-1922.    
                        Major Peter George Evelyn. 1909-c.1943. Sold the Evelyn portraits to an American dealer. Married Patricia Lilla Mary McAlmont dau of Brig-General Sir Robert Chaine Alexander Mcalmont KCVO CBE DSO.    
                          (A)  (John) Patrick Michael Hugh Evelyn. Born 16 October 1939. Owns Wotton and most of   the Evelyn miniatures. Married Jennifer AnnE Browne (b 1944), dau of CaptThomas Gillespie Browne and Susan Monica Smith, now Mrs Robert Reynolds.    
(1) Peter John Evelyn. Born 1970. Married 2006 Clare Jenna McVittie (b 1973) dau of John B McVittie of Kensington and Jane E Hobson.
(a) Georgina ("Gina") Charlotte Evelyn . Born 31 July 2007.
(b) Annabel Jane Evelyn.. Born 28 November 2008
(c) John William Charles Evelyn. Born 26 November 2010.
                       c Florence Evelyn. Married Rev Francis R Wilberforce of Markington.    
                         i John Wilberforce.    
                           (A) Richard Wilberforce.    
                           (B) Andrea Wilberforce.  Married Mr Beaumont.    
                     2 George Palmer Evelyn.  
                      Mary Emeline Evelyn.  Married Henry Vardon, son of Hugh James Vardon of Gracechurch Street, London, and his wife Charlotte Elizabeth Rogers.    
                         i Henry ("Jack") George Evelyn Vardon..    
              Richard Evelyn of Dublin married second Elizabeth Caddan.    
              (b) William (Glanville) Evelyn. Born 1686.  Married Frances Glanville.    
                i) Frances Glanville Evelyn. Died 1805. Married Admiral Edward Boscawen (died 1761). KL owns a copy of his portrait, the original is in the National Portrait Gallery, we think.    
      3. Robert Evelyn of Godstone. Married Susan Young..    
      4. Richard Evelyn of Wotton. Died 1640. High Sheriff of Sussex and Surrey 1634. Married Eleanor Stansfield (d.1635).    
        a. George Evelyn.    
        b. John Evelyn, the diarist. Born 31 October 1620. Died 27 February 1706. Wrote a diary (in the British Library) and also "Arboria". KL owns a copy of a portrait of him, the original being owned by the Royal Horticultural Society, we think. Married Mary Browne (1635-1709), daughter  of Sir Richard Browne of Sayes Court, British Ambassador to Paris. KL owns a portrait of her by Pott / Potts.    
          (1) Richard Evelyn. Dvp 1652-1658.    
          (2) John Standsfield Evelyn. 1653-1654.    
          (3) John Evelyn. Born 1655. Dvp 24 March 1698/9.  Married Martha Spencer.    
            i. Sir John Evelyn, 1st Bt of Wotton. 1682-1763. KL owns a portrait of him (labelled 2nd Bt), by Michael Dahl, a Swedish contemporary of Kneller.    
              (a) Sir John Evelyn, 2nd Bt, MP. 1706-1767. KL owns a portrait of him (labelled 1st Bt), a copy of a picture after Jonathan Richardson (1665-1745), painted c.1730.    
                i) Sir Frederick Evelyn, 3rd Bt. Born 1733/34. Died 1 April 1812.    
              (b) Charles Evelyn. Married Susanna Prideaux.    
                i) Charles Evelyn. Married Philadelphia Wright.    
                   A Sir John Evelyn, 4th Bt. Born c.1757. Died 4th May 1833. He was of unsound mind.    
                   B Sir Hugh Evelyn, 5th and last Bt. Born 31 January 1769. Dsp 28 August 1848. He was of unsound mind.    
            ii. Elizabeth Evelyn. She married Hon. Simon Harcourt, son of Simon Harcourt, 1st Viscount Harcourt and Rebecca Clark.    
(a) Martha Harcourt d. 8 Apr 1794.  She married George Venables-Vernon, 1st Baron Vernon, son of Henry Vernon and Anne Pigot, on 10 April 1744. 
i)Elizabeth Vernon d. 25 Jan 1826
ii)William Vernon d. Dec 1790
iii)Henry Venables-Vernon, 3rd Baron Vernon+ b. 18 Apr 1747, d. 20 Mar 1829
iv)Most Rev. and Rt. Hon. Edward Venables-Vernon-Harcourt+ b. 10 Oct 1757, d. 5 Feb 1847 Archbishop of Canterbury
(b) Simon Harcourt, 1st Earl Harcourt b. 1714, d. 16 Sep 1777
          (4) George Evelyn. 1657-1658.    
          95) Richard Evelyn. 1664-1664.    
          (6) Mary Evelyn. 1665-1685.    
          (7) Elizabeth Evelyn. 1667-1685.    
          (8) Susanna Evelyn. 1669-1754. The only child to survive her parents. Married William Draper.    
        c. Richard Evelyn.    

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