The Genealogy of the Duff Family.

Andrew Duff. Died 1515. Married Helen Hay.

John Duff. Married Elizabeth Abercrombie.

John Duff of Muldavit. Died 1593. Married second Margaret Gordon of Cairnburrow.

Adam Duff of Clunybeg. Born 1590. Died 1674. Married Beatrix Gordon.


Jean Duff. Married John Muir.


Alexander Duff of Keithmore. Born 1623. Died Keithmore 1696. Buried Mortlach. Married 1650 Helen Grant (1635-1694) dau of Alexander Grant.


Mary Duff. Married 1684 Andrew Fraser.

1 Helen Fraser. Married Charles Hay.

Elizabeth Duff.


Alexander Duff of Braco. Born 1652. Died December 1705. Married 1678 Margaret Gordon (died 1721), dau of James Gordon.

1 Margaret Duff. Born 1679. Married first 15th November 1694 Charles Gordon of Glengerack.
I. Margaret Gordon. Baptised 6th February 1696.
II. Alexander Gordon. Born 1698. Killed Battle of Fontenoy 1745. Married 1721 Jane Helen Ogilvie.
III. Katherine Gordon. Born 1701. Died young.
IV. Jean Gordon. Born 1702. Died young.
V. Janet Gordon. Born 1703. Died young.
VI. John Gordon. Born 1705. Died young.
VII. Katherine Gordon. Born 1706. Married George Gordon of Birkenbush.
VIII. Mary Gordon. Born 1707.
IX. Helen Gordon. Born 1709.
X. George Gordon. Born 1710.
XI. Magdalen Gordon. Born 1712. Married the Rev George Grant of Boharm.
Margaret married second James Ogilvie.
XII. Anne Ogilvie. Born 1720.
2 Helen Duff. Born about 1681. Died 1735. Married about 1700 William Gordon, third of Farskane.
I. William Gordon, fourth and last of Farskane, which estate he sold to Lord Findlater and went to Norway as a merchant.
II. Archibald Gordon.
III. James Gordon. Married Jane Smith of Dundee.
IV. Margaret Gordon.
V. Elspet Gordon.
VI. Mary Gordon.
3 Mary Duff. Born about 1683. Married 1699 Alexander Abercromby (born 1675), son of Alexander Abercromby and Elizabeth Baird.
I. Jean Abercromby. Died Moffat 1796.
II. George Abercromby.
III. James Abercromby.
IV. Alexander Abercromby.
4 William Duff. Born 1685. Died January 1717/18. He had an illegitimate son
I. William Duff. Born about 1700. Died 23 August 1786.
William Duff then married about 1706 Helen Taylor (died 20 November 1780).
5 Anna Duff. Born 1689.

William Duff of Dipple. Born 1653. Died Dipple 1 May 1722. Married first 1681 Jean Gordon (born Edinglarrie), dau of George Gordon.

1 Helen Duff. Born 1682. Died July 1746. Married 22 October 1702 William Sutherland.
2 Catherine Duff. Born Dipple 1683. Died 20 December 1758. Married 1709 Alexander Duff, son of Patrick Duff (see below) and had issue.
3 Mary Duff.  Born 1684. Died in her youth.
4 Isabel Duff. Born 1688. Married Alexander Mackintosh.
I. William Mackintosh. Born 1707.
II. John Mackintosh. Born 1708.
III. Jean Mackintosh. Born 1709.
IV. Helen Mackintosh. Born 1710.
V. Alexander Mackintosh. Born 1711.
VI. Catherine Mackintosh. Born 1712.
VII. James Mackintosh. Born 1713.
VIII. Mary Mackintosh. Born 1715.
IX. Elizabeth Mackintosh. Born 1716.
X. Lachlan Mackintosh. Born 1717.
XI. Magdalen Mackintosh. Born 1718.
XII. Ludovick Mackintosh. Born 1719.
XIII. Janet Mackintosh. Born 1720.
XIV. Anne Mackintosh. Born 1721.
XV. Alexander Mackintosh. Born 1723.
XVI. John Mackintosh. Born 1724.
XVII. Isabel Mackintosh. Born 1725.
XVIII. Rachel Mackintosh. Born 1726.
XIX. George Mackintosh. Born 1727.
XX. Charles Mackintosh. Born 1729.
XXI. Christina Mackintosh. Born 1730.
XXII. Mary Mackintosh. Born 1731.
5 Alexander Duff. Born 1690.
6 Elizabeth Duff. Born about 1692. Married Thomas Donaldson.
7 Jean Duff. Born 1694.
8 William Duff, 1st Earl of Fife. Born betw Sept - Nov 1697. Died Rothiemay, Banff 30 September 1763. He married first in Cullen, Banff 19 September 1719 Janet Ogilvie (born about 1695, died Banff 25 December 1720), dau of James Ogilvie and Anne nee Dunbar. Married second in St James's Place, 1723, Jean or Jane Grant (born 28 September 1705, died Rothiemay, Banff 16 January 1788), dau of James Grant.
I. William Duff. Born 1724. Died London 26 March 1753.
II. Anne Duff. Born 1725. Died Edinburgh 1805. Married 1745 her first cousin Alexander Duff (born 26th March 1718, died 1764).     
A. Jean Duff. Died 15th February 1805. Married Bath 4th January 1763 James Grant (born 19th May 1738, died 18th February 1811). 13 recorded children.
III. Janet Duff. Born 1727. Died Carnoustie 3 March 1758. Married 1745 William Gordon (proscribed after Culloden, he died in exile at Douai 5th June 1751). She is said to have eloped with him, though the family quickly became reconciled to their marriage.   
A. Jean Gordon. Born ca. 1745. Died ca. 1767. Married Duncan Urquhart. Issue.
B. John Gordon. Died (kia) Bassein 1781. Regarded by his family as profligate, he was as a young man 'despatched to India with some difficulty'. Married Hannah Corner. 3 recorded children.  
C. William Gordon. Born ca. 1750. Died Mountblairy, USA 1776 'while on recruiting duty'.  
IV. James Duff, 2nd Earl of Fife. Born Rothiemay 29 September 1729. Died 24 January 1809. Married 1759 Dorothea Sinclair (died Leith 1818). The marriage was childless.
The Second Earl had issue by his unnamed mistress.
A. Jane or Jean Duff. Still alive 1795.
B. General Sir James Duff. Born ca. 1755. Died Westbourne 5th December 1839. MP for Banffshire 1784. Married 12th August 1785 Basilia Dawes (died 28th May 1849).  
i. Louisa Duff  Born ca. 1802. Died 1st September 1855.    
ii. Sir James Duff  of Kinstair Born 24th January 1804. Died Leamington 10th February 1837. Married Paris 22nd February 1827 Eliza Charlotte Prescott (died 1840).       
A. Eliza Georgiana Duff, Born 2nd February 1829. Died 4th August 1918. Married 17th January 1850 as his second wife John Tollemache, (born 5th December 1805, died 9th December 1890). He was subsequently created 1st Baron Tollemache of Helmingham.
1. John Delap Tollemache. Born October 1850.  
2. Hamilton James Tollemache. Born ca. 1852. Married Mabel Hanbury.      
a. Edward Devereux Hamilton Tollemache Born 1st January 1885. Died 1947. Brewer. Married 1909 Violet Aline Ridgeway.
i. John Edward Hamilton Tollemache, Born 24th April 1910. Died May 1975. Married 1939 Dinah Susan Jamieson. Issue.
3. Murray Tollemache. Born ca. 1853.    
4. Stanhope Alfred Tollemache. Born ca. 1855.  
5. Rhona Cecilia Emily Tollemache. Born ca. 1857. Married Thomas Wood of Gwernfed.  
6. Duff Tollemache. Born ca. 1859.  
7. Douglas Alfred Tollemache. Born 27th June 1862. Married 1889 Alice Mary Head. Issue.      
8. Stratford Halliday Robert Louis Tollemache. Born 25th June 1864. Married 1912 Ethel Cavendish.     
9. Ranulph Tollemache. Born ca. 1866.   
10. Mortimer Granville Tollemache. Born 12th April 1872. Married 1894 Margaret Gorst.      
B. Louisa Duff, Born ca. 1830. Married London January 1852 Francis Capper Brooke of Woodbridge, Suffolk.  
1. Constance Brooke. Born Suffolk 1852. Married Edward Lethbridge.  
2. Florence Brooke. Born Suffolk 1853. Married  R E Boreel..  
3. Reginald Brooke. Born Suffolk 1854.  
4. Edward Brooke. Born Suffolk 1856.
C. Major James Duff, Born Elgin 21st July 1831. Died 23rd December 1878. 1876 - 1878 Member British parliament for North Norfolk.  "He spoke on military matters and took an active part in carrying through parliament the Norfolk and Suffolk Fisheries Act (1877)." Married London 27th April 1859 Mary Laura Dawkins.
1. Mildred Blanche Duff. Born London 26th January 1860. Died 8th December 1932.   
2. Lilian Amy Duff. Born Norfolk Q2 1862. Died 1909.   
3. Bernard James Duff Born Norfolk 1867.With his mother in 1882 he changed his name from Duff to Petre following a condition in the will of his mother's grandfather, Jack Petre whereby they inherited a property at Westwick in Norfolk. Born Norfolk 1867. He had a distinguished military career. Married Ruby Thellusson. Issue.
4. Granville John Berney Duff  Born Norfolk 1869.
5. Catherine Basilia Duff  Born London 11th April 1877.
D. Alfred Alexander Duff, Born 13th September 1833. Died London, Ontario 29th November 1857. Degree Brasenose. Joined navy 1854. 
iii. Sarah Duff  Born 2nd February 1806. Died ca. 1883. Married 21st June 1826 W Hewett (born 2nd July 1795, died 26th October 1891). Issue.   
iv. Anne Duff  Born ca. 1807. Died ca. 1898. Married 20th December 1828 P Hewett. Issue.   
C. Major William Duff. Born ca. 1756. Died Durham 1795. Married ca. 1787 Dorothy Skelly.
i. Sophia Henrietta Duff  Married Roland Mainwaring. Issue.   
V. Alexander Duff, 3rd Earl of Fife. Born 18 April 1731. Died Duff House, Banff 17 April 1811. Married Forfar 17th August 1775 Mary Skene.    
A. James Duff. 4th Earl of Fife. Born 6th October 1776. Died (dsp) 9th March 1857. Matriculated Christchurch 1794. Married Westminster 9th September 1799 Maria Caroline Manners (died 20th December 1805).
B. Gen. Hon. Col. Alexander Duff. Born ca. 1778. Died Walham Green 21st March 1851. Married 16th March 1812 Anne Stein (born ca. 1789, died 14th February 1859).    
i. James Duff  5th Earl of Fife. Born Edinburgh 6th July 1814. Died Aberdeen 7th August 1879. Married Paris 16th March 1846 Agnes Georgina Hay (born 12th May 1829, died London 18th December 1869). She was a granddaughter to British King William IV via his liaison with Dorothea Jordan nee Bland. 6 recorded children.
A. Anne Elizabeth Clementina Duff, Born 16th August 1847. Died 31st December 1925. Married 17th October 1865 John Villiers Stuart Townshend, 5th Marquess  (born 10th April 1831, died 26th October 1899).    
1. John James Dudley Stuart Townshend. Born 17th October 1866. Died 17th November 1921. Married 1905 Gladys Ethel Gwendolen Eugenie Sutherst (died 1959). Issue.   
2. Agnes Elizabeth Audrey Townsend. Born 12th December 1870. Married James A Durham .   
B. Ida Louise Alice Duff, Born 11th December 1848.   Married Adrian Elias Hope.           
1. Agnes Henrietta Ida May Hope. Married 1889 Edwin Joseph Lisle March Philippe de Lisle (born 13th June 1852). Issue.   
C. Alexander William George Duff, 1st Duke of Fife.  Born Edinburgh 10th November 1849. Died (dspms) Assouan from pneumonia (a few weeks after being shipwrecked on the ss. Delhi off Cape Spartel, Morocco) 29th January 1912. Member British Parliament (Liberal) for Moray & Nairn 1874 - 1879. Succeeded 1879 on his father's death as 6th Earl of Fife, created Duke of Fife 1889. Married Buckingham Palace 27th July 1889 HRH Princess Louise Victoria Alexandra Dagmar "The Princess Royal" (born London 20th February 1867, died London 4th January 1931). She was eldest daughter to the Prince of Wales who on 22nd January 1901became King Edward VII.  
1. Alastair Duff. Still-born  16th June 1890.       
2. Alexandra Victoria Alberta Edwina Louise Duff, the Duchess of Fife. Born East Sheen 17th May 1891. Died London 26th February 1959. Married St James's Palace 15th October 1913 Prince Arthur Frederick, Duke of Connaught (born Windsor 13th January 1883, died London 12th September 1938).   
a. Alistair Arthur Duff, Duke of Connaught. Born 9th August 1914. Died Ottawa 26th April 1943.
3. Princess Maud Alexandra Victoria Georgina Bertha . Born East Sheen 3rd April 1893. Died London 14th December 1945. Married London 12th November 1924 Charles Alexander Carnegie 11th Earl of Southesk (born Edinburgh 23rd September 1893, died  16th February 1992). Issue.   
D. Alexina Duff. Born 20th March 1851. Died 1882. Married Henry Aubrey Coventry,  
E. Agnes Cecil Emmeline Duff. Born 18th May 1852. Married 1882 Alfred Cooper (born Norwich ca. 1838, died 3rd March 1908) FRCS (Surgeon).  
1. Stephanie Agnes Cooper. Born Henrietta Street, London 5th September 1883. Married London 19th December 1903 Arthur Francis Levita (born ca. 1865). Issue.   
2. Hermione May Louise Cooper. Born Marylebone 1885. Married London 1904 Neil Arnott.  Issue.   
3. Sybil Mary Cooper. Born Marylebone 1886. Married London 1904 Richard Vaughan Hart-Davis     
a. Rupert Hart-Davis. Born 28th August 1907. Died December 1999. Publisher and literary guru. Married firstly 1929 Peggy Ashcroft (since 1956 Dame Peggy Ashcroft) Married secondly 1933 Catherine Comfort Borden-Taylor. Issue.
4. Alfred Duff Cooper. 1st Viscount Norwich. Born Marylebone 1890. Died January 1954. Prominent politician and diplomat. Married 1919 Lady Diana Manners. Issue.
F. Mary Hamilton Duff, Born 20th February 1854. Died 20th March 1854.   
ii. George Skene Duff  Born ca. 1816. Died Bournemouth March 1889.
iii. Catherine Duff  Born ca. 1820. Died ca. 1869. Married 1841 John Lewis Ricardo. Issue.    
A. Algernon Lewis Ricardo, Died ca. 1871.       
iv. Louisa Tollemache Duff  Born ca. 1824. Died ca. 1864.  Married 1848 Richard Brooke.   
VI. Jane Duff. Baptised 16th November 1732. Died 1776. Married 1753 Keith Urquhart of Bethelnie.
i. James Urquhart  Born 8th December 1754.    
ii. Lewis Urquhart Died ca. 1790.
iii. Jane Urquhart 
iv. Mary Urquhart 
VII. George Duff. Born 1736. Died July 1828. Married Frances Dalzell (died 1778) who refused to go to Scotland so they resided in London till her death.
i. James Duff  Born 1758. Died 29th March 1832. A lunatic from birth, he was placed in an asylum named Beaufort House in south west London under the name of James Thompson.  
ii. George Duff  Born 1760. Died (unm) 1828.     
iii. Jane Duff  Born 1765. Died 1792.  
iv. Frances Duff  Born Elgin 26th June 1766. Died Rothiemay 6th March 1787.  
VIII. Lewis or Ludovic Duff. Born Banff 1737. Died Craven Street, London 14th October 1811. Married 1767 Deborah Davies (died 1796).
IX. Patrick Duff. Born and died 1738.
X. Helen Duff. Born 1739. Died Gibraltar 20th November 1778. Married 1764 as his first wife her father's first cousin Rear Admiral Robert Duff of Fetteresso (died 6th June 1787). Issue.
XI. Sophia Duff. Born 1740. Died 1826. Married 13th July 1774 as his third wife Thomas Wharton (born October 1735, died 1816) who in 1805 changed the family name to Wharton-Duff. 4 recorded children.
XII. Catherine Duff. Born 1741. Died (unm) Edinburgh 1765.
XIII. Arthur Duff. Born 1743. Died 2nd June 1805. Buried Duff House Mausoleum.
XIV. Margaret Duff. Born 1745. Died Brodie House 24th June 1786. Married 6th March 1768 James Brodie (born 31st August 1744, died 17th January 1824). Issue.
9 Ludovick Duff. Born 1698.

William Duff of Dipple married second 5 March 1702/03 Jean Dunbar (died 1750).

10 Anne Duff. Born 1705. Married William Baird of Auchmedden
11 Janet Duff. Born 1710. Married Sir James Kinloch of Kinloch.
12 Mary Duff. Born 1714. Bap Elgin Parish 5 August 1714. Married J Abercromby.
13 Alexander Duff. Born 1715. Bap Elgin Parish 18 March 1715/16.
14 Henrietta Duff. Died Edinburgh 8 August 1748.

Margaret Duff. Born 1654. Married James Stewart.


Patrick Duff of Craigston. Born Craigston, Scotland 1655. Died 3 August 1731. Father of 36 children, he is said to have been complimented by King Geroge II on the addition he had made to His Majesty's subjects in Scotland. Married first 1687 Anne Innes (died 1700), dau of John Innes.

1 Alexander Duff, 1st of Hatton. One of 36 children. Born Grange, Banff 5 January 1687/88. Died Keithmore 1753. Married, 1709, Catherine Duff of Dipple (born 1683, died 1758, see above), daughter of William Duff of Dipple (1653-1752, son of Alexander Duff, son of Adam Duff of Clunybeg ) and Jean Gordon of Edinglarrie.
I. Helen Duff. Died 1796.
II. Patrick Duff. Married 1738 Mary Ogilvie (died 1784).
III. Jane or Jean Duff. Married Gordon.
IV. Margaret Duff.
V. Alexander Duff. Born 26 March 1718. Died 1764.
VI. John Duff. Born 14 January 1726/27. Died 2 August 1787. Married 26 January 1762 Helen Duff (born 1744, died after 1793), dau of Patrick Duff and Clementina Hay.
A. Bathia Duff. Born 8th December 1762. Died 3rd October 1774.
B. Anne Duff. Born 17th February 1764. Died 8th April 1775.
C. Alexander Duff. Born 14th January 1765. Died 3rd November 1791. Married 1787 Mary Leslie.
i. Mary Duff. Born 1788. Died March 1805. Aged 9 she was loved by the poet Byron, himself also aged about 9 at the time. They were neighbours in Banff and half third cousins of one another.  The poet later related that some of his earliest verses were addressed to Mary Duff who nonetheless married 1805 Robert Cockburn. Wine merchant of Porto and Leith. 
A. Archibald Cockburn.
B. Alexander Cockburn.
C. John Montague Cockburn. He went to South Africa where he married and left a large family.
D. Robert Cockburn. Drowned 1836.
E. Garden Duff Cockburn. Died young 1819.
F. Helen Clementina Cockburn. Married Edinburgh 1st September 1831 Admiral Hugh Dunlop (born  Brighton 10th February 1806, died London 20th April 1887).
1. James Andrew Robert Dunlop. Born 30th August 1832. Died 18th January 1892. Married 22nd December 1891 Agnes Harriet White.
ii. Helen Duff. Born 1789. Died 1873. Married 1808 John Tod.   
A. Thomas Tod. Born 1809. Married Amelia Cumming
B. Alexander Tod. Born 1810.  
C. Helen Clementina Tod. Born 1812. Married David Muir Issue.  
D. John Robert Tod. Born 1814. Died 1856. Married Jemima Wharton Duff.
E. Mary Jane Tod. Born 1821. Died 1901. Married 1843 G Ross.  Issue.  
F. Charlotte Joanna Tod. Born 1823. Died 1901. Married 1843 J Maconochie.  Issue.  
G. Caroline Jane Tod. Born 1826. Married Thomas Graham Murray.  Issue.  
1. Andrew Graham Murray 1st Baron Dunedin. Born 21st November 1849. Died 1942. Lord Advocate for Scotland 1896 - 1903. Married 1874 Mary Clementina Edmondstone (born Bath 1857, died 1922). Issue.
H. Louisa Garden Tod. Born 1828. Married 1859 Charles Fellows.  Issue.  
I. Joanna Tod. Born 1831. Married Thomas Abdy Fellows.    
iii. Margaret Duff. Born 1791. Died 1803.
D. Patrick Duff. Born 12th June 1766. Died ca. 1801.
E. Clementina Duff. Born 16th January 1767. Died Banff ca. 1845.
F. James Duff. Born 10th August 1768. Died before 1789.
G. Andrew Duff. Born 17th September 1769. Died 12th August 1818.
H. John Duff. Born 12th February 1771. Died before 1776.
I. Katherine Duff. Born 22nd June 1772. Died Peterhead 1805.
J. Jean Duff. Born 6th July 1773. Died Edinburgh 1793.
K. William Duff. Born 12th October 1774. Died before 1808.
L. John Duff. Born 2nd January 1776. Died before 1789.
M. Bathia Duff. Born 13th March 1778. Died in infancy.
N. Garden Duff. Born 29th October 1779. Died 15th March 1858. Married 17th September 1805 Louisa Dunbar (born 11 April 1788, died Auchintoul 10 June 1865), dau of Benjamin Dunbar and Janet née Mackay.
i. Jessie Eliza Duff. Born  1806. Died (dsp) 1883. Married  Alexander Morison of Bognie.
ii. John Duff. Born 1807. Died 1829 from rapid consumption brought on, apparently, by a fall from the top of a coach.   .
iii. Captain Benjamin Duff. Born 1808. Died Duddington 7th December 1897. He was disinherited by his father who was dissatisfied with his conduct. Married Ireland 1832 Emma Haines.
A. Louisa Duff. Born ca. 1833. Died ca. 1845.    
B. Helen Emma Duff. Born ca. 1835.
C. Garden Duff-Dunbar. Born ca. 1838. Died 1st June 1889. He succeeded in 1875 to the estates of his great uncle, Sir George Dunbar, and assumed in consequence the additional family name of Dunbar. Married 26th September 1877 his first cousin Jane Louisa Duff (born 24th January 1856, died 1949). Issue.  
D. Jessie Mona Duff. Born ca. 1843. Married 1869 The Rev Courtenay Moore (born 25th March 1840)  Issue.  
iv. Helen Duff. Born 1809. Died 20th November 1889. Married James Buchan of Auchmacoy (died 28th November 1874).
A. Louisa Buchan. Died 1910.   
B. Thomas Buchan. Born ca. 1866. Died ca. 1866.  
v. Louisa Clementina Duff  Born 1811. Died (unm) 1883.  
vi. Garden William Duff. Born 10th June 1814. Died Harrogate 17th September 1866. Married first 1st June 1850 Douglas Isabella Maria Urquhart (died 19th June 1861).  
A. Annie Louisa Duff. Born 18th April 1850. Died 17th September 1906.
B. Louisa Henrietta Duff. Born 13th June 1852. Died 1st October 1908. Married 28th November 1888 Francis Edward Romulus Pollard-Urquhart (born 8th September 1848, died 27th April 1915).
C. Garden Alexander Duff. Born 2nd August 1853. Died 18th April 1933. Married 26th February 1878 Annie Isabel Urquhart (died 27th October 1910).   
1. Garden Beauchamp Duff. Born 6th December 1879. Died 6th September 1952. Married 8th January 1913 Doris Lindsay Smith. Issue.   
2. Mary Duff. Born and died 1881.   
3. Beauchamp Patrick Duff. Born 1891. Died (kia) 25th September 1915.
D. General Sir Beauchamp Duff. Born 17th February 1855. Died 20th January 1918. Distinguished military career. Married 8th February 1877 Grace Maria Wood (died 12th August 1942). Issue.
E. Janet Douglas Duff. Born ca. 1856. Died 21st February 1908. Married 3rd September 1886 her first cousin (below) Alexander Ludovic Duff (born 20th February 1862, died 22nd November 1933). Issue.
F. George Duff. Born and died 1858.   
G. Douglas Mary Duff. Born ca 1859. Died ca. 1945.  
Garden William Duff.  Married second 14th October 1862 Jean Cook 
H. Walter Garden Duff. Born ca. 1863. Married 5th August 1891 Elizabeth Anne Leith  Issue.
I. Mary Elizabeth Duff. Born ca. 1864. Died ca. 1947.   
J. Bertha Hope Duff. Born ca. 1866. Died 6th March 1897. Married 23rd August 1888 her first cousin (below) Alan Colquhoun Duff (born 20th November 1860, died 5th January 1897). Issue.
vii. Robert George Duff. Born October 1817. Died March 1890. Married 12th May 1847 Mary Astley (died 4th October 1874) niece of Thomas Assheton-Smith of Vaynol whither, after 1847, the family relocated. Issue. 
A. George William Duff-Assheton-Smith. Born 17th May 1848. Died 22nd November 1904.  He changed his family name to Duff-Assheton-Smith. Married 19th April 1888 Alice Stanhope Jones (died 22nd February 1940). Issue.
B. Sir Charles Garden Assheton-Smith. Bt. Born Ryde, IoW 16th April 1852. Died 24th September 1914. Married Bangor 16th February 1875 Maud Frances Vivian (died 16th June 1893). Issue.
C. Louisa Alice Duff-Assheton-Smith. Born ca. 1853. Died 3rd April 1926. Married 8th June 1876 Hussey Crespigny Vivian (died 1893). Issue.
D. Henry Assheton Duff. Born 14th September 1862. Died 30th January 1939. Married 18th February 1896 Emily Alice Pauline Morgan (died 9th March 1950). Issue.
viii. Colonel James Duff. Born 22 May 1820. Died 1898. Married April 1855 Jane Bracken Dunlop dau of Alan Colquhoun Dunlop.
A. Jane Louisa Duff. Born 24th January 1856. Died ca. 1949. Married 26th September 1877 her first cousin Garden Duff-Dunbar (born ca. 1838, died 1st June 1889). Issue.   
B. Mary Clementina Duff. Born ca. 1857. Died ca. 1867.  
C. Garden Llanoe Duff. Born 9th May 1858. Died Orpington 13th November 1938 Married 7th October 1885 Elizabeth Dunlop. Issue.   
D. Jessie Margaret Duff. Born ca. 1859. Died 4th August 1910.
E. Alan Colquhoun Duff. Born 20th November 1860. Died 5th January 1897 Jubbulpore, India. Married 23rd August 1888 his first cousin (above) Bertha Hope Duff (born ca. 1866, died 6th March 1897).
F. James Dunlop Duff. Born 20th November 1860. Died Cambridge 25th April 1940. Married 28th December 1895 Laura Eleanor Lenox-Conyngham (died 22nd January 1856). Issue.
G. Admiral Sir Alexander Ludovic Duff. Born 20th February 1862. Died 22nd November 1933. Married firstly 3rd September 1866 his first cousin (above) Janet Douglas Duff (born ca. 1856, died 21st February 1908) Issue.
H. Rev Charles Edmund Duff. Born 17th March 1763. Married firstly 11th January 1894 Mary Susan Smith. Issue.
1. Ian Archibald James Duff. Born 20 January 1895.
2. Colin Guthrie Duff. Born 16th July 1896.
a. Margaret Duff. Married Terrence Pye.
i. Colin John Pye. Lives in Canada. Tel 250-884-2793
I. John Duff. Born 12th April 1864. Died ca. 1935. Married firstly ca. 1897 Evelina Constance Pratt (died 28th January 1898, Issue.
J. Helen Duff. Born 14th October 1865. Married George Whistler Pratt
K. Katherine Duff. Born 6th November 1866. Died 22nd December 1927. Married Cecil Robert Stevens. Issue.     
L. Rose Mary Duff. Born 22nd September 1868. Died 25th April 1963. Married 25th December 1901 James Brignell Dand (died Egypt August 1904). Issue.  
M. Alice Duff. Born 13th October 1869.
N. Mabel Duff. Born 6th December 1871. Died 9th April 1908.
O. Ann Duff. Born 15th April 1781. Died young.
P. Robert Duff. Born 1st May 1783. Died 1854.
VII. James Duff of Banff . Born Auchterless, Aberdeenshire 1st January 1729 (Gregorian). Died Banff 19th November 1804. Damaged portrait of him at Hatton Castle, Banff. Copy of it owned by MJA. Married first, 12th August 1755, Helen Skene (born at Rubislaw, 27th September 1734, died 12th March 1764), Mother of five children, daughter of George Skene of Rubislaw (son of George Skene and Catherine Adie) and Helen Thomson, daughter of J Thomson.
A. Helen Duff. Born 1756. Still alive 1803. Married 28th April 1782 Thomas Bell, son of Captain Bell of Dublin. Bell was a travelling actor and Helen's father continued thereafter vehemently to oppose the marriage: by his will he leaves his eldest daughter a sum of money but expressly excludes any benefit accruing thereby to "thomas Bell Comedian" in the event of Helen's death.  
i. John Bell. He went to the West Indies and 'did well', having died by 1837.
ii. George Skene Bell. Baptised Aberdeen 1788.    
iii. Helen Bell.    
iv. Elizabeth Bell. .    
B. Alexander Duff. Born 11th July 1758. He was at college in Aberdeen but died relatively young, possibly in Holland ca. 1778.. 
C. Captain George Duff. Born at Banff about 1 February 1764. Killed at Trafalgar 21st October 1805 by having his head shot off as his ship, HMS Mars, was raked by cannon fire from the Fougueux. Presumably interred at sea. Plaque to him in St Paul's on the wall on the  south side of a passage, next to Nelson's memorial. Painted by Raeburn, painting owned by Janet Humphries and lent to Naval Museum, Portsmouth. Luke Francis has George's Trafalgar sword. His Patriotic Fund vase is in the Nelson collection at Lloyd's. Married in Fintray, 6th May 1791, Sophia Dirom (born 1764, died 1827; buried Greyfriars, Edinburgh). She was painted by Raeburn, painting owned by Kittybrewster Ltd on loan to MJA. She was daughter of Alexander Dirom, Provost of Banff (born Muiresk, died 1788) and Mary Fotheringham, daughter of Dr Fotheringham.
i. Admiral Norwich Duff . Born at 9 South Castle Street, Edinburgh 15th (not 5th) August 1792. Died in Bath 5th / 21st April 1862. Entered the Royal Navy July 1805. Lieutenant September 1811. Flag Lieutenant to the commander-in-chief February 1814. Commander 15th June 1814. Served at Trafalgar. Served in attack on New Orleans. Commanded the "Espoir", the "Beaver" and the "Rifleman". Post captain 23rd April 1822. Appointed Rear Admiral 8 October 1852. Became Vice Admiral 28 November 1857. The portrait of him by Raeburn is owned by Sandy T-B. His Naval medal is in a frame with a miniature of him - owned by MJA. JNA has another small portrait of him as a midshipman. CAH has a bust of him. There is a metal plaque to him in Bath Abbey, south nave aisle under fourth window from the west. Married, 10th June 1833, Helen Mary Shoolbred
A. (Helen) Sophia Duff, JP. Born Naples, Italy 11 May 1834. Died 80 Cornwall  Gdns,   Kensington 18 May 1930. Married Bath 23 June 1857 Captain Boscawen Trevor Griffith, later Griffith- Boscawen, JP (born Chester, Cheshire 14 August 1835, died Rossett, Trevalyn, Wales 30 December 1934) of the Royal Welsh Fusiliers, son of Thomas Griffith and Elizabeth Boscawen.
1. Boscawen Trevor Griffith Boscawen. Born Bath 11 July 1860. Died 22 May 1941. Married (Agnes) Lillian Bellers (1866-1956).
a. Enid Sophia Boscawen. Born 11th November 1889. She published 1955 "Trevors of Trevalyn and their Descendants", a most useful genealogical compilation. Married Sir Clement Wakefield Jones. Issue.
i. Nesta Margaret S Jones, Born 9th September 1912. Died London May 1991. Married John Stephen Brown. Issue.
ii. Martin Clement Trevor Jones, Born 1915. Married first Micheline Gifford. Issue.
iii. Maurice Llewelyn Clement-Jones, Born 12th October 1917. Died Sussex March 1988. Married (Margaret) Jean Hudson. Issue.  
b. Vera Edith Boscawen. Born 2nd January 1894. Died 21st August 1968. Married 8th July 1913  Major Sir Henry John ("Jock") Delves- Broughton, Bt. (born 10th September 1888, died 5th December 1942) Divorced. He married 2nd Diana Caldwell.
i. Sir Evelyn Delves- Broughton, Bt. Born 2 October 1915. Died 5 January 1993. Married first 28th January 1947 Hon Elizabeth Florence Marion Cholmondeley. Married second 3rd March 1955 Helen Mary Shore.
(a) Isabella Delves Broughton. Born 19 November 1958. Married 1st 1981 Nicholas Taylor. Married 2nd 1989 Detmar Hamilton Lorenz Arthur Blow.
(b) Julia Helen Delves Broughton. Born 11 February 1961. Works for Christie's
(c) John Evelyn Delves Broughton. Born 2 July 1962. Drowned 12 September 1964.
(d) Lavinia Mary Delves Broughton. Born 14 February 1965. Married first 1985 Douglas Gerald Dawes (died 1989).
(1) Rosamund Esme Dawes. Born 1985.
(2) Frederick Evelyn Dawes. Born 1988.
Married second Harry G Verney (divorced) and has 1 child.
Sir Evelyn married third 14th May 1974 Rona Zara née Clifford- Johns (born 22 November 1939), previously married to Robert Ian Crammond.
ii. Rosamond Broughton. Born 1917. Married 1938 Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat, DSO, MC, TD (died 1995).
(a) Hon Simon Augustine Fraser. Born 1939. Died 1994. Married 1972 Virginia Grose.
(1) Violet Fraser. Born 1972.
(2) Honor Fraser. Born 1973. Fashion model.
(3) Simon Fraser, Lord Lovat. Born 1977. Stockbroker.
(4) Jack Fraser. Born 1984.
(b) Hon Fiona Fraser.
(c) Hon (Annabel) Terese ("Tessa") Fraser.
(d) Hon Kim Maurice Fraser. Born 1946. Married 1975 Janna Ford.
(1) Thomas Oswald Mungo Fraser.
(2) Joseph Oscar Edward Fraser.
(3) Maximilian Alexander Kim Fraser.
(e) Hon Hugh Alastair Fraser.
(f) Hon Andrew Roy Mathew Fraser.
2. Rt Hon Sir Arthur Sackville Trevor Griffith- Boscawen. Born Allington, Denbigh, Wales 18 October 1865. Died 1st June 1946. Married Kent, 28th July 1892  Edith Sarah Williams 1851 - 1919.
a. Penelope Boscawen.
3. Helen Evelyn Trevor Griffith- Boscawen. Born Allington 2 June 1867. Died 3 Wilbraham Place, Chelsea 25 April 1945. Married as his second wife Brigadier General Hugh James Archdale (born London 15th January 1854, died London 31st August 1921. CBE 1902. CMG 1918).
a. Angel Helen Sibell Archdale. Born Wales, 10th October 1896. Died while visiting Rome 16th March 1982. Married John Aldersey Howell (born Conway, 13th August 1888, died Arosa, 4th August 1928).
i. (Ann) Dilys Howell. Married Enzo Frascella.
4. Alice Catharine Trevor Griffith- Boscawen. Born Allington 18 October 1870. Died Northumberland 18 January 1963. Married 18th July 1895, Brompton Oratory,  George Leary Joseph Taaffe of Smarmore Castle, Co Louth. (born 26th April 1866, died 7th June 1923.
a. George Randal Joseph Taaffe Born Co. Louth, 29th April 1897. Died 21st November 1979. Married 10th August 1933 Nancy Arnott McGoldrick.
b. Rudolf Trevor Aloysius Taaffe. Born 21st June 1901. Died 15th February 1985. Married 28th January 1934 Dorothy Margaret Creuze Hogg (born 28th March, 1904, died 9th March 1995).
i. Dame Peta Mary Taaffe. Born Niarobi,  1938.
c. Maureen Helen Taaffe. Born 1st September 1910. Died 13th January 1992. Married John Cuthbert Widdrington Riddell.
i. Patricia Mary Riddell. Born 1936. Married first Geoffrey Thomas Blundell Brown. Married second John Talbot, Lord Talbot of Malahide.
ii. Elizabeth Maureen Riddell. Born 1937. Married George ______.
iii. Victoria Miriam Riddell. Born 1940. Married Richard Denis de Vitré Gaisford.
iv. Mary Anne Riddell. Born 1942. Married Richard Patrick Murphy.
v. Catherine Evelyn Riddell. Born 1946.
B. Georgina Lucy Duff. Born Brighton, Sussex 27 Sept 1835. Died Kensington Gate, London 4 May 1896. Married Pimlico, London 23 July 1864 William James Tayler (born Banff 8 July 1809, died Belgrave Crescent, Edinburgh 20 Dec 1886), son of Alexander Francis Tayler (1765 - 1854) and Jane, née Duff.
1. Constance Jane Dorothy Tayler. Born London, 18th Debruary 1868. Died Arundel, 18th March 1948. Married London 6th April 1904  Hubert Arthur Blenkinsopp Coulson.(born Ford, Northumberland 29th August 1871).
a. (Desirée Rachel) Helen Coulson  Born Longbenton, 12th June 1905. Died 1970 as the result of a vehicle accident on the M4 highway, west of London. Married Savoy Chapel, 9th July 1946 widower Major Sir Thomas Lumley- Smith (1879 - 1961).
b. John Hubert Arthur Coulson Born Longbenton, 10th August 1906. Married London, 21st January 1939. Felicity Winifred Carter. Issue.
2. Helen Agnes Henrietta ("Hettie") Tayler. Born London, 24th March 1869. Died (umn) London 10th April 1951. She and her brother wrote the excellent "The   Book of the Duffs" which is the definitive book about this family.   She also wrote "The History of the Family of Urquhart" 1946.
3. Alexander Norwich Tayler ("Alasdair") Tayler. Born Rothiemay, 11th July 1870. Died (unm) London, 8th November 1937.
C. Duncan Alexander Duff. Born Cheltenham, Glos. 27 September 1837. Died 1841. Buried Père la Chaise, Paris.
D. Henrietta Anne Duff. Born Bath, Somerset 5 Jan 1842. Bap 3 March 1842. Died Hove, Sussex 14 Nov 1879. Poetess and novelist. Published "Honor Carmichael", "Fragments of Verse", "Virginia", "My Imperialist Neighbour".
E. Louisa Jessie Eliza Duff. Born Bath 23 Dec 1842. Bap 18 Jan 1843. Died 52 Fitzgeorge Ave., Fulham 21 Aug 1927.
F. George Norwich Duff. Born Bath 21 June 1845. Died Bath 22 June 1848. Buried Bath.
G. (Edward) Alexander James Duff . Born Bath 21st May 1847. Died 22 Onslow Gdns, London SW7 22nd February 1916. Buried Brompton Cemetery by circle 1. JNA has the portrait of him (wearing a striped jersey). Married, 26th January 1875, (Amy) Katherine Barnett.
1. Helen Dorothy Duff. Born 13 Feb 1876. Died 9 Jan 1882.
2. Aline Mary Duff. Born 20 April 1877. Died 7 June 1967.
3. Cicely Katharine Duff. Born 15 Nov 1878. Died 21 Jan 1882.
4. A son. Born and died 29 Dec 1879.
5. (Emily) Beatrice ("B") Duff. Born London 4 Feb 1883. Died Lymington, Hants 3 August 1976. Married London 14 June 1904 Lt-Col Arthur Annesley Tyndale- Biscoe (born 29 May 1872; died 7 March 1969)
a. Rear Admiral Alec Julian Tyndale- Biscoe. Born South Petherton, Somerset 10 August 1906. Died Brooklands, Wych Cross, Uckfield, Sussex 26 April 1997. Naval engineer. Married first Rosemary Jean Morrison (born 1904).
i. Susan Mary Tyndale- Biscoe Born Milford on Sea, Lymington, Hampshire 5 January 1934  Died Clarence Gate Gardens, Marylebone, London 18 March 1939
ii. Peter John Tyndale- Biscoe Born Neville House, Chatham, Kent 20 August 1937 Died Medway District, Kent 4 October 1937
Alec married second 1939 Emma Winifred Haselden (born 29 January 1908; died Cuckfield, Sussex Q2 1974).
i. Janet Tyndale-Biscoe Born Hitchin, Herts 31 July 1940. Married Robin R Humphries Born Uttoxeter, Devon Q4 1938
(a) Joanna Humphries Born 24 November 1962 Married Mark Robinson
(b) Jane Humphries Born 3 October 1964. Married George Newnham
(c) Emma Humphries Born 1 September 1968. Married Mark Sheffield
ii. Bridget M Tyndale- Biscoe Born Gosport, Hampshire 4 November 1941 Married Hugh W Hoare-Ward
(a) Timothy Hoare-Ward Born Cuckfield, Sussex 14 August 1966 Married Miss Green
(b) Juliet Maria Hoare-Ward Born Cuckfield, Sussex Q4 1969. Married Dominic Smith
iii. Juliet Ann Tyndale- Biscoe Born Tunbridge Wells, Kent 1 August 1945. Married first Timothy K W Hart
(a) Oliver Hart Born 1971
(b) Nina Hart Born 1974
Juliet Ann Tyndale- Biscoe married second William Townshend
iv. Louise Tyndale- Biscoe Born Tunbridge Wells, Kent 19 July 1947. Married Michael J Francis Born 1942
(a) Luke Francis. Married Sally Dixon
(b) Harriet Francis
Alec married third 1974  (Elsa) Hugolyne ("Hugo") Gertrude Gwynne-James (born Bath 14 August 1908; died Crawley, Sussex July 1999). She was the widow of Geoffrey Cotton Cooke who had died April 1969.
b. Commander Edward Rupert Tyndale- Biscoe. Born West Meon, Hampshire 3 July 1909. Died Debenham, Stowmarket, Suffolk 12 September 1986. Married Christina Frances Vaughan- Johnson (born 13 June 1913)
i. Michael Walter Tyndale- Biscoe Born Otterhampton, Devon 8 December 1936 Married in Banbury 8 September 1958 Valerie Thomas born 1935
(a) Julia Tyndale- Biscoe Born Bucklow 16 April 1963. Married Massin Mojtehedzadeth
(b) Anna Jane Tyndale- Biscoe Born Thornbury, England 8 September 1966
ii. (Anthony) Christopher ("Chris") Tyndale- Biscoe Born Letchworth, Hertfordshire 3 April 1940. Married in Marple 14 August 1963 Dorothy Mary Stafford born Cheshire Q2 1942
(a) Alison Tyndale- Biscoe Born Deben 8 November 1966. Married James A Hillman born Colchester, Essex Q3 1965
(b) Isobel Tyndale- Biscoe Born Deben 5 June 1968. Married Alex Brown born USA?
(c) Penelope Tyndale- Biscoe Born Deben Q3 1971 Married Jonathan M Hardy
iii. (Robert) Alexander ("Sandy") Tyndale- Biscoe Born Swanwick, Hampshire 8 July 1944  Married in Bosham 13 October 1973 Josephine ("Jo") Pamela Andrew Born 2 March 1948
(a) Edward Francis Tyndale- Biscoe Born 15 April 1975 He has a son by his long-term partner Carly Rhodes:
(A) Dylan Rhodes Tyndale- Biscoe. Born 12 February 2003.
(b) Robin Malcolm Tyndale- Biscoe Born Chichester, Sussex 2 February 1978
c. Rosamond Mary Tyndale- Biscoe. Born Broxford 15 January 1912. Married Reginald John Felix Milanes (born 12 July 1912).
i. Philip A J Milanes Born Peshawar Consular district, India (subsequently Pakistan) 19 February 1941 Married Clare O'Flynn
(a) Katherine Milanes Born 1976
(b) Sophie Milanes Born 1979
ii. David Milanes Born 14 September 1943. Married Maryan Deshon Born 1953
(a) Henry Deshon T Milanes Born Hammersmith, London Q3 1982
(b) Rory Edward T Milanes Born Hammersmith, London May 1988
iii. Colin Milanes Born 27 June 1945
d. Katherine Rachel Tyndale- Biscoe. Born Clarence Road, Bognor, Sussex 9 July 1918. Married John Hesketh (born 1917).
i. Rosamond Jean Hesketh Born Milford on Sea, Hampshire, 11 December 1945, a twin Married Brian Walters
(a) James Walters Born 1972
(b) Karyn Walters Born 1976
ii. Richard Hesketh Born New Forest District, Hampshire 11 December 1945, a twin. Married Marlene Lumsden
(a) Alexander Hesketh Born 1981
(b) Robin Hesketh Born 1985
6. (Alexander) Gordon Duff . Born 22 Onslow Gardens, London SW7 31 July 1884, a twin. Died Littlebourne, Kent 18th June 1978. Captain. Solicitor. Married at St Peter's, Cranley Gardens, London SW7, 24th July 1917, Janet Macfie Blaikie.
a. Mary Evelyn Duff. Born Harbledown, Kent 27th May 1918. Died Harlow, Essex 8th May 1999. Married in Cranley Gardens, London 9 November 1939 (Charles) Haviland Hillman (born Eastbourne, Sussex 12 Aug 1915; dvu Epping, Essex 5 February 1985).
i. . Born Ongar 12 May 1955. Educated Harrow and Cambridge Univ (MA). Chartered accountant. Married, 1st, Carol ______. Divorced. Married, 2nd, 21 October 1991, Marjolein Zwart (born Rotterdam 28 May 1957).
(a) Robert Dominic Edward Hillman. Born Woerden 29th Jun 1993.
(b) Alexandra Mary Johanna Hillman. Born Bad Duerkheim 4th Jan 1996.
(c) Michael Gordon Hillman. Born Bad Duerkheim 7th Dec 1997.
b. (Margaret) Jean Duff . Born Granville Road, Sevenoaks, 29th September 1919. Married at Holy Trinity, Brompton, 3rd July 1943, Sir John Sinclair Wemyss Arbuthnot, 1st Bt.
7. Walter Norwich Duff. Born 22 Onslow Gdns 31 July 1884, a twin. Died 40a Hyde Park Gate 18 March 1934. Married Romsey, Hants 4 Aug 1910 Margaret ("Pearl") Frances Wilson (born 20 June 1887; died 29 Wimpole St 24 Oct 1938).
8. Audrey Louisa Duff. Born 22 Onslow Gdns 26 April 1888. Died Littlebourne, Kent 30 March 1974.
H. (Adam) Gordon Duff. Born Bath 22 July 1849. Died 75 Chester Sq, Knightsbridge 17 Nov 1923. Educated Harrow and Trinity, Cambridge. Barrister. Married Petersham, Surrey 7 Feb 1917 Annette, nee Schlotel (died 31 Eaton Square 26 Sept 1936, buried Brompton cemetery), widow of William Fitzgerald Pilcher.
ii. Mary Anne Fotheringham Duff . Born ca. 1794. Died ca. 1796. Buried Greyfriars Cemetery, Edinburgh.
iii. Jemima Duff . Born 27th September 1799. Died Edinburgh ca. 1803.
iv. Georgina Helen Duff . Born Edinburgh. Christened 22nd June 1803. Died Cheltenham 17th January 1832
v. Anna Margaret Duff. Christened 15th August 1805. Died 1827. 
James Duff of Banff . Born Auchterless, Aberdeenshire 1st January 1728/29. Died Banff 19th November 1804. Married second in Banff, 1st February 1772, Margaret Ogilvie Dunbar of Kinkorth (born 1754, died 1829), daughter of James Dunbar (son of Sir William Dunbar) and Isabel Abercrombie of Birkenbog.
D. Janes Duff. Born ca. 1773. Died in infancy.
E. Mary Duff. Born ca. 1774. Died before 1803   
F. James William Duff. Born ca. 1776. Died 28th July 1797. Buried Greyfriars, Edinburgh (though his memorial had disappeared by 1914).
G. Fife Duff. Born ca. 1778. Died Plymouth 1800. A midshipman.
H. John Duff. Born ca. 1779. Died 1801. Buried Banff.    
I. Isabella Duff. Born ca. 1780. Died young.    
J. Catherine Duff. Born ca. 1782. Died before 1840 or December 1852 Chelteham.   
K. Anne Duff. Born ca. 1784. Died 1876. Married in Banff Walter Biggar.
L. Sophia Duff. Born ca. 1785. Died in infancy.
2 John Duff. Born 1689. Died 1751. Married in Cullen, Banff 25 September 1718 Margaret Gordon
I Patrick (or Peter) Duff. Born 19 August 1719. Married Grisell (or Jean) Balfour
II. William Duff Born 5 September 1720.
III Helen Duff. Born 1 July 1722
IV Alexander Duff.. Born 7 December 1723
V John Duff. Born 11 May 1725.
VI Margaret Duff. Born 13 August 1726
VII Anne Duff. Born 18 December 1727
VIII John Duff. Born 26 March 1729
IX Archibald Duff. Born 20 June 1731. Married Jane Stewart
i. William Duff
X John Duff. Born 20 October 1734
XI James Duff. Born 12 April 1736.
XII Helen Duff. Born 11 June 1737
3 William Duff. Born 1690. Died December 1740. Married Bathia Garden.
I Bathia Duff. Born 1718. Died 1753. Married 1738 John Gordon.
II Patrick Duff. Born 1720. Died 1783
4 Helen Duff. Born 1691.
5 Patrick Duff. Born 16 November 1692. Married 1756 Margaret Duff (born 1745, died 1793).
6 Jean Duff. Born 1696. Died 23 May 1776. Married 30 March 1720 John Innes (born October 1692, died 1748), son of John Innes and Helen Strachan.
I Helen Innes. Died 1806.
II John Innes. Born 21 February 1720/21. Died Panton 7 June 1790.
III Alexander Innes. Born 12 July 1727. Died 30 June 1788.
IV James Innes. Born 1 November 1729. Married 17 January 1754 Isobel Abernethy.
Patrick Duff of Craigston. Born 1655. Died 1731. Married second 4 August 1701 Mary Urquhart (died 1764).
7 Elizabeth Duff. Born about 1702. Married William Stuart.
8 James Duff. Born about 1702.
9 Mary Duff. Married W Leslie of Melross.
10 Thomas Duff. Born about 1704.
11 Archibald Duff. Born about 1714.
12 Francis Duff. Born about 1715. Died Whyda, Guidea 1738.
13 Margaret Duff. Born 20 December 1720. Died 13 November 1801. Married, before 1736, Alexander Gordon, born Alexander Davidson (born 25 May 1716, drowned in Ythan River 24 January 1760), son of Alexander Davidson and Marie Gordon.
I George Gordon.  Born 14 November 1741. Died Bath 9 January 1779.
14 Rear Admiral Robert Duff. Born about 1721. Died 6 June 1787. MJA has a portrait of him.
15 Adam Duff. Born after 1722. Died 1795.
16 A daughter
17 A daughter.

Jean Duff. Died 1725. Married 1680 George Meldrum (died November 1692, buried Marnoch), son of John Meldrum and Margaret Duff.

1 Jean Meldrum. Born about 1681.
2 Helen Meldrum.
3 Isobel Meldrum.

John Duff. Born 1624. Married Isobel Pringle.


John Duff. Married Margaret Kennedy.

1 James Duff. Born 1678. Died 21 August 1762.

Isobel Duff.


Adam Duff.

1 George Duff.

Margaret Duff.


George Duff. Born 1628. Married Beatrice Duff.


Adam Duff.


William Duff.


Daniel Duff.


Margaret Duff.


Rachel Duff.


Robert Duff. Died November 1754.

1 Thomas Duff. Died 1717.
2 Robert Duff.
3 John Duff.
4 James Duff. Born about 1700. Died 1779.

William Duff Provost of Inverness. Born 1632. Died 1715. "He lived at Inverness and was often Provost of that Burrow and had for many years, and very justly, in a great measure the government of it; for he studied the interest of the community with unwearied application and without regard to any person or party. And he was a kind patron and protector to all deserving young people. These excellent qualities made his death much regretted and his memory long revered at Inverness....[He was] an agreeable facetious companion, and had a great deal of humour." Married first 1655 Christian Duff (died about 1660), dau of Alexander Duff and Christian née Greenlaws.


Alexander Duff. Born 1657. Died 22 August 1726. Married 1684 Katherine Duff (died February 1758).

1 Anne Duff. Born 1684. Died Muirtown 1750. Married Lachlan Mackintosh (died 1731).
2 Janet Duff. Born 1689.
3 Mary Duff. Born 1691. Married 22 November 1709 William Gordon.
4 William Duff. Born 1693.
5 Alexander Duff. Born 1696. Died in infancy.
6 Robert Duff. Born 1698. Married Isobel Campbell.
7 James Duff. Born 1700.
8 John Duff. Born 1701. Died 1743.
9 Katherine Duff. Born 1704. Died 1739.
10 William Duff. Born 1707. Died 1782.Married Mary Baillie
I. Alexander Duff. Born Banff 1737. Died 1778. Married 24th April 1769 Christian Baillie (died 19th December 1776). Issue.
II. Jean Duff. Born 1738.  Married 1775 Hugh Falconer. Issue.   
III. Anne Duff. Born 1738. Died England 1780. Married 1764 John Forbes. Issue.   
IV. Katherine Duff. Born 1741. Died young.
V. Katherine Duff. Born 1748.
VI. Magdalen Duff. Born 1752. Died 1828. Married firstly 1771 her first cousin Alexander Duff (born 24th November 1725, died 24th January 1778). Issue.   
VII. John Duff. Born 1753.
VIII. Mary Duff. Born 1755.

Andrew Duff. Born 1658.

William married second 1666 Jane Lockhart (died 1690).


James Duff. Born about 1674. Died 1709. Married, betw 1696 - 1697 Jean Meldrum (born about 1681), dau of George Meldrum and Jean Duff.

1 William Duff. Born about 1701. Died 1781. Married Elizabeth Dalrymple (born 1713).
I. Sir James Duff.of Cadiz.  Born 1734. Died (unm) November 1815 Spain. British consul Cadiz 1790. Buried Gibraltar.  
II. Hugh Duff. Died Bengal 1767. A merchant in India.
III. Thomas Duff. He commanded a ship in the East India Company's Service.  
IV. William Duff. Merchant in Bengal
V. Anne Duff. Died 1811. Married secondly Alexander Gordon, advocate (died 1792) who subsequently became Lord Rockville.  He was brother to the Earl of Aberdeen and Sheriff of Kirkcudbright. (died 1792). Issue.  
i. Charles Gordon  Born ca. 1770. Probably died young. 
ii. Sir William Duff-Gordon  Born ca. 1772. Died 1823. In 1815, on inheriting a baronetcy from his uncle, James Duff of Cadiz, he changed his family name name from Gordon to Duff-Gordon. Member of British parliament representing Worcester for several years from 1807. Married 1810 Caroline Cornewall. Issue.
A. Sir Alexander Cornewall Duff-Gordon. 3rd Bt. Born 1811. Died October 1872. Senior treasury Civil Servant. Married 1840 Lucy Austin (died Egypt July 1869). who was published author. Issue.
1. Janet Duff-Gordon. Born 24th February 1842. Published author. Married 1860 Henry James Ross.
2. Sir Maurice Duff-Gordon. 4th Bt. Born 1849. Died May 1896. Married first 1872  Fanny Waterton. Issue.
a. Caroline ("Lina") Duff-Gordon. Born 1874. Died ca. 1964. Author who loved and wrote about central Italy. Married 1901 Aubrey Waterfield. Issue.
3. Urania Duff-Gordon. Died young.


B. Cosmo Lewis Duff-Gordon. Born 1812. Died 1876. Married Anna Maria Antrobus (died 1898).  Issue.
1. Sir Cosmo Edmund Duff-Gordon. 5th Bt. Born 21st July 1862. Died (dsp) 1931. Married 1900 Lucy Wallace Sutherland. Titanic survivors.
2. Sir Henry William Duff-Gordon. 6th Bt. Born 12th January 1866. Married 1891 Maud Emily Hammersley. Issue.  
a. Sir Douglas Frederick Duff-Gordon. 7th Bt. Born 12th September 1892. Died ca. 1964. Married 1932 Gladys Rosemary Ackroyd (died 1933).  Issue.
b. Cosmo Lewis Duff-Gordon. Born ca. 1897. Died (kia) Picardy 3rd September 1916.
3. John Cornewall Duff-Gordon. Born 1869.  
4. Flora Duff-Gordon. Married Arthur Streatfield.
5. Evelyn Duff-Gordon. Married Rodger Cunliffe.
C. Georgina Catherine Duff-Gordon.
D. Alicia Frances Duff-Gordon.
iii. Alexander Gordon  Born ca. 1774. Killed Talavera (unm) 28th July 1809.  
iv. Cosmo Gordon  Born ca. 1777. Called Cosmo after the Grand Duke of Tuscany. He married and left one son, also called Cosmo, who would die without issue.  
VI. Janet Duff. Married her cousin, Sir H Dalrymple of North Berwick.   
2 Joan Duff. Born 1698.
3 Mary Duff. Born 1699. Died 1780.
4 Margaret Duff. Born 1700. Died 1789. Married William Gordon.
5 Helen Duff. Born betw 1701 - 1706.
6 Janet Duff. Born 1707.

Mary Duff. Born 1675. Married William Baillie.


Adam Duff. Born 1676. Died in infancy.


Magdalen Duff. Born 1677.


Beatrix Duff. Born 1678.


Margaret Duff. Born 1681.


Jean Duff. Born 1682. Married 6 June 1700 William Gordon.


William Duff. Born 1684.


Katherine Duff. Born 1688.


Isabel Duff. Born 1689.

William married third after 1672 Mrs Jean Fraser.

This genealogy is largely taken from "The Book of the Duffs" by Alexander ("Alistair") & Hettie Tayler.
The Taylers themselves make extensive use and reference to the family archives of many branches of the Duff family, as well as to William Baird of Auchmedden's "Memoirs of the Duffs" written about 1773 and later edited by, and privately printed 1869 at the behest of, Major Lachlan Gordon Duff of Drummuir 1817 - 1892. Baird himself was married to Anne, one of the daughters of William Duff of Dipple 1653 - 1722.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in
response to expressions of interest.)   Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever)
does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings.

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt
Additional research and contributions by , Janet Humphries and Hugh NanKivell

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