Genealogy of the Dumaresq or Dumaresque Family

Guille Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule, Judge Delegate and Lieut-Bailly of Jersey. Living 1407.
Thomas Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule.
Jacques Dumaresq.  Seigneur of La Haule.
John Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule.
aa. Thomas Dumaresq, Seigneur of La Haule. Jurat R.C. in 1519.
A. Edward Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule. Judge-Delegate of Jersey.
1. Helier Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule. Married Martha, dau of Nicholas de Soullemont.
a. Elias Dumaresq. Married Martha dau and co-heir of Nicholas Lempriere.
i. Elias Dumaresq. Seigneur of La Haule. Died s.p. from a gunshot wound and was buried in St Brelade's Church 24 September 1644.
ii. Edward Dumaresq. Died s.p. 1635.
iii. Susan Dumaresq. Lady of La Haule and heir to her brothers. Married first John Dumaresq, Seigneur of Vicheles de Bas. Married second Elias Marett.
b. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Clement Dumaresq of St Clement's.
c. Jane Dumaresq. Married Benjamin La Cloche, Segneur if Longueville.
d. Sarah Dumaresq. Married Helier Lempriere.
2. Thomas Dumaresq.
a. Richard Dumaresq.
i. John Dumaresq.
b. Edward Dumaresq.
3. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Hugh Lempriere, Seigneur of Dielament.
  4. Jane Dumaresq. Married Gilles Lempriere, Seigeur of Trinity.
Thomas Dumaresq. Married Jeanette Bagot, only dau and heir of John de Bagot, Seigneur of Gorge.
John Dumaresq the elder, Seigneur of Vinchelés de Bas and of Gorge. Married Mabel Payn, only dau and co heir of Philip Payn, Seigneur of Samarés.
aa. John Dumaresq the ygr, Seigneur of Samarés. Married Jane Lampriere daughter of Thomas Lampriere Bailly of Jersey.
A. Clement Dumaresq. Seigneur of Samares. Married Margaret only daughter and heir of Helier de Carteret, Bailly of Jersey.
1. Henry Dumaresq. Seigneur of Samares. Married Mary Lempreiere, dau of Philip Lempriere.
a. Esther Dumaresq. Married John Dumaresq, Jurat, R.C. son of John Dumaresq, Bailly of Jersey , d.1606.
i. Daniel Dumaresq. Seigneur of Samares. Married Elizabeth De Carteret, dau of Peter De Carteret of St Peter.
(A) Henry Dumaresq, Seigneur of Samares. Jurat R.C. Married Margaret Herault, only dau of Abraham Herault of St Helier
(1) Philip Dumaresq. Seigneur of Samares. Jurat R.C. Captain, RN. Married Deborah Trumball, sister of Sir William Trumball, Kt, Secretary to William III.
aa. Deborah Dumaresq. Lady of Samares. Only dau and heiress. Dsp. Married Philip Dumaresq, son of Benjamin Dumaresq, a junior scion of Dumaresq of Augres.
(2) Henry Dumaresq.
(3) Margaret Dumaresq.
(4) Esther Dumaresq. Dsp.
(B) John Dumaresq. Married Rachel Le Feuvre.
(1) John Dumaresq of the Columbiers. Married Rachel Bosquet.
aa. John Dumaresq of the Columbiers. Married first Elizabeth dau of Amice de Carteret, Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas. Married second Jane dau of John La Cloche and widow of Abraham Richardson.
A. John-Helier Dumaresq. Dsp. Married Susan Bisson, elder dau of Abraham Bisson, Dame of the  Fief Luce-de-Carteret.
B. Philip Dumaresq. Married Rachel Hooper.
  1. Philip Dumaresq. Married Mary Prouings.
  a. Philip Dumaresq. Married Mary Vibert, sister of Rev John Vibert.
  i. Philip Dumaresq of the Columbiers Married Esther Prouings.
  (A) John-Arthur Dumaresq.
  (B) Mary Dumaresq. Born 1836. Married _____ Arthur.
  (C) Esther Dumaresq. Born 1842. Married.
  (D) Susan Dumaresq. Born and died 1842.
  (E) Jane Dumaresq. Born 1843. Married John Le Feuvre.
  ii. John Dumaresq.
  iii. Thomas Dumaresq.
  iv. Daniel Dumaresq.
  v. Amice Dumaresq.
  vi. Mary Dumaresq.
  vii. Susan Dumaresq.
  2. John Dumaresq.  Dsp.
  3. Daniel Dumaresq.  Married Susan, dau of James Langlois.
  a. Daniel Dumaresq. Married Elizabeth Dumaresq dau of Rev Clement Dumaresq, Rector of St Mary.
  i. Daniel Dumaresq. Married Mary-Ann Tostevin of Guernsey.
  ii. Clement Dumaresq. Married Jane Langlois.
  iii. Elias Dumaresq. Married Delphine Després.
  iv. George Dumaresq. Married Jane-Ellen Coffin .
  v. Philip Dumaresq.
  vi. John Dumaresq.
  vii. Frederick Dumaresq.
  viii. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Philip de Quesne.
  ix. Jane Dumaresq.
  x. Esther Dumaresq.
  xi. Susan Dumaresq.
  b. Philip Dumaresq. Captain RJM. Married Susan Le Cerf.
  i. Philip Dumaresq. Married _____ Fruing.
  (A) William Dumaresq.
  (B) Walter Dumaresq. Born 7 October 1853. Died 1857/8.
  (C) Philip Dumaresq.
  (D) Clarence Dumaresq.
  ii. Susan Dumaresq. Married John Le Feuvre.
  c. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married John Vibert.
  d. Ann Dumaresq. Married Philip Syvret.
  e. Mary Dumaresq. Married Ab. Dupré.
  f. Susan Dumaresq. Married James Syvret.
  4. Amice Dumaresq.  Married Anne, dau of Thomas Pipon.
  a. Anne Dumaresq. Elder dau and co-heiress. Married Francis Valpy.
  b. Mary Dumaresq. Dsp.
  5. Margaret Dumaresq.  Married John Alez.
C. Elias Dumaresq. Married Rachel Le Cerf of St Ouen.
  1. John Dumaresq.  Captain R.J.M. Married Susan Alexandre.
  a. Amelia-Carteret Dumaresq. Only dau and heiress. Married Charles-Anthoine-Marie-Gabriel Armand.
  i. Edouard-Charles Armand. Born 1826. Assumed  the name and arms of Dumaresq, pursuant to Letters Patent granted by H.I.M. Napoleon III 1858. Papal Order of St Sylvester. Insignia of Saints Maurice and Lazarus of Piedmont. Order of Isabella the Catholic of Spain. A distinguished artist whose paintings can be seen at the Church of Dôle, the Abbey Church of Caen, the museum of Versailles. Arms: Quarterly 1 and 4  Gules, three escallops, Or, a fleur-de-lis for difference: 2 and 3, Azure, three helmets, Argent (for Armand). Quartering - Ermines, a cross-bow, drawn, charged with an arrow, all Argent (for Larbalestier); Gules three escallops Or, a crescent for difference (for Dumaresq); Sable three dolphins embowed Argent (for De Bagot); Argent three trefoils Sable (for Payn) and Gules four fusils in fesse Argent an annulet in base Or for difference (for De Carteret). Motto: Toujours le mesme.
  2. Elizabeth Dumaresq.  Born 1763. Married 1783 Nicholas Le Bas, Captain RJM.
D. Sarah Dumaresq. Dsp.
E. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married John De La Perelle.
bb. Mary Dumaresq.  Married Philip Vibert.
cc. Rachel Dumaresq.  Married Nicholas de Marquand.
(2) Philip Dumaresq.
(3) Peter Dumaresq.
(4) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Dsp.
(5) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Rev Peter de la Place.
(C) Elias Dumaresq. Married Elizabeth _____. They dsp.
ii. Joshua Dumaresq. Dsp.
iii. Clement Dumaresq of St Clement. Married Elizabeth Dumaresq dau of Helier Dumaresq, Seigneur of La Haule.
(A) Helier Dumaresq. Married Jane Jambart.
(1) Helier  Dumaresq. Married Esther Le Geyt.
aa. Esther Dumaresq.
(2) Clement Dumaresq. Married Mary De Carteret.
aa. Helier Dumaresq. Married Jane Collas, dau of John Collas.
A. Philip Dumaresq. Dsp.
B. Jane Dumaresq. Lady of the fief Elie. Married Philip Nicolle.
C. Deborah Dumaresq. Married John Dumaresq, eldest son of the Seigneur des Augres.
  1. Deborah Dumaresq.  Died unmarried.
  2. Jane Dumaresq. Married Elias Le Maistre.
bb. Jane Dumaresq. Married 1710 Amice De Carteret.
(3) Jane Dumaresq. Married Philip Filleul.
(B) Clement Dumaresq. Married Agnes Gevain.
(1) James Dumaresq. Married first 1662 Susan Hamon.
aa. Susan Dumaresq. Born 1669.
  James married second 1673 Dorothy Helier.
aa. James Dumaresq. Died in infancy.
bb. James Dumaresq. Born 1679.
cc. Clement Dumaresq. Married 1693 Susan Hooper, dau of John Hooper
A. Charles Dumaresq. Born 1696. Married 1722 Mary Labey.
  1. Clement Dumaresq.  Born  1729. Married Elizabeth Roissier.
  a. Rev Clement Dumaresq MA. Rector of St Mary. Died 1837. Married Elizabeth, dau of Nicholas Mallet.
  i. Clement Dumaresq.
  ii. Thomas Dumaresq.
  iii. George-Shaffner Dumaresq.
  iv. William-Bromley Dumaresq. Dsp.
  v. Jane Dumaresq. Married Captain George Peirson.
  vi. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Daniel Dumaresq of the Columbiers.
  vii. Mary Dumaresq. Married Mr Le Couteur.
  viii. Anne Dumaresq. Married John Le Brun.
  b. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married George Mallet.
  i. Elizabeth Mallet. Married Joshua de Quetteville.
  2. Charles Dumaresq.  Dsp.
  3. Elizabeth Dumaresq.  Born 1723.
B. William Dumaresq. Born 1701. Married 1736 Elizabeth Roissier.
  1. James Dumaresq.  Born 1737. Married first Mary Payn.
  a. George Dumaresq. Born 1771. Killed in attempting to escape from a French prison.
  b. John Dumaresq. Married Jane Pirouet.
  i. Helier Dumaresq. Married Jane Bertram.
  (A) Jane Dumaresq.
  (B) Mary-Jane Dumaresq.
  (C) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
  (D) Emma Dumaresq.
  ii. John Dumaresq. Married Jane dau of Philip Gaudin.
  iii. James Dumaresq. Married Elizabeth Le Couteur (born 1816).
  (A) Jane Dumaresq. Born 1834.
  (B) James-Le Couteur Dumaresq.
  (C) Elizabeth-Jane Dumaresq. Born 1840.
  (D) Mary Dumaresq. Born 1843.
  (E) Albert James Dumaresq. Born 1844/45.
  (F) Julia Dumaresq. Born 8 September 1847. Died in infancy.
  (G) John Dumaresq. Born c.1850. Died 1903. Married 1884 Constance Honoria Shaw.
  (1) Lancelot Dumaresq. Born 1885. Died 1962. Married 1911______ O'Reilly (died Westminster 1972).
  aa. Constance Pamela Dumaresq. Born 1912. Died Tonbridge Wells 1995.
  (H) Emma Dumaresq. Born 1853.
  iv. George Dumaresq.
  v. Mary Dumaresq. Married Clement Le Veulle.
  James married second Mary Filleul.
  c. Helier Dumaresq. Born 1788.
  d. Mary Dumaresq. Born 1781. Married John Le Feuvre.
  C. Elizabeth Dumaresq.
  D. Susan Dumaresq.
dd. Agnes Dumaresq. Born 1677.  Married 1691 James Roissier.
ee. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Born 1681. Married first Charles Le Boutilliere. Married second  Hugh Hooper.
(2) Clement Dumaresq. Born 1651.
(C) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Joshua Lempriere.
b. Sarah Dumaresq. Married Helier De Carteret, Seigneur of La Hague, Jurat, R.C.
2. Collette Dumaresq. Married John Dumaresq, Bailly of Jersey.
3. Jane Dumaresq. Marrried first Richard Le Brocq. Married second John de Carteret, Seigneur of Vincheles de H.
4. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Nicholas Lampriere.
5. Mabel Dumaresq. Married Richard Messervy.
bb. Richard Dumaresq, Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas and of Gorge. Died 1556. Married Collette (died 1590), dau and co-heir of Anthony Larbalestier, Seigneur des Augrès. They had issue including:
A. Edward Dumaresq. Died unmarried.
B. John Dumaresq. Seigneur of Vincheles de Bas. Baillie of Jersey. Married first Isabel Perrin.
1. John Dumaresq. Born 1518. Jurat R.C.
John married second in Serk 1568 Collette Dumaresq, dau of Clement Dumaresq.
2. Elias Dumaresq. Married Susan de Carteret.
a. John Dumaresq. Born 1646. Seigneur of Vignelles de Bas. Jurat and Lieut-Bally R.C Born 1581. Died 1639. Married Susan only dau of Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur of La Haule by Martha Lempriere.
i. Sarah Dumaresq. Married Amias de Carteret.
b. George Dumaresq. Dsp.
c. Philip Dumaresq. Born 1613. Denunciator R.C.
i. Elias Dumaresq. Married at St Owen 24 September 1676 Mary de Lecq.
(A) Philip Dumaresq.  Denunciator R.C. Married Margaret Lempriere.
(B) Elias Dumaresq.  Married Catherine Dupont.
(1) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married Nicholas Chevalier.
(2) Catherine Dumaresq. Married John Le Hardy, Jurat R.C.
(C) John Dumaresq.  Married Mary Robin, only dau and heir  of Raulin Robin.
(1) Mary Dumaresq. Died unmarried.
(D) Mary Dumaresq.  Married Rev Philip Falle MA, Rector of St Ouen.
(E) Elizabeth Dumaresq. 
ii. A daughter. Married Richard Le Cras.
iii. A daughter. Married Mr Grouchy.
iv. Marie Dumaresq. Married at St Lawrence 20 November 1679 Matthew Danglois.
d. Margaret Dumaresq. Born 1614.
3. Abraham Dumaresq. Died 1631. Settled at his father's house in St Trinity. Married Susan De Carteret (died 1658), dau of Philip De Carteret, Seigneur of St Ouen.
a. Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur des Augres, Jurat RC. Died 1677. Married Jane Payn, dau of Rev Thomas Payn, Rector of St Laurence.
i. Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur des Augres. Born 1648. Died 1731. Jurat, Royal Court. Married Frances eldest dau and co heir of Francis De Carteret, eventual heir to the Manor and honor of St Ouen.
(A) Elias Dumaresq, Seigneur des Augres, Jurat RC and Colonel RJM. Born 1652. Died 1754. Married Elizabeth, dau of John de Carteret, Seigneur of Vincheles de H.
(1) John Dumaresq. Born 1705. Died 1747. Married Deborah Dumaresq.
(2) Michael Dumaresq. Born 1706.
(3) Philip Dumaresq. Born 1708.
(4) Edward Dumaresq. Born 1710.
(5) Rev Daniel Dumaresq. Rector of Yeovilton. Born 1712. Died 1805.
(6) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Born 1713.
(7) Elias Dumaresq. Born 1715.
(8) Rachel Dumaresq. Born 1717.
(9) George Dumaresq. Born 1719.
(10) William Dumaresq. Born 1720. Died 1740. Married Mary, dau of Thomas Robert.
(11) Frances Dumaresq. Married 1745 George Dumaresq of Ponterrin.
(B) Philip Dumaresq. Married Susan Perry dau of Mr Perry of Hâvre de Grace.
(1) Philip Dumaresq. Died young.
(2) Philip Dumaresq.
(3) Susan Dumaresq.
(4) Douce Dumaresq. Married George Bandinel.
(5) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
(6) Ann Dumaresq. Married Nicholas Mallet.
(C) John Dumaresq.
(D) Anne Dumaresq.
(E) Frances Dumaresq.
(F) Magdalen Dumaresq.
(G) Caroline-Alice Dumaresq.
(H) Frances Dumaresq.
(I) Caroline Dumaresq.
(J) Douce Dumaresq.
(K) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
ii. Philip Dumaresq. Married Sarah, dau of Benest  Le Gros.
(A) Philip Dumaresq. Lt, RN.
(B) Edward Dumaresq. Married Ann, dau of John Le Carteret.
(1) Edward Dumaresq.
(2) John Dumaresq.
(3) Rachel Dumaresq.
(4) Ann Dumaresq.
(5) Magdalen Dumaresq.
(6) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
(7) Sarah Dumaresq.
(C) Abraham Dumaresq. Captain HEICS. Married Alice, dau of Sir John Reynell.
(D) John Dumaresq.
(E) Ann Dumaresq. Dsp.
(F) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married 1st Mr Masurier. Married 2nd Robert Slowly.
(G) Margaret Dumaresq. Married Mr Guerin.
iii. Edward Dumaresq. Lt, RN.
iv. Anne Dumaresq. Born 1653. Married John Durell, Lt-Bailly of Jersey.
v. Benjamin Dumaresq. Born 1655.
vi. Jane Dumaresq. Born 1658. Married Mr Berry.
vii. Amice Dumaresq. Born 1659.
viii. John Greffier Dumaresq. Married Ann Bockam.
(A) William Dumaresq.
(1) Charlotte Dumaresq. Married William Dumaresq.
(B) Admiral Thomas Dumaresq, RN. Bap 1729.
(1) William Dumaresq. Married Charlotte Dumaresq.
(C) Ann Dumaresq. Married Lt Burton.
(D) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
ix. Susan Dumaresq. Married 1st Joshua Le Boutillier Married 2nd Francis Gouchy.
x. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Born 1669. Married Lt Col Matthew Le Geyt, RJM.
b. Benjamin Dumaresq, Jurat RC. Born 1626. Died 1680. Married Elizabeth De Carteret (born 1647) dau of Philip De Carteret, Bailly of Jersey.
i. Philip Dumaresq, Seigneur of Anneville in right of his mother, Jurat RC and Colonel E Regiment RJM. Born 1671. Married Deborah Dumaresq, only dau and heiress of the Seigneur of Samares. Dsp.
ii. Benjamin Dumaresq. Married Ann Hilgrove.
(A) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Only dau and heiress. Born 1708. Married 1734 James Pipon, Seigneur of Noirmont.
iii. Mary Dumaresq, Lady of Anneville. Born 1678. Died 1734. Married Clement Chevalier.
c. Gideon Dumaresq.
d. Amice Dumaresq. Dsp.
e. John Dumaresq. Receiver of  the King's Revenues in Jersey. Married Mary Dumaresq of the Mesnage d'Allain.
i. John Dumaresq. Jurat RC and Captain RJM. Married Jane Corbet.
(A) John Dumaresq. Captain RJM and Constable of St Helier. Married Anne, dau of _____ Lafosse Chastry.
(B) Philip Dumaresq.
(C) George Dumaresq.
(D) Magdalen Dumaresq. Married Edward Gold, Lt, HM Service.
(E) Elizabeth Dumaresq.
(F) Jane Dumaresq.
(G) Elizabeth Dumaresq. Dsp.
ii. George Dumaresq. Captain HM Service and Dept Governor of Jersey 1714.
f. Sarah Dumaresq. Born 1616-17. Dsp.
g. Francis Dumaresq. Born 1617-18.
h. Anne Dumaresq. Born 1627. Died 1700. Married 1649 Sir Philip De Carteret, Kt, Seigneur of St Ouen, Serk and Rozel.
4. Daniel Dumaresq.
5. Joshua Dumaresq.
6. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Married first John Le Hardy. Married second Louis Hamptonne.
7. Sarah Dumaresq. Born 1573. Married John Dumaresq.
8. Judith Dumaresq. Born 1574. Married Peter de Carteret. Jurat R.C.
9. Susan Dumaresq. Born 1575. Married John Pipon.
10. Esther Dumaresq. Born 1579. Married Peter de la Rocque.
C. Helier Dumaresq. Younger son of the Seigneur of V de B and of Gorge, Vicomte of Jersey. Married Frances, dau of Laurens Hamptonne, Jurat, R.C.
2. Sephora Dumaresq. Of age 1591 & living in London. Married Richard Lambert.
3. Sarah Dumaresq. Married Henry Jacob.
4. Susan Dumaresq. Married W Foster.
1. John Dumaresq. Lieut-Bailly, Capt of the parish of St Helier and Colonel E Regiment, R.J.M.  John married first Sarah Dumaresq, dau of John Dumaresq, Bailly. Bailiffs of Jersey included: John Dumaresq 1566-83, 1586-87 and 1591-94.
a. Elias Dumaresq. Dsp.
John Dumaresq. Married second Elizabeth Bisson, dau of Edward Bisson.
b. Capt John Dumaresq of the Parish of St Helier 1669 and Major E Regiment, RJM. Married first Elizabeth Le Goupil, dau of Nathaniel le Goupil.
i. Major John Dumaresq, RJM. Married Henriette, only dau and heir of Messire Renay du Bouays, Chevalier, Seigneur of Saugerre, Brittany.
(A) John Dumaresq. Married Ann Horton (d 1771).
(1) Augustus Dumaresq. Capt, 39th Foot 1767. Died Southampton 18 December 1891. Married Lympstone, Devon 17 March 1784 Horatia Elizabeth Bentley, dau of Richard Bentley of Abingdon & Westminster.
aa. Augustus Dumaresq.
bb. Ann-Horatia Dumaresq. Born Southampton 1788. Married 23 January 1816 P Wyatt Crowther.
(B) Philip-Amory Dumaresq. Dsp.
(C) René Dumaresq. Married Mary-Margaret Poingdestre.
(1) John Dumaresq. Born/bap St Helier 2 February   1731/2. Died Worcester 28 May 1814. Married St Saviour 24 April 1768 Rachel Bandinel (1738 - April 1766), dau of Philip Bandinel (and Susan Horman), son of David Bandinel (and Anne Corbet), son of George Bandinel (and Elizabeth Poingdestre), son of David Bandinel (and Rachel Messervy), son of James Bandinel (and Margaret Dumaresq), son of David Bandinel (and Elizabeth Stallinge), a descendant of Dean Bandinel (an ancestor of John LeMesurier).
aa. Lt Col John Dumaresq. Born St Helier, 18 February 1759. Died Worcester 5 March 1804. Married Chelsea 30 August 1789 Ann Jones (born 1771; died 10 June 1857), dau of Morris Jones. Arms: Gules, three escallops Or, a martlet for difference. Quartering - Ermines, a cross-bow drawn, charged with an arrow, all Argent (for Larbalestier); Gules three escallops Or, a crescent for difference (for Dumaresq), Sable three dolphins embowed Argent (for De Bagot), Argent three trefoils Sable (for Payn) and Gules four fusils in fesse Argent, an amulet in base Or for difference (for De Carteret).
A. Marianne Dumaresq. Born 14 September 1790. Died 6 September 1874. Married 15 May 1821 Rev Peter Edward Boissier MA.
  1. Rev Peter Henry Boissier.
  6. Amelia Boissier. Born 9 October 1830.
B. Lt-Colonel Henry Dumaresq. Born Penn, Staffordshire 17 January 1792. Died NSW 5 March 1838. Accompanied his brother in law to New South Wales 1825 becoming one of the young colony's 'purest Merinos', an early settler taking up land at St Heliers. Married London 19 May 1828 Elizabeth Sophie Butler-Danvers (1801-1877), dau of Hon Augustus Butler Danvers.
  1. Captain Arthur Fitzroy Charles Dumaresq, RN. Born 27 September 1829. Shot himself Limerick 3 May 1876. In his will, 1872, he cut out all his siblings. Married.
  2. Louisa Susan Dumaresq. Born 18 November 1830. Died 12 May 1893. Married 29 July 1858 Major William Inglis, 5th Dragoon Guards.
  3. Harriette Maria Amelia Dumaresq. Married 28 February 1832. Died 6 June 1926. Married 21 March 1854 Sir Rowland Winn of Appleby Hall, York.
  4. Algernon Edward Dumaresq. Born 31 May 1833. Died Sydney, NSW 7 September 1864. Married.
  5. Henry William Hart Davis Dumaresq. Born NSW 15 March 1835. Died Bideford 19 Feb/Dec 1898. Capt, RE. Married Queenstown, Cork 8 September 1868 Letitia Louisa Hare-Cork.
  a. Algernon H Dumaresq. Born 4 June 1870. Died 31 May 1917. Captain, later Major, R.E. Married.
  b. Robert Hare Fitzroy Dumaresq. Born Scarborough 20 December 1871. Died London 26 March 1915. Married Cape Province, South Africa Frieda Leonora Meiring (born 1883).
  i. Mary Letitia Olive Dumaresq. Born 16 June 1907. Married 1936 Adriaan Louw Meiring.
  ii. Henry John Fitzroy Dumaresq. Born East London, Sth Africa 19 March 1912. Died Cape Town 25 July 1974. Married 1940 Doreen Armstrong Danks.
  (A) Lyn Catherine Dumaresq. Born 1946.
  (B) Douglas Wansborough Fitzroy Dumaresq. Born 7 November 1948.
  (1) Dustin Fitzroy Dumaresq.
  (C) Richard Ivan Dumaresq. Born 1950.
  (D) Adrianne Dumaresq. Born 1955. Married Anthony Fawcett.
  c. Marjorie L Dumaresq. Born 24 July 1874. Died 8 December 1949. Married in Bideford 1902 Harry Bazeley.
  d Mabel B Dumaresq. Born 1 December 1876. Died 22 March 1925. Married 11 August 1897 Court Granville.
  e. Phyllis R Dumaresq. Born Brigg, Lincs 22 September 1883, a twin. Died 10 March 1935. Married in Assam 17 April 1911 John F Moore.
  f. Charles Pascoe Dumaresq. Born Brigg, Lincs 22 September 1883, a twin. Died Romford 14 November 1944. Married in Mauritius 9 April 1920 Ellen Sarah Harvey-James (born Simla, India 1896; died 1977).
  i. Michael Ralph Dumaresq. Born Cape Town 4 September 1923. Married. Address: 60 Forest Gate, Evesham, Worcs WR11 1XY.
  ii. Brenda Mary Dumaresq. Born 25 September 1925. Married 21 August 1948 Gerald Walter C Jackson.
  (A) John Jackson. Born 1949. Married 1976 Pamela Jane Sutcliffe.  Two children.
  (B) Jane M Jackson. Born 1952. Married 1972.
  6. Priscilla Isabella Laura Dumaresq. Born 6 August 1836. Died 30 May 1900. Married first 30 January 1867 Robert Sheffield. Married second 15 March 1890 Thomas A St Quntin.
  7. Cornelia Charlotte A Dumaresq. Born 31 August 1837. Died 11 February 1911. Married 28 April 1859 Henry Strickland, 2nd son of Sir George Strickland, Bt.
C. William John Dumaresq. Born NSW 25 Feb or 24 Sept 1793. Died NSW 9 November 1868. Capt Royal Staffs Corps. Married in Australia 15 October 1830 Christianne Susan Macleay, dau of Alexannder Macleay, FRS FLS, Colonial Sec, NS Wales.
  1. Elizabeth Ann Dumaresq. Born 1831. Died young.
  2. Susan Sophia Frances Dumaresq. Born 30 December 1832. Married Hon Louis Hope, son of John, 4th Earl of Hopetoun and late Capt Coldstream Guards.
  3. William Alexander Dumaresq, BA Cambs. Born NSW 1835. Died London 28 May 1880. Inner Temple 27 January 1861. Married Australia 1870 Edith Helen Gladstone.
  a. Agnes S E Dumaresq. Born 4 October 1871. Died 1866. Married 1909 Arthur C Nicholson.
  b. Admiral John Saumarez Dumaresq. Born NSW 26 October 1873. Died Manila 22 July 1922. Married London 1907 Christianne E Dalrymple.
  i. Anne Desiderata Dumaresq. Born 1908. Died Seaford, Sussex 19 May 1992. Married.
  ii. Richard Helier J Dumaresq. Born 1 June 1910. Died Eastbourne 29 October 1995. Married.
  iii. Peronelle Edith A Dumaresq. Born 31 July 1913. Died Middlesex 28 June 1959. Married.
  iv. Martin Charles W Dumaresq. Born 1915. Died Greece (WW II) 26 April 1941. Married.
  v. Joan Lucia Dumaresq. Born Alvestoke 11 June 1919. Married 1947 Dr James D Craig. Living in Aylesford, Kent.
  c. Marian E Dumaresq. Born 1875. Married 3 August 1911 George W V Carey.
  d. Reginald G F Dumaresq. Born 1877. Died 9 February 1963. Married 1919 Maud Mabberley.
  e. Herbert W Dumaresq. Born 1879. Died London 1916. Married.
  4. Alexander Mackay Dumaresq. Born 2 December 1836. Capt 63rd Regt.
  5. Eliza Henrietta Dumaresq. Born 1841. Died 1865.
D. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Born Macao 10 November 1798. died 3 September 1868. Married Cheltenham 13 October 1817 General Sir Ralph Darling, GCH.
E. Amelia Dumaresq. Born 1801. Died 20 July 1824.
F. Edward Dumaresq. Born Swansea 10 June 1802. Died Tasmania 23 April 1906. Surveyor-general to van Diemans Land. Took up a grant of land at Mount Ireh, Tasmania in 1835. Married first Tasmania 7 November 1827 Frances Blanche Marianne Legge (born Dublin 1810, died Steyning, Sussex 1855).
  1. Blanch-Marianne Dumaresq. Married Rev S B Windsor, MA.
  2. Elizabeth Dumaresq.
  3. Amelia P Dumaresq.
  4. Edward J Dumaresq.
  5. Henry Rowland Gascoigne Dumaresq. Born Tasmania 20 March 1839. Died Tasmania 31 August 1926. Married 5 July 1876 Caroline Anne Spencer Watson (died 1932).
  a. Frances Isabell Dumaresq. Born 17 December 1885. Died Illawarra 9 July 1886.
  b. Mary Frances Dumaresq. Born 20 February 1886. Died Ulverston 27 August 1934.
  c. Henry John Dumaresq. Born 24 January 1888. Died 6 June 1952. Married Aimée Doris Parker.
  i. (John) Alan Dumaresq. Born 5 February 1914. Died 31 March 2004. Educ Launceston Church grammar school and Sydney Univ (B.Vet.Sc.). Bomber pilot, farmer and vet. Married Elizabeth Duckett Mills (born 28 December 1913; died 10 July 1995) dau of Charles Mills of Tasmania and Maud Elsie, née White.
  (A) Frances Dumaresq. Living Melbourne.
  (B) Martin J Dumaresq. Married 17 August 1974 Susan ("Susie") Arnott-Watson, dau of Richard and May, née Booth. Living at Mt Ireh, Longford, Tasmania.
  (1) Freyr de Cateret Dumaresq. Born 24 September 1975. Married 8 January 2005 Bruce Lennon. Living Adelaide.
  (2) Alexis Margurite Vinchelez Dumaresq. Born 26 July 1978. Living London.
  (3) Piers Edward Martin Dumaresq. Born 17 April 1980. Working in Sydney.
  (C) Delia Dumaresq. Barrister in London (retired). Lives in Sustrico, near Spoleto in the province of Umbria, Italy. She had a son by Sabes Sugunasabesan (born Jafna 6 May 1949). Lives in Watford, England.
(1) Dominique Dumaresq. Born 20 July 1980 Educated Stowe 93-98. Camberwell Coll of Art. Martial Arts Instructor and Personal Trainer.
Married May 2000 Jeremy Morgan QC
  (D) David Dumaresq. Teaches ecological & sustainable agriculture at Australian National University. Married first 1973 Jackie French.
  (1) Edward Dumaresq.
  David married second 1982 (?) Kathy Summerhayes. Living in Canberra.
  (2) Sophie Dumaresq.
  ii. Lewis Samares Dumaresq. Born 12 November 1915. Died Hobart 28 February 1975. Fighter pilot and later a commercial pilot with Ansett.
  (A) Mary Dumaresq. Married Kevin Crowe. Living in Hobart.
  iii. Aimée Sheila de Carteret Dumaresq. Born 16 January 1921. Died 7 October 1995. Married Arthur Stewart Gee and has issue.
  (A) Richard John Dumaresq Gee. Born 16 December 1944. Living Canberra, Australia. Married Liv Jorunn Aasgaard, educated Launceston Church Grammar School, University of Tasmania and Oxford University.
  (1) Rebecca Jane Gee.
  (2) Nicholas Gee.
  (3) Christina Gee.
  (B) (Aimee) Rosemary ("Rose") Rowell. Born 29 July 1946. Married first at Illawarra Church on Mount Ireh 4th January 1967 David Glyn Jones, solicitor. Divorced 1986.
  (1) Joshua Samuel Glyn Jones. Born Launceston 16 February 1971.
Married 18 February 1995 Maria Van de Ligt
  aa. Sebastian Jacob Jones. Born 6 November 1997.
  (2) Adam Robert Charles Jones. Born Devonport Tasmania 18 December 1973.
  (3) Simon James Andrew Jones. Born Devonport Tasmania 5 October 1975. 
  Rose married second 25 July 1986 John Alfred Ashcroft Rowell, and lived at Sheffield. Now living Hobart, Tasmania.
  (C) Nicolette Stewart Gee, born 10 October 1949. Married first 19 September 1969 Joseph Paul McKibben. Divorced.
  (1) Joseph Andrew Jeames McKibben. Born Launceston 2 December 1970.
  (2) Richard Ian McKibben. Born Mount Isa, Queensland 22 January 1973.
  Nicolette married second 21 June 1986 David McDonald Reed. Living Hobart, Tasmania.
  (D) Edward Phillip Gee. Married Anne Drake. Living Hobart, Tasmania.
  (1) Penelope Gee.
  d. Caroline Mabel Samarez Dumaresq. Born 8 July 1891. Married 1922 George N G Anderson.
  6. Cornelia Dumaresq.
  7. Alfred William Dumaresq. Born Tasmania 5 August 1845. Died March 1936. Married Victoria 3 November 1875 Harriette Ellen Dent.
  a. Blanche H Dumaresq.
  b. Edward George Dumaresq. Born 10 June 1878. Died 13 November 1949. Married Johanna Lynch.
  i. Veronica A Dumaresq.
  ii. Edward Alfred Dumaresq. Born Victoria 1 November 1906. Married first Victoria 15 May 1935 Margaret Cummins.
  (A) Edward Dumaresq. Born 27 May 1936. Married Melbourne 9 January 1960 Pauleen Biggs (born Melbourne 15 October 1939).
  (1) Leanne Dumaresq.
  (2) Marita Dumaresq.
  (3) Christine Dumaresq.
  (4) Edward Dumaresq. Married Melbourne 5 February 1968 Sally Vear.
  aa. Edward W Dumaresq.
  bb. Elizabeth Dumaresq.
  cc. Morris J Dumaresq.
  (5) Karen Dumaresq.
  (B) Bryan Dumaresq.
  (C) Margaret Dumaresq.
  (D) Thomas Dumaresq.
  (E) James Dumaresq.
  Edward married second Melbourne 25 April 1953 Margaret Cummins.
  (F) Kathleen Dumaresq.
  (G) Christine Dumaresq.
  iii. Henry Dumaresq.
  iv. John Dumaresq.
  v. Vincent Dumaresq.
  vi. Eileen Dumaresq.
  vii. Frances Dumaresq.
  c. Henry R Dumaresq.
  d. Amelia C Dumaresq.
  e. Frances K M Dumaresq.
  f. Evelyn F Dumaresq.
  g. Alfred St H Dumaresq.
  h. Hugh R Dumaresq.
  Edward married second Tasmania 1856 Charlotte Fogg. Soon dissolved.
bb. Philip Dumaresq. Born 1760. President of the Council at Cape Breton and Collector of HM Customs, Cape Breton. Married Jerusha Perry.
A. Anne Dumaresq. Married Dr Haire.
  1. Henrietta Anne Haire. Married 1850 Philip Pipon.
B. Lt Perry Dumaresq, RN. Bap 23 October 1788.
C. Willliam Grant Dumaresq, HMCS. Died 1859. Married Ann Woolward, dau of John Henderson and 2nd cousin of the late Viscountess Nelson.
  1. John d'Auvergne Dumaresq. Collector, HM Customs, Deal. Married 1856 Elizabeth Weed.
  a. Herbert Nisbet Dumaresq. Born 1857.
  b. John d'Auvergne Dumaresq. Born 1859. Died 1913.
  Several other children, settled in America.
 cc. Mary Elizabeth Dumaresq. Born 1761. Baptized 12 May 1761. Buried St Leonard Priors Marstow Warwickshire 3 May 1830 aged 68. Married St Helier 22 July 1797 Ferdinand Anley of the Royal Marines.
A. Ferdinand Wright Anley. Born 30 October 1788. Died July 1837. He was granted "Mountjoy" and 1280 acres of land on Hunter River near Maitland, NSW c.1828.
B. Eliza Anley. Born 21 Dec 1789.
C. Mary Anley. Born 13 June 1791. Died 1796.
D. William Dumaresq Anley. Born 30 July 1792. Died 7 February 1880. Married 25 January 1823 Mary Ann Row.
  1. William Dumaresq Anley. Born 10 Dec 1823. Died 10 June 1824.
  2. Marianne Eliza Anley. Born 9 May 1825. Died 20 Mar 1904.
  3. Henry C Dumaresq Anley. Born 12 Feb 1827. Died Delhi 10 Apr 1856.
  4. Louisa Blanquiere Anley. Born 28 Mar 1828. Died 20 May 1915.
  5. Esther Anley. Born 17 Sept 1829. Died 22 Sept 1829.
  6. William Alexander Dilkes Anley. Born 25 Aug 1830. Died 25 Sept 1881. Married in Bengal 23 June 1858 Philomena St Porcain (died 30 September 1881).
  7. Mary Georgina Anley. Born 2 Mar 1832. Died 18 Oct 1913.
  8. George Augustus d'Auvergne Anley. Born 16 Nov 1833. Died Bedfordshire 16 Feb 1900 (3b 256).  Railway Engineer, Public Works Dept in UK. Married Jessie Elizabeth Sparkes.
  a. Hilda Jessie Anley. Bap Bengal 22 Feb 1874.
  9. Emily Wright Anley Born 13 Sept 1837. Died 3 August 1929.
  10. Arthur Morieson Cox Anley. Born Calcutta 31 Aug 1839. Died Chundernagore 24 May 1883. He was District Supt of Bengal Police.  Married 9 Jan 1860 Ellen Jane Russell (1844 - 1921). Living at 6 Talgarth Rd, Fulham, London in 1881 Census (on leave).
  a. Arthur Russell Anley. Born Calcutta 1864
  b. Eva Anley. Born Calcutta  1866
  c. Ferdinand Sibley Russell Cox Anley. Born Burrisal, Burma 30 Mar 1867.
  d. Herbert Russell Anley. Born Assam, Gauhah 1870.
  e. Vernon Russell d'Auvergne Anley. Born Gau Hati   West Bengal 18 Sept 1875. Author of "Some Dances Ancient & Modern of the Bakonde tribe of Nth Rhodesia" 1924.
  f. Ida Anley. Born London 1880
  g. Guy Russell Anley. Born 1881. Died 1917.
E. Jane Anley. Born 24 Aug 1793. Died 30 Aug 1794.
F. Charlotte Anley Born 17 February 1796. Died unmarried Bath 6 April 1893 (5b 396). Left UK on SS Camden 22 Feb 1836, arriving Sydney 2 June 1836. Sent by Elizabeth Fry to investigate conditions of female prisoners. For 18 months she also worked as a governess for her mother's family Australian properties. Sailed to UK in SS North Briton  in 1838 and wrote a damning report. She was a Quaker, prison reformer, composer and novelist.
G. Charles Anley. Born 4 July 1797. Died 21 Nov 1797
H. Frederica Anley. Born 7 Feb 1799. Died 1881 Census address:  4 Burlington St Walcot Somerset. Authoress of The Prisoners of Australia, a narrative of 1841 and novels Earlswood, A Tale of our Times (anti Catholic) & Miriam or The Power of Truth (a novel of Jewish conversion).
dd. Charles Dumaresq. Born 1762. Lost at sea.
ee. Esther Dumaresq. Born 1764. Married first Humphrey Grant. Married second W Birch of Wanstead.
ff. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Bap St Helier 25 April 1765. Died St John, New Brunswick 9 March 1844 aged 79. Married first Jersey 1781 her first cousin Philip Bandinel (bap 13 April 1757, died, reputably of drinking, in a house called Gros Puits, owned  by George Dumaresq, 13 July 1782), son of Philip Bandinel (bap 10 March 1735/36 died c.1782), son of Philip Bandinel. Married second London 15 July 1786 Henry Wright (born c.1768; died St John, New Brunswick 6 October 1829 aged 61), Collector of Customs at New Brunswick, Canada. Will dated 13 Mar 1828, proved 27 Oct 1829. They were both buried in The Church of England Cemetery, Saint John, New Brunswick , Canada.
A. Georgianna Wright. Born Stepney 13 September 1790. Bap 20 October 1790. Died St John 21 December 1827. Married Richard E Armstrong Esq.
B. Elizabeth Jane Wright. Born Stepney, London, England 13 September 1792; bap 22 November 1792 (or 30 August 1792). Dsp St John 4 July 1876. Married St John 12 April 1817 Ward Chipman, Jr (born St John 10 July 1787, dsp St John 26 November 1851), HM Solicitor & Advocate General of New Brunswick, Chief Justice, only son of Judge Chipman.
C. Henry Wright. Born Stepney, London 6 July 1794. Bap Stepney 8 November 1794. Died London 14 January 1879. Auditor General of Ceylon. Married Camilla _____ (born Greece c.1810, died Tooting 14 May 1891).
  Society of Genealogists, Harrington Gardens ?   1. (Elizabeth) Laura Wright. Born Ceylon c.1831. Died Kensington 15 January 1906. Married, SGHG 14 April 1853, Henry Parys Walker Pennington (bap St Luke's Chelsea 15 November 1817, died Kensington 16 August 1869).
  a. Henry Francis Dumaresq Pennington. Born c.1854. Died 3 August 1932. Married India 23 December 1876 Mary Ann Dawson Barwell (died Wandsworth 16 January 1939 aged 86).
  Somewhere here belongs:
Henry Lionel Dumaresq Pennington, died Uganda 29 July 1910, probate to Henry F Pennington.
  i. Una Emily Laura Marion Pennington. Married India 10 March 1878 Alfred William Evans Standley. They had issue.
  b. Arthur Stanley Pennington.
  c. Charles Augustus Pennington. Born c.1857. Died Norwich 30 June 1931 aged 74.
  d. William James Pennington. Bap Paddington 11 July 1855. Married Phoebe Elizabeth _____. They had issue.
  2. Hon William Dumaresq Wright. Born Ceylon c.1832. Died Colombo, Ceylon 5 August 1886. Married Colombo 4 July 1857 Amy de Latre Braybrooke (born c.1832, died Isle of Wight 24 November 1921).
  a. Dudley d'Auvergne Wright. Married Ethel Midi Anne Morse.
  i. Denis Sydney S Wright. Married Dorothy E W Penn.
  (A) A son. Born Grimsby 1924.
  (B) Joan Wright ?? Born Manchester 1926.
  ii. Greeba Dumaresq Wright. Born Paddington 1893.
  3. Francis Edward Wright. Born Ceylon c.1834. Died London 31 October 1889.
  4. Clara Emily Wright. Born Ceylon c.1835. Died 11 October 1930.
  5. Albinia Eleanor Wright. Born Ceylon c.1837. Died Wandsworth, 5 March 1910 aged 80. Married Marylebone 10 February 1877 Henry Wright (born Canada), son of John Wright. Witnessed by Octavius Camillus Wright (see below), curate, born Canada c.1850, died Brightlingsea, Essex 6 January 1903.
  a. Christine Eleanor Emily Wright. Born Hackney 1878.
D. Esther Elizabeth Wright. Born Stepney 4 March 1796. Bap 31 March 1796. Married St John 11 April 1817 Thomas Lance Esq.
E. John Wright. Born Stepney, London 1 January 1797. Bap 6 January 1797. Died St John 9 July 1879. Collector of Customs at Miramichi. Married Miramichi, Northumberland Co., Canada 1 November 1821 Harriet Dean (born c.1805; died St John 10 February 1871), 2nd dau of Joseph Dean.
  1. John W Wright. Born St John c.1827. Commission merchant (agent). Married Notting Hill 8 November 1859 Anna Elizabeth Frith (born Canada c.1836), dau of Frederic C Frith.  Both living Ealing (aged 62 and 54) 1891.
  a. Bessie F Wright. Born India c.1861.
  b. Alice J Wright. Born India c.1863.
  c. Amy M Wright. Born St John c.1868.
  2. Alfred Chipman Wright. Died Northumberland Co 21 January 1838.
  3. Elizabeth M Wright. Married Chatham, Northumberland Co 7 September 1853 Edward B Peters, barrister at law.
F. Matilda Wright. Born Stepney, London c.1800. Died Carleton, St John 27 March 1830. Married St John 24 November 1823 Rev Canon Frederick Coster, Asst Minister of Trinity Church and later Rector of Carleton.
  1. Frederick Coster. Born St John. Died Benalla, Australia 9 May 1894. Solicitor. Interred St Kilda Cemetery, Melbourne.
G. William Wright, QC. Born England c.1803. Died St John 13 May 1865. Graduated King's College, Windsor, N.S..Attorney at law in St John, Advocate General. Married St John 10 July 1833 Eliza Merritt (born New Brunswick c.1810, died St John 8 November 1870), dau of Nehemiah Merritt.
  1. William Merritt Wright. Born St John c.1835. Died Pisa, Italy 27 November 1874. Married Kent Co., New Brunswick 26 August 1858 Amelia Allan Coster (born Bermuda c.1828), dau of Rev Nathaniel Allen Coster.
  a. Fanny Isabel Wright. Born St John c.1861. Died Surrey September 1897. Married in Torquay, Devon 24 April 1888 Francis Edward Samuelson (born Torquay c.1861), son of Bernhard Samuelson.
  i. Gertrude E Frances Samuelson. Born Westminster, London c.1889.
  ii. Francis H B Samuelson. Born Sockburn, Durham c.1890.
  b. Gertrude Yorke Wright. Born St  John c.1864. Married Torquay 12 April 1885 Edward William Fleming (born Scotland c.1856), Lt-Colonel Royal Artillery.
  i. Harold M Fleming. Born Torquay c.1886.
  ii. Marjorie G Fleming. Born Clifton, Yorkshire c.1888.
  2. Henry Wright. Born St John c.1836. Died San Francisco 20 January 1870. Advocate General.
  3. Charles H Wright. Born St John c.1839.
  4. Ward Chipman Wright. Born c.1841. Died St John 27 September 1860.
  5. Isabella Wright. Born St John c.1843. Died St John 7 October 1868. Married St John 18 October 1864 Frederick Allhusen (born 3 June 1838, died 11 July 1866) Capt 15th Reg't., son of Christian Allhusen and Anne Shield.
  a. Anne Isabell Allhusen.
  6. Richard Wright. Born St John c.1845. Drowned at sea from brig "Huron" 22 September 1866.
  7. Alexander Edward Wright. Born St John c.1847. Supt. Cottagangra-Teldeniya, Ceylon. Married St Paul's Church, Kandy, Ceylon 14 August 1869 Annie Nairne Browne.
  8. Octavius Camillus Wright. Born St John c.1850. Died Tendring, Essex, England  March 1903. Clergyman, C of E. He was in Camberwell 1881 and Brandeston Entire 1901.
H. Albinia Wright. Born England c.1806. Died Bath, Somerset June 1890. Died England. Married St John 5 December 1831 Dr John Boyd (born Windsor, N.S. 1 July 1792; dvu 1851-70), son of John Boyd and Jane Barclay. Dr John graduated King's College, N.S., practised in St John and was director of the Bank of New Brunswick.
  1. (John) Edward Boyd. Born New Brunswick 14 May 1834.  Died bef.1891. Resident civil engineer with E&NAR 1870/1. Eminent railway engineer. Married first St John 1863 Alice Stewart (died bef.1872), dau of Douglas Stewart. Married second after 1863 Mary Millicent ("Minnie") Steele (born Quebec 1852).
  a. Hilda Mary Boyd. Born Prince Edward Island 1872. Married Chertsey, Surrey December 1900 Gilbert Henry Stevens (born England c.1872).
  b. Miriam Boyd. Born Prince Edward Island 1874. Married in Chertsey, Surrey September 1899 Harold Eugene Rodham (born England September 1873).
  i. Cutbert Rodham. Born England c.1900.
  c. John Errol Boyd. Born Ontario 1876. Married Chertsey June 1898 Octavia Mary Terry.
  2. Henry Errol Boyd. Born St John 1 July 1838. Mechanical engineer, designer and inventor. Married Portland, Cumberland Co, Maine 2 May 1858 Susan Henrietta de Burgh (aka McHugo, born Scotland c.1835).
  a. Henry Augustus Boyd. Born Maine December 1858. Mechanical engineer. Married first before 1888 Phoebe Elizabeth Saunders (born Pennsylvania, died before 1894).
  i. Albinia ("Bennie") Henrietta Boyd. Born Pennsylvania 4 September 1888. Dsp Multnomah Co., Oregon 19 October 1976. Married c.1915 Alfred H Pope (born Canada c.1879; died Multnomah Co 19 February 1958), electrical draftsman.
  Henry married second c.1894 Mabel Ross Walford (born New York December 1867), dau of John Walford and Irene Ferris.
  ii. Mabel Walford Boyd. Born New York April 1895.
  iii. Susan Edith de Burgh Boyd. Born New York 4 January 1897. Died unmarried Allentown, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania 26 January 2000. Public school teacher.
  iv. Elizabeth Irene Boyd. Born New York 19 October 1899. Died Bethlehem, Lehigh Co., Pennsylvania June 1978.
  b. Albinia Helen Boyd. Born Massachussetts February 1860. Died Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington 1930. Married before 1880 George D Russell (born New York c.1855).
  i. Anna Boyd Russell. Born Pennsylvania 11 June 1889. Died Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington 18 April 1967. Married Portland, Oregon 14 September 1918 Herbert Johnston Campbell (born Carlisle, Cumberland Co., Pennsylvania 25 December 1882, died Portland, Oregon 29 May 1941), son of William Campbell and Mary Johnston. He was owner, editor and publisher of "The Columbian".
  (A) Helen Boyd Campbell. Born Portland, Oregon 14 December 1919. Died Shaw Island, San Juan, Washington 22 January 2001. Cellist and gardener. Married in Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington December 1941 David S Storey (born King Co, Washington 9 December 1920, died Kona, Hawaii 22 January 1986), son of David Storey and Marjory.
  (1) David ("Skip") C Storey. Born 8 April 1943. Dvm Kona 17 February 1985. Married Corinne _____.
  (2) Suzanne ("Susie") Storey. Born 7 November
1947.  Married first Paul Galdos. Divorced. 
  aa. Derek Galdos. Born 27 April 1968.
  bb. Sean Galdos. Born 29 March 1969.
  Susie married second Frank Emwright of Seattle. Divorced. 
  cc. Ann Emwright. Born 8 October 1982.
  dd. Nicole Emwright. Born 6 August 1987.
  (B) Donald P____ Campbell. Born Portland 24 January 1923. Died Vancouver, Clark Co., Washington 7 December 1998. Publisher of "The Columbian" 1962-87. Married first Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington June 1946 Lorraine P____ Greenwalt (born 20 May 1925, died Seattle, King Co, Washington 28 March 2000), dau of William and Wilma Greenwalt. Divorced.
  (1) Nancy Ann Campbell. Born 15 December 1947. Science Teacher.  Married in Seattle, Washington 18 December 1971 William Hockemeyer (born Everett, Washington 22 July 1948), son of Mary Bergwell and Albert William Hockemeyer.
  aa. Adam Campbell Hockemeyer. Born
3 August 1994.
  (2) Paul Herbert Campbell.  Born 8 February 1950.  Poet. Married Carole _____.
  Donald married second c.1953 Shirley Jackson (born c.1929), dau of Chester and Bertha Jackson. Divorced.
  (3) Scott Curtis Campbell. Born Vancouver 25 May 1956. Married Vancouver 20 October 1984 Jody Ann Taylor (born 30 March 1958).
  aa. Benjamin Taylor Campbell. Born 22 December 1987.
  bb. William Taylor Campbell. Born 24 September 1991.
  cc. Ross Taylor Campbell. Born 24 December 1992.
  (4) Jill Campbell. Born Vancouver 1959. Married first c.1983 John Lawrence Jansky. Divorced c.1987. Married second 3 August 1991 Martin Lynn Frendt (born c.1956).
  aa. Megan Campbell Frendt. Born 2 January 1993.
  bb. Connor Jackson Frendt. Born 10 February 1994.
  (5) Amy Campbell Campbell. Born 23 December 1963. Married first 1988 Jeff L Parrott. Divorced before 1999. Married second 1999 Braden W Hurt.
  Donald married third Vancouver August 1972 Harriett Wright. Divorced before 1992. Donald married fourth Vancouver January 1992 Sylvia Maudlin.
  (C) John ("Jack") Russell Campbell. Born Portland 15 January 1929. Died Vancouver, Washington 15 July 1978. Married first Vancouver 20 August 1949 Billie Jo Hodge (born Mount Vernon, Jefferson Co, Illinois 12 April 1928), dau of Curtis Hodge and Ferne Smith. Divorced August 1976.
  (1) Carolyn Jo Campbell. Born Seattle, Washington 15 February 1951. Married Portland, Oregon 1 June 1974 Ben Garland White (born Portland 25 September 1951). They live in Ridgefield, Washington USA
  aa. Christopher Marc White. Born Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington 13 October 1976.
  bb. Sarah Jo White. Born Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington 20 April 1978. Married Vancouver 30 September 2000 Michael Anthony Grant (born 26 May 1974).
  cc. Adam Russell White. Born Vancouver, Clark Co, Washington 2 March 1980.
  (2) Ann Russell Campbell. Born Yakima, Washington 19 May 1952, a twin.
  aa. Carrie Jessica Campbell. Born Vancouver 20 December 1976.
  (i) Kahlil Adrian Campbell. Born 15 February 1998.
  Ann married Rosario Resort, Orcas Island, Washington 30 March 1985 Robert Charles Bourdon (born 23 November 1950).
  (3) Linda Kay Campbell. Born Yakima, Washington 19 May 1952, a twin.
  (4) Janet Sue Campbell. Born Yakima, Washington 31 August 1953. Married Vancouver 22 January 1983 Fredrick ("Rick") Bert Steiner (born Lewiston, Idaho 2 January 1957). Divorced Sandpoint, Idaho 31 December 1998.
  aa. James Russell Steiner. Born Vancouver 27 November 1983.
  bb. Jon Edward Steiner. Born Vancouver 28 December 1985.
  cc. Joseph William Steiner. Born Vancouver 10 April 1987.
  (5) Nancy Jill Campbell. Born Vancouver 28 April 1959. Married 15 September 1984 Alan Michael Crowe (born 29 January 1958).
  (6) Diane Catherine Campbell. Born Vancouver 5 July 1960. Married 30 June 1991 Blaine Allen Peterson (born 1953).
  aa. Kirstin Anna Peterson. Born Vancouver 18 July 1994.
  bb. William Allen Peterson II. Born Vancouver 1 September 1995.
  (7) Betsy Kathleen Campbell. Born Vancouver 26 January 1962. Married Vancouver 1 March 1986 Jay Christopher Wallace (born Portland, Oregon 16 August 1956).
  aa. Kathleen Margaret Wallace. Born Vancouver 30 September 1987.
  bb. Mary Rachel Wallace. Born Vancouver 8 January 1990.
  (8) Jeffrey Adam Campbell. Born Vancouver 27 September 1963. Married 2 October 1999 Sue Hammons.
  Jack married second Jane Gottlib.
  (9) Elizabeth Campbell. Born 29 June 1976.
  3. Chipman Boyd. Born New Brunswick 6 March 1841.
  4. Stanley Boyd. Born New Brunswick 22 Nov 1842. Died Bath March 1900. Practised law; then became Curate at Windsor, N.S.; then Rector, St Andrews, N.B.; Curate, St Stephens, Bath, 1881. Married after 1891 Elizabeth Tuberville Lewellin.
  5. Laura Boyd. Born New Brunswick 1 September 1844. Possibly died England 13 March 1931. Married first St John, New Brunswick 7 September 1871 William H Scovil (died 1879), barrister.
  a. Dora Cecil Scovil. Born St John c.1874. Married Edward Sylvester Williams.
  Laura married second Somerset, England December 1889 Lt-Colonel James Wall (born Ireland c.1843, living Leamington Priors, Warwickshire 1901), Royal Artillery.
  6. Herbert Boyd. Born St John 22 May 1847. Surgeon in the Bengal Army. Served in the Frontier wars in India and Afghanistan, was at the taking of Ali Musjed and the actions through the Khyber Pass, at the Siege of Lucknow and in the Hazara Campaign. Lt-Colonel. Married Bengal, India 1879 Annie Cecelia Daly (born Punjab, India c.1858), dau of Francis Dermott Daly.
  a. John Errol Moritz Boyd. Born 6 May 1881. Captain in the British army in India.
  7. Albinia Dora Boyd. Born St John 27 November 1850. Married in Kensington December 1877 Rev Sydney Herbert Nobbs (born Pitcairn Island c.1849), curate of Pagham, Chichester in 1882. It is said he changed his surname to Rawdon.
  a. Dora Christian Nobbs. Born Bath, Somerset c.1879.
  b. Lilian Mary Nobbs. Born Bath c.1882.
  c. George Herbert Stanley Nobbs. Born Pagham, Sussex c.1885.
  d. Rosa Albinia Nobbs. Born Pagham c.1890.
I. Augusta Wright. Born Stepney, London. Married St John 21 September 1835 Charles C Stewart.
ii. Abraham Dumaresq. Married Jane Guille.
(A) Abraham Dumaresq. Married Elizabeth Pallot.
(1) Abraham Dumaresq.
(B) Abraham Dumaresq.
(C) John Dumaresq.
(D) Catherine Dumaresq. Married Peter Lisson, surgeon.
(E) Jane Dumaresq. Married William Godfray.
iii. Edward Dumaresq. Took part in the Nine Years War 1689-97 and the War of Spanish Succession 1702-11. He both commanded and had an interest in privateers, one of which was called the Revenge. He worked out of the ports of both Guernsey and Jersey.
iv. Elizabeth Dumaresq. Dsp.
Capt John Dumaresq married second Catherine Varin.
v. Martha Dumaresq. Married Philip Chantelou.
c. John Dumaresq
d. Edward Dumaresq. Born Jersey 1640. Married 1666 Elizabeth Anthoine. Centenier of the parish of St Saviour, Jersey 1675-87 and Procurer of the parish 1676. Colonel of the East Regiment of the Jersey Militia 1707. Resident in St Helier in 1692 at the time of the Battle of La Hogue (Battle of Barfleur). It may be he who was awarded a silver punch bowl with the Dumaresq arms, engraved "Un courage Intrepide Merite Recompense".
e. Abraham Dumaresq
f. Benjamin Dumaresq. Dsp.
cc. Jane Dumaresq,
dd. Catherine Dumaresq,
ee. Collette Dumaresq,
A daughter. Married John Payn, Seigneur of Samares.
A daughter. Married Perrot Nicolas of Guernsey.



The arms of Captain Frederick Shirley Dumaresq of the Royal Jersey Militia, Normande
Lodge, Fulham
(unidentified) and of Bisson were sold 18 January 2006 at Donnington Priory:

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