The Genealogy of the Elliot of Minto Family.


  A. Elliot of Lariston.   Married, 1580, ______ Scott of Buccleugh.    

Gilbert Elliot of Stobs. Familiarly known as "Gibbie wi' the gowden garters". Married Margaret Scott, daughter of Walter Scott of Harden.


Garvin Elliot of Midlem Hall and Grange. Married, 1646, Margaret Hay, daughter of Andrew Hay of Haystoun.


Sir Gilbert Elliot, Lord Minto. Born 1651. Died 1718. Married Helen Stevenson, daughter of Andrew Stevenson.


Mary Elliot. Died 1767. Married Sir John Elphinstone, Bt of Logie Elphinstone (born 1675; died 1732), advocate, Commissary of Edinburgh, son of Sir James Elphinstone (born c.1645; died 1722), WS of Logie Elphinstone, 1st Bt, Commissary of Edinburgh by Cecil Denholm (dau of John Denholm of Muirhouse). Sir James was son of William Elphinstone of Ressiviot (2nd son of James Elphinstone of Glack, cadet house of Elphinstone of that Ilk and Elizabeth Wode, dau of Wode of Bonytoun) and Margaret Forbes.


Cecilia Elphinstone. Born 1705. Died 1780. Married, 1737, James Balfour 2nd of Pilrig (born 1705; died 1795).

            (B) Mary Elphinstone. Died 1768. Married Sir Andrew Mitchell of Westshore, Bt.    
            (C) _____ Elphinstone. Married Henry Crawford of Monorgan.    
              (a) Mary Crawford of Monorgan.    
            (D) _____ Elphinstone. Married Dr Elliot.    
            (E) Jean Elphinstone.    
            (F) Margaret Elphinstone. Died 1767.    
            (G) Marion Elphinstone. Died 1770.    

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.
A principal source has been "The Balfours of  Pilrig" by Barbara Balfour-Melville (T & A Constable, Edinburgh, 1907).
A further source will be "The Elliots : the story of a border clan" by Dora Eliott of Stobs (Seeley Service & Co)
Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt
Additional research and contributions by Charles Hillman

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