The Genealogy of theDirom Family

I. Provost Alexander Dirom Provost of Banff. Born Muiresk October 1725. Died Banff 21st January 1788. Son of Alexander Dirom and Janet Reid. Provost of Banff. Married firstly 26th August 1749 Mary Mark (died 8th January 1754) daughter of Provost John Mark and Helen Hamilton.
A. John Dirom. Born and died 1750.
Provost Alexander Dirom married secondly 18th July 1754 Anne Fotheringham, (born ca. 1733, died 4th November 1819) daughter of Dr Charles Fotheringham and Katherine Skene. She was painted by Raeburn: painting owned by Kittybrewster Ltd on loan to MJA. AF
B. Katherine Dirom. Christened 28th April 1755. Died Edinburgh 11th May 1826. She is not mentioned in family papers though her christening and death are matters of public record. Further investigation necessary.
C. General Alexander Dirom. Born 21st May 1757. Died Annan 6th October 1830. He served in India against Tippoo Sahib. Fellow Royal Society 10th July 1795. There is a portrait of his face on the uniform of a Red Ensign, owned by Kittybrewster Ltd on loan to WRA. Married Edinburgh 3rd August 1793 Magdalen Pasley (born Lisbon 6th January 1772, died Annan 23rd October 1853). 12 recorded children.
(a) Lt. John Pasley Dirom Born Annan 6th November 1794. Died Annan 2nd June 1857. Distinguished military career included service at Waterloo. He had a son with Margaret Rome (born 6th January 1794, died Dumfries  8th July 1857. Margaret would later marry John Gilchrist.) He subsequently married 1836 Mrs Eliza Hansard (died Durran Hill, Carlisle 16th September 1851) - presumably a widow. The marriage was childless.
(1) John Dirom Born Hayfield, Kirkpatrick-Fleming 1817. Died Halfmorton 19th June 1904. He grew up with his mother's family,  the Rome family. Farmer. Married Halfmorton 18th June 1849 Elizabeth Little (born Halfmorton 1822, died Halfmorton 9th September 1905).
(i) Jane Dirom Born Halfmorton. Baptised 11th November 1849. Died Dumfries  27th March 1941. Married Halfmorton 28th June 1872 Thomas MacLean (born Annan 1847, died Carlisle 15th July 1925).
(A) John Dirom MacLean  Born Hoddam, Dumfries 1874. Died Brownmoor Farm, Dumfries 19th April 1958.
(B) William MacLean  Born 1876. Died Carlisle 15th April 1897.
(C) George MacLean  Born 1878.
(D) James MacLean  Born 1878. Died 1966.
(E) David MacLean  Born 1883. Died 1952.
(F) Elizabeth MacLean  Born 1886. Died 1924.
(ii) John Rowe Dirom Born Halfmorton 1851.   Died 1919. Married Magdalene Young (1845 - 1921).
(A) Magdalene Dirom  Born 1880. Died 1952.
(B) John Dirom  Born 1883. Died 1944.
(C) James Dirom  Born 1886. Died 1950.
(iii) Margaret Dirom Born Halfmorton 1852. Died 1926. Married Halfmorton 22nd November 1872 Christopher Anderson (1849 - 1912).
(A) John Anderson  Born 3rd December 1872.
(B) Agnes Anderson  Born 30th October 1874.
(C) William Anderson  Born 1877.
(D) James Anderson  Born 1879.
(E) Elizabeth Anderson  Born December 1880.
(F) Christopher Anderson  Born 1884.
(G) Andrew Anderson  Born 1886.
(H) Thomas Anderson  Born 1888.
(I) Robert Anderson  Born 1890.
(J) Janet Anderson  Born 1892.
(K) David Anderson  Born 1895.
(L) Margaret Anderson  Born 1897.
(M) Mary Anderson  Born 1901.
(iv) James Dirom Born 1854. Died Halfmorton 6th August 1925. Married Jane Scott (born 1846, died 6th March 1924).
(v) Elizabeth Dirom Born Halfmorton 24th August 1855.  Married Andrew Newell.
(A) Rachel Dirom Newell.
(B) Elizabeth Agnes Newell  Born 1877.
(C) David Dirom Newell  Born 1880.
(vi) Agnes Dirom Born Halfmorton 19th February 1857. Died 1905. Married David Irving (1841 - 1903).
(A) Andrew Irving .
(B) Christopher Irving  Born 1884.
(C) John Irving  Born 1886.
(D) Thomas Irving  Born 1888.
(E) Jean Irving  Born 1890.
(F) James Irving  Born 1892.
(G) Mary Irving  Born 1896.
(vii) David Dirom Born Halfmorton 21st August 1858. Died 1939. Married Kirkcudbright 8th March 1878 Catherine McKnight (1859 - 1922).
(A) Hannah Dirom .
(B) Margaret Dirom.
(C) Agnes Dirom  Born 1878.
(a) John James Dirom Born 4th April 1902. Died 13th August 1992.
(D) Elizabeth Dirom  Born 1881.
(E) John Dirom  Born 1883.
(F) Janet Dirom  Born 1884.
(G) Jane Dirom  Born 14th September 1891.
(H) Mary Dirom  Born 1895.
(I) James Dirom  Born 1899.
(viii) PC Gavin Dirom Born Halfmorton 11th March 1860. Died 1941. Married Dumfries 22nd November 1878 Agnes Cameron (1859 - 1928).
(A) William Dirom 
(B) Mary Dirom 
(C) John Dirom  Born 1880.
(D) James Dirom  Born 10th Sepember 1881. Died 1946.
(E) Marion Dirom  Born 1880. Married James Coltart.
(a) Douglas Dirom Coltart
(b) William Colinge Dirom Coltart Born 19th December 1931. Died 25th December 1996. Married and had issue.
i. Ann Marie Coltart Dirom. Married Andrew ("Andy") Gray.
aa. Adam Gray.
(F) Thomas Dirom  Born 10th April 1888. Married Doris Hannah Walker. Issue.
(G) Elizabeth Dirom  Born 1889.
(H) Andrew Dirom  Born 1890.
(I) Janet Dirom  Born 1893.
(J) Agnes Dirom  Born 1897.
(ix) William Dirom Born Halfmorton 7th January 1862.  Died 1934. Married Hannah Dawes (1865 - 1944).
(x) Andrew Dirom Born Halfmorton 1st October 1863. Died Duncan, BC, Canada 1st December 1943. Emigrant ancestor of many Diroms in Canada. Married Clifton, Washington 28th November 1893 Margaret Ann Carter (born Castleside, Co Durham 28th May 1875, died Duncan, BC 12th July 1958).   
(A) Albert Munro Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 15th September 1898. Died Duncan 6th December 1984. Married Duncan 15th November 1923 Ida May Lovell (born Ontario 1st July 1904, died Duncan 22nd November 1998). 4 recorded children.
(B) Olive Elizabeth Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 12th May 1900. Died Vancouver 17th December 1989. Married Duncan 26th October 1934 Fred Jackson (born Yorkshire, England 3rd December 1900, died Vancouver 30th November 1989). Issue.
(C) Rachel May Dirom  Born 29th May 1903. Died 1982. Married 14th June 1929 Donald Campbell (born 19th April 1904, died 1980).  Issue.
(D) John Joseph Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 26th May 1905. Died Duncan 19th January 1940. Married Duncan 29th May 1934 Irene Ester Lovell (born Edmonton 7th September 1905). Issue.
(E) Marguerite Agnes Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 26th July 1908. Died Kamloops, BC 7th March 1934.
(F) Gavin Andrew Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 12th August 1909. Died 15th November 1996. Married with issue.
(G) Florence Myrtle Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 30th August 1910. Died Duncan 25th February 1937.
(H) Edith Cavell Dirom  Born Duncan, BC 22th May 1917. Died 1st June 1998. Married with issue.
(xi) Thomas Dirom Born Halfmorton 1st October 1863. Died Dumfries 11th July 1943. Married firstly Janet Dixon (born 1874, died Dumfries 6th April 1905).
(A) Sarah Dirom 
(B) David Dirom 
(C) John Dirom  Born 1901.
(D) Elizabeth Dirom  Born January 1904. Died Halfmorton 12th November 1904.
. Thomas Dirom married secondly Janet Gass (born 1870, died Dumfries 23rd August 1949).
(E) Ann Dirom   
(F) Elizabeth Dirom   
(G) PC James Dirom  Born 21st November 1907. Died Northumberland, England 1st June 1984. Married Ena Taylor (died 20th August 1981). Issue.
(xii) Janet Dirom Born Halfmorton 26th April 1865. Died 1933. Married Matthew Byers (1863 - 1928).    
(A) Agnes Byers   
(B) Peter Byers   
(C) Bella Byers   
(D) Elizabeth Byers Born 1894.
(E) Janet Byers Born 1895.
(F) Thomas Byers Born 1896.
(G) John Byers Born 1898. 
(H) James Byers Born 1900.
(I) Helen Byers Born 1904.
(xiii) Peter Dirom Born Halfmorton 4th January 1867. Died Kirkcaldy 26th September 1945. Married Canobie 1st November 1890 Isabella Cairns (born 1861, died Kirkcaldy 26th May 1928).
(A) Elizabeth Dirom  Born 8th March 1892. Died Victoria, BC 2nd June 1948. Married  Joseph Marshall (born 15th January 1893, died Victoria, BC 9th January 1970).
(B) Jane Dirom  Born  8th March 1892. Died Kirkcaldy 1983.
(C) John Dirom  Born Markinch 19th April 1893. Died British Columbia 23rd October 1989. Immigrant to British Columbia. Married firstly Victoria BC 7th November 1919 Isabella Cumming Leitch (born Kirkcaldy 6th August 1893, died BC 20th May 1960). Issue.
John Dirom married secondly 29th September 1961 Mary Roberts Craig (born Stewarton 2nd May 1901, died BC 27th January 2000).
(b) Magdalene or Madeline Jemima Dirom Born Edinburgh 5th October 1795. Died of Consumption, Liverpool 19th December 1812. Buried 19th December 1812 Annan, Dumfries, Scotland.
(c) Sophia Dirom Born 7th September 1796. Died 12th January 1813. Buried Annan.
(d) Captain Alexander Dirom Born Annan 14th January 1800. Died Madeira 21st January 1837. Married Baldernock, Stirling 2nd November 1826 Joanna Elizabeth Peter (born 18th June 1804, died 18th May 1853).
(1) Madeline Elizabeth Barbara Pasley-Dirom Born 19th December 1827. Died 28th September 1896. She changed the family name back to Pasley-Dirom 1888. Married 19th January 1847 the Rev John Murdoch (1808 - 1879).
(i) Dr Patrick Alexander Murdoch who 1888 changed his family name to Pasley-Dirom Born Kirkpatrick-Fleming, Dumfries 10th December 1847. Died Cleughead, Brydekirk 21st August 1912. A medical doctor who even after his name change continued to practice medicine as Dr Patrick Murdoch. Founder of the Fulham constituency Conservative Association. Married 16th April 1899 Janet ("Jane" or "Nettie") Riddick (born Brydekirk, Dumfries 25th December 1881, died Kingston, Surrey 19th December 1954): she subsequently remarried ca. 1915 Edward Lloyd Stokely).
(A) Magdalen Barbara Pasley-Dirom  Born and died Bedford 30th April 1900.
(B) Leonora Elizabeth Pasley-Dirom  Born 8th May 1901. Died 27th November 1968. Married Victor Berwyn Jones (born 26th December 1898, died Monmouth 9th June 1968). Issue.
(C) Sophia Pasley-Dirom  Born 30th April 1902. Died 1st May 1902. 
(D) Francis James Pasley-Dirom  Born 3rd February 1903. Died 4th February 1903.  
(E) John Patrick Pasley-Dirom  Born 13th February 1904. Died Edmonton, Canada ca. 2000.
(F) Thomas Mariscal Pasley-Dirom  Born  23rd July 1906. Died Harold Wood, Essex, England 7th January 1994. Tea Plantation Manager.
(G) Christina Anne Pasley-Dirom  Born 10th April 1907. Died Stratford, Warwickshire, England about 1972.  
(H) Robert Pringle Pasley-Dirom  Born 4th November 1908. Died 1946.  
(ii) Joanna Leonora Pasley-Dirom Born 13th October 1849. Died 13th March 1935. Buried Calgary, Canada, so probably had emigrated thither.
(2) Barbara Leonora Dirom Born Annan 2nd September 1829. Died 3rd September 1888. Married Brydekirk, Dumfries 12th August 1855 Gideon William Bell.
(i) Madeline Leonora Bell Born Athelstaneford 13th July 1856. Married 11th November 1882 her cousin Dirom Grey Crawford (born Chinsura 21st July 1857, died Ealing 9th December 1942).
(A) William Scott Crawford
(B) Charlotte Leonora Crawford
(C) Violet Crawford. Married Henry Lambert. Issue.  
(a) John Dirom Lambert Born ca. 1913. Died (kia) northern India 29th December 1944. 
(b) Henry Alexander Lambert Born ca. 1915. Died (kia) Burma 5th May 1944. Married with issue.  
(D) Helen Barbara Crawford
(ii) Violet Joanna Bell Born Athelstaneford 20th August 1857. Died 19th August 1864.
(iii) William Scott Bell Born Athelstaneford 23rd January 1859. Died 22nd March 1925. Married his cousin (below) Ella Evelyn Crawford (born 12th June 1871)
(iv) Susan Barbara Bell Born Athelstaneford 25th November 1860. Married 7th September 1897 William ?Morgan.
(v) Elizabeth Alice Bell Born Athelstaneford 2nd August 1862. Died 1st March 1896.
(vi) Alexander Dirom Bell Born 16th May 1864. Died 22nd May 1916. Married 11th April 1892 Alexina Spence.
(vii) Leonora Anne Bell Born Athelstaneford 16th March 1866. Died 12th February 1869.
(viii) Robert Scott Bell Born Athelstaneford 5th November 1868. Died 16th January 1869.
(3) Thomas Alexander Dirom Born Halifax, NS 24th January 1831. Died Annan 21st August 1878. Married Hastings, Calcutta 11th June 1859 his first cousin Anna Leonora Dirom. (born Calcutta 30th January 1835, died 4th October 1879).
(4) Christina Anne Dirom Born 30th September 1832. Died Edinburgh 26th February 1874. Married Calcutta 6th December 1854 James Alexander Crawford. (born London 8th August 1828, died London 24th November 1893).
(i) Henry Alexander Crawford Born 1856. Died 6th January 1857.
(ii) Dirom Grey Crawford Born India 21st July 1857. Died Ealing 9th December 1942. Historian of the Indian Medical Service. Married 11th November 1882 his cousin Madeline Leonora Bell (born 13th July 1856).
(A) William Scott Crawford
(B) Charlotte Leonora Crawford
(C) Violet Crawford
(D) Helen Barbara Crawford
(iii) Robert Elphinstone Crawford Born 9th September 1858. Died 15th September 1858.
(iv) Col (RA) Archibald Crawford Born 14th June 1861. Died RN Hospital, Gillingham, Kent 23rd February 1929. Married Margaret Hornby.
(A) Lt John Archibald Crawford
(B) Reginald Ewart Crawford
(C) Wilfred Hornby Crawford
(D) Christopher Crawford
(v) Malcolm MacLean Crawford Born 24th August 1864. Married Ethel Wernicke.
(A) Archibald James Crawford Born 1889. Died 1983.
(B) Kenneth Malcolm Crawford
(vi) Mary Catherine Crawford Born 24th August 1864. Died 6th October 1865.  
(vii) James Muir Crawford Born Calcutta 5th August 1866. Married Winifred Edith Wernicke.
(A) James Dirom Crawford Born Shepton Mallet 29th June 1911. Died Bath 17th July 1991. Married Lahore 8th February 1938 Anne Elizabeth Coldstream. Issue.
(viii) Nora Christina Crawford Born Cheltenham 15th August 1868. Died London 1962. Committed  genealogist. Married William Henry O'Reilly.
(ix) Ella Evelyn Crawford Born 12th July 1871. Married 12th June 1895 her cousin (above) William Scott Bell (born 23rd January 1859, died 22nd March 1925).
(x) Christina Lindsay Crawford Born Edinburgh 17th February 1874. Married Major General A Grant.
(5) Isabella MacDowell Dirom Born Annan 10th January 1834. Died Annan 20th March 1845.
(6) Leonora Anne Dirom Born Hoddam 22th November 1835. Died Dumfries 26th July 1874.
(7) Alexander Dirom Born  22th June 1837. Died Madeira 9th November 1868. Born posthumously, he can never have met his father, but they are nonetheless buried adjacently in Madeira. Married Halifax, NS 19th August 1862 Victoria William Coxworthy (born 10th January 1840, died 22nd July 1870). 
(i) Edith Leonora Dirom  Born 13th August 1865. Died Cleughead 24th January 1888. Married Scots National Church, Belgravia, London 11th October 1887 Captain Henry Cautley who temporarily changed his name to Pasley-Dirom.
(e) Robert Dirom Born Annan 31st August 1801. Died Edinburgh 23rd November 1879. Married Annan 25th August 1830 Mary Hunter (born 9th May 1813, died 20th February 1869).
(1) Alexander Dirom Born 5th September 1831. Died early Summer 1832.  
(2) Mary Hunter Dirom Born 30th January 1833. Died Vevey, VS 30th October 1915. Married 1865 J Randall Webb.
(i) Randall Dirom Webb  Born 14th May 1866. Died young.  
(ii) Maria C Dirom Webb  Born 18th January 1868. Died young.  
(iii) J Alexander Dirom Webb  Born 26th July 1869. Died young.  
(3) Patrick Hunter Dirom Born 24th January 1834. Died 28th February 1900. Married Edinburgh 10th November 1863 Maria Munro (1835 - 1913).
(i) (Florence) Meta Bennett Dirom Born 28th December 1865. Married Edwin Mathews Nelson.
(A) Ethel Dirom Nelson Born 22nd December 1889. Died 26th February 1989.
(B) Phyllis Nelson Born 2oth July 1898. Died February 1923.  
(ii) (Alice) Ethel Dirom Born 19th September 1867.
(iii) (Constance) Adair Dirom Born Scotland 27th November 1868. Died Lynchburg, VA 14th June 1889.
(iv) Robert Alexander Dirom Born Scotland 9th December 1869. Died Lynchburg, VA 19th March 1923. Married 2nd April 1895 Elizabeth Payne Jackson (born Lynchburg, VA 11th May 1877, died 18th May 1967).
(A) Guy Alexander Dirom  Born 28th May 1896. Died November 1985. Married firstly Frances Scott White (born 10th December 1896, died 9th October 1967. Issue.
Guy Alexander Dirom married secondly 24th September 1969 Rosa Kimbrough Vaughan (born 22nd January 1903).
(B) Robert Nelson Dirom  Born 30th May 1898. Died 31st January 1965. Married 10th December 1921 Mary Loretta Nayenne Myers (born 4th February 1897, died January 1984.
(a) Robert Alexander Dirom Born Lynchburgh, VA 12th December 1926. Died 18th April 1996. Married with issue.
(C) Patrick Hunter Dirom  Born 2nd March 1900. Died September 1972. Married 15th December 1928 Helena Celeste McWane (born Lynchburg, VA 22nd May 1901, died July 1972) Issue.
(D) Elizabeth Kimbrough Dirom  Born 10th June 1905.  Married 5th November 1927 Elias Richards (born 30th December 1902, died November 1975). Issue.
(a) Robert Dirom Richards Born 12th August 1928. Died 6th April 1999. Married with issue.
(v) Gertrude Leonora Dirom Born Norway 21st November 1872. Died 30th April 1868.
(vi) Frank Forsythe Dirom Born 25th July 1871. Died Brugge/Bruges October 1880.
(f) Leonora Anne Dirom Born Annan 20th September 1804. Died Ormelie 28th July 1874. Buried Dean Cemetery, Edinburgh.
(g) Christina Ann Dirom Born Annan 20th September 1804. Died Calcutta 12th November 1830. Married Annan 10th September 1828  John Alexander Pringle (born 17th April 1792, died 3rd January 1839).
(h) Andrew Dirom Born Annan 25th March 1806. Died when he drowned in the River Annan May 1811.
(i) Ann Dirom Born Edinburgh 28th October 1808. Died 28th March 1887. Married Annan 3rd October 1844 as his second wife the Rev William Muir (born 11th October 1787, died 25th June 1869).
(j) William Maxwell Dirom Born Annan 30th September 1810. Died Annan 9th February 1868. Married firstly  Mary Tulloh (died Singapore 21st April 1838).
(1) Anna Leonora Dirom Born Calcutta 30th January 1835. Died 4th October 1879. Married Hastings, Calcutta 11th June 1859 her first cousin Thomas Alexander (Pasley-)Dirom (born Canada 24th January 1831, died Dumfries 21st August 1878).
William Maxwell Dirom married secondly Annan 25th August 1843  Anne Jane Carruthers (died Chuprah 17th March 1846).
(2) Mary Jane Dirom Born Benulio, Bengal 12th July 1844. Died Berhampore 4th August 1846.
William Maxwell Dirom married thirdly Edinburgh 16th January 1862  Elizabeth Lindsay Pringle (born 18th August 1829, died Edinburgh 8th December 1874).
(k) Francis Moira Dirom Born Annan 25th November 1812. Died 13th March 1830. His middle name came from his Godfather, Lord Moira, who, as the Marquis of Hastings, had become an exceptionally publicity prone Governor of India.
(l) Admiral James Dirom Born Liverpool 15th July 1815. Died Dumfries 8th August 1878. Very distinguished naval career. Married firstly Edinburgh 11th October 1856  Jane Catharine Pearson (born 8th July 1831, died Edinburgh 10th March 1858).
James Dirom married secondly Edinburgh 9th January 1874  Isabella Anna Samuells (born 1848, died Tunbridge Wells 7th December 1928).
D. Margaret Dirom Christened 21st May 1758. May have died young.
E. Sophia Dirom Born 1764. Died 21st October 1827, being the 22nd anniversary of her husband's death; buried Greyfriars, Edinburgh. Engagingly described by Imlach as  "amiable and beautiful, [and] distinguished for, virtues and feminine graces," a miniature of her was painted by W J Thomson: painting owned by CH. Married in Fintray, 6th May 1791, Captain George Duff (born 1764, died - kia off Cape Trafalgar - 21st October 1805). SD
F. Grace Dirom Christened 9th May 1769. Still alive 1805. Buried Greyfriars, Edinburgh.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g. (A), (i) or whatever) does not necessarilyindicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those ofsiblings. (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressionsof interest.)

The starting point for these data has been inherited notes.  Important published sources include The Book of the Duffs by our Henrietta andAlistair Tayler, published 1914 by T & A Constable.  Reference has also been madeto the Annals of Banff by William Cramond 1893

Over the years a large amount of work has been undertakenon the genealogy of the Dirom family by Doug Taylor who hasbeen generous both with encouragement and  in sharing the results of hisresearches.  The compilers are also grateful for information received from SarahVoller, from Dirom scions in Virginia, especially Chris Dirom, as well as from ReneAnderson, Karl Williams of the excellent Dumfriesand Galloway Family History Society , Susan Telford and from Dennis Nicklaus whose ownextensive genealogywebsite is well worth a visit.   Residual mistakes remain the responsibilityof the compilers who will welcome all corrections, especially where sourced.

Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendmentsto Charles Hillman   Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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