The Genealogy of the d'Aguilar Family

António Martins. A new Christian. A candlemaker or merchant. Married Isabel Pereira, a new Christian.
Francisca Pereira, born in Mogadouro. Married Francisco Lópes. New Christian. Born Mogadouro. A shoemaker or merchant.
Isabel Pereira, nicknamed "A Mansa" (born Mogadouro c.1593, arrested by the Inquisition of Coimbra in 1651, went to an auto-de-fé in 1652, moved to France c.1660 with her daughters and son-in-law). Married Gaspar Lópes Chacim. Born  Mogadouro. New Christian or half new Christian.
a. Joana Pereira.
b. Isabel Pereira. Married Luis Lópes Pacheco.
c. Francisco Lópes Pereira. Born Mogadouro c.1617. A merchant and tobacco dealer. Arrested by the Inquisition of Coimbra in 1651 went to an auto-de-fé in 1652 lived in Granada c.1657-58 when he was "reconciled" again. Arrested by the Inquisition of Toledo and freed after paying a fine, like his son Manuel c.1666-1667. Lived in Seville in 1675. Died in Madrid before 1703. Married Maria Dias known in Spain as Maria Diaz del Angelo (born Chacim, Portugal c.1624  died Madrid before 1703, in 1660 she was imprisoned in Granada, said to have been arrested by the Inquisition of Toledo and freed after paying a fine like her husband and her son Manuel).
i. Manuel Lópes Pereira. aka Manuel Dias Pereira and D Manuel de Aguilar. Born in the town of Mogadouro, Portugal. He was a tobacco contractor. Married Branca Teresa. In 1703 he lived in Oporto as a tobacco contractor and had two children, a boy and a girl, and the boy was named Diogo.
A. Rachel d'Aguilar. Married Jacob Alvares Pereira.
B. Ester de Manuel Lópes Pereira. Married Jacob Alvares.
C. Sarah d'Aguilar.
D. Diego (Moses) Lópes Pereira d'Aguilar. Baron of the Holy Roman Empire (cr.1726). Born Portugal 1699. Died London 10 August 1759. Buried Portuguese Jews Burial Ground, Mile End. He was a Marrano financier, born in Lisbon, Portugal, where his father held the tobacco monopoly.   He himself farmed the tobacco revenue in Portugal before establishing branches of his banking house in London and Amsterdam.   After the War of the Spanish Succession, in 1722 Diego Lopes Pereira followed Charles VI to London, where he established a firm in the City called Pereira and Lima.   It was one of the Jewish firms which imported gold from Portugal.   (Other Jewish merchants who did so included Francis Salvador and Moses Mendes da Costa.)   The firm continued to prosper when in 1736 he went to Vienna, to make proposals to the then Empress to farm the tobacco and snuff duties, in which he was very successful, so much so that the Empress appointed him her cashier.   Immediately on his arrival, he reverted to Judaism (i.e. probably he was circumcised;  he probably practised Judaism privately already), adopting the name of Moses and championing other Jews whenever persecution threatened.   To this day they hold an annual service in his honour in the Sephardi synagogue in Vienna.   In 1726 the emperor created him Baron D’Aguilar, Maria Theresa made him a Privy Councillor, and he was responsible for building the imperial palace at Schönbrunn.   Ultimately, the Spanish government requested the extradition of ‘this wealthy renegade’ for trial by the Holy Office.   In order to avoid being returned to Portugal to face the Inquisition, in 1757 he moved, with his fourteen children, together with his retinue of servants and slaves, to London, where he was active in the Sephardi community.   Presumably the family originally came from Aguilar De Campóo, a fortress town in Castile, in the District of Palencia, northern Spain, before the Jews were expelled from Spain in 1492.   Matriculated his arms: Gules an eagle or beneath a plate, on a chief argent three hillocks vert on each a pear or slipped vert [Rietstap]. Married 1722 Donna Simha da Fonseca (died 1755).
a. Aron d'Aguilar. Born 1725. Died in infancy.
b. Sarah d'Aguilar. Born 1728. Died 12 December 1801. Married Isaac Jesurum Alvares  (died Hackney 1809).
1. Ester Alvares.
2. Simha Alvares.
c. Rachel d'Aguilar. Born 1730. Died October 1789.
d. Rebecca d'Aguilar. Born 1732. Died Clapton, Middlesex 10 January 1803.
e. Hannah d'Aguilar. Born 1734. Died 25 January 1763.
f. Esther d'Aguilar. Born 1739. Died 30 September 1791. Married Dr Isaac Henriques Sequeira (originally Francisco Corna da Silva Sequira). born Lisbon 1738
g. Ephraim Lópes Pereira d'Aguilar, 2nd Baron d'Aguilar (born Vienna 1739, died intestate Shaftesbury Place, London 16th March 1802). Eccentric and miser.  Lost his suit to be executor of his 2nd wife. He  inherited his father's vast fortune.   At the age of eighteen, in 1757 he was naturalised British and married his first wife, with whom he lived in great style in Broad Street Buildings, in a house built by his father-in-law.   He kept an elegant equipage, consisting of carriages and 24 servants.    He held various positions in the Sephardi Community, and served as treasurer of the Portuguese Synagogue.   In 1765 he was elected warden, but declined to serve, and refused, on technical grounds, to pay the fine.   He was given eight days to accept or to submit to the penalty.   He must have submitted, because in 1767, he married the very accomplished and also rich widow of Benjamin Mendes Da Costa, a respectable merchant, which he would not have been able to do had he been lying under the ban.  He lost a large estate of about 15,000 acres, and an elegant mansion, in America, as a result of the Revolution, which, together with domestic disagreements, caused him to alter his life-style, renounce the character of a gentleman, and become ‘rude, slovenly and careless of his person and conduct, totally withdrawing himself from his family connections, and the gay world.   He latterly affected the appearance of poverty, though notwithstanding his losses, ... he still possessed much more than a competency, having considerable property, consisting of houses, land, merchandise, goods, jewels, diamonds ...’   He gave up his mansion in Broad Street as well as his country houses at Bethnal Green, Twickenham and Sydenham.    At this point the couple separated, and he became notorious as the miserly proprietor of ‘Starvation Farm’ at Islington, because he refused to feed his livestock, on the principle that they had to learn who was boss.   He also had the reputation for scattering wild oats all over the place, but then he brought up the resulting off­spring as his own children, although he would not see his two legitimate daughters, whom he declared ‘too fine’ to fit into his company.   In 1770 he was again elected to office in the synagogue, and for some years thereafter remained a member of the synagogue.   He died at Shaftesbury Place, of an inflammation in his bowels, having been ill for 17 days, and is buried in the cemetery of Bevis Marks.   It was supposed that he died for want of proper care and treatment, because, notwithstanding the severity of the weather, and the danger he was in, he would not allow a fire in his house.   The name d’Aguilar is a very famous Sephardi name;  there were four eminent Rabbonim in Amsterdam of this name.   He married first 8th December 1756, Sarah (Simha) Mendes da Costa (born c.1742, died 5 May 1763), daughter of the late Moses Mendes da Costa [son of Jacob Mendes da Costa], died 1756, and Rebecca née Salvador, m 1741 (dau of Francis Salvador [son of Joseph] who md Rachel da Costa [dau of Moses]), When she married, at the age of fifteen, she brought with her a substantial dowry, variously recorded as £30,000 (Gentleman’s Magazine) or £150,000 (James Picciotto, writing in the 1870s), her father having died the previous year.   She died at the age of only 21. ED
1. Georgina Isabella d'Aguilar, Born c.1758. Married first 13th May 1782 Vice Admiral Keith Stewart of Glasserton, MP (born 1739. died 5th May 1795). Georgina married second 16 February 1797 Lt-Col Richard Fitzgerald, 2nd Life Guards (born 1774 kia Waterloo 1815). He seems to have joined the Army in 1795 (i.e. at the age of 20 or 21), so his opportunities for previous marriages would seem to be rather limited. (He appears from the London Gazette to have joined Colonel Podmore's Regiment as an Ensign in 1795, transferred to the 34th (Cumberland) Regiment of Foot (which had earlier fought in the American Revolutionary War) later that year, been promoted to Lieutenant in 1796, and purchased a Captaincy in the 68th (Durham) Regiment of Foot in 1797. At some point, whilst still a Captain, he seems to have transferred into the 2nd Life Guards, but I can't work out when. His promotion to Major was a brevet promotion in 1812, and his Lieutenant-Colonelcy may well have been the same. He died at Waterloo, killed by a cannonball whilst leading his regiment from the front in pursuit of the fleeing enemy. He was apparently the only officer of that regiment to be killed in the battle.)
2. Caroline Sarah d'Aguilar. Born c.1760. Married Dr Ewart, physician general to the Establishment at Bengal. He died in India.
3. A son. Born c.1763. 
Ephraim married second 5 March 1767 Rebecca, nee Lamego (dsp 30 November 1795), dau of Isaac Lamego and widow of Benjamin Mendes da Costa, Chairman of the Committee of Diligence. She appears to have lived apart from Ephraim. She lived in Bury St., later Hackney; her executor was Abraham d'Aguilar.
h. Leah d'Aguilar. Born c.1742. Died 11th November 1808. Married Bevis Marks Synagogue 8th April 1761 Raphael Franco. (died 8 May 1781)
1. Franco Franco. born 1765.
2. Abraham Franco. born 1765.
' i. David d'Aguilar. Born c.1744. Dsp 1790. Married 31st January 1771 Rebecca Baruh Lousada (born 1751, died 17th May 1824, bured Mile End), dau of Jacob Baruh Lousada.
j. Judith d'Aguilar. Born 8th May 1747. Died 19th November 1821. Buried Mile End. Married Bevis Marks, 6th March 1771, Isaac Baruh Lousada (born 1748, died 30th May 1831, buried Mile End) of Devonshire Square, son of Jacob Baruh Lousada.
1. Moses Baruch Lousada. Died 1826. Married Bella Barrow of Jamaica.
i. John Baruch Lousada. Married Tryphena Barrow. 6 sons, 5 daughters.
ii. Isaac Lousada. Married his 2nd cousin Sarah Lousada, daughter of Isaac Lousada, Duke de Lousada y Lousada, son of Moses de Lousada, son of Jacob Baruh Lousada. With 2 other children, they had:
(A) Arthur Lousada.
(B) Bella Lousada. Married Major Wills.
iii. George Lousada. Married Juliana Goldsmid.
(A) Herbert G Lousada.
2. Lydia Baruh Lousada. Born 13th March 1789. Died 5th January 1837. Married 1808 Isaac Baruh Lousada, Duke de Lousada (born 1783, died 16th September 1857), son of Emanuel Baruh Lousada, son of Jacob Baruh Lousada.
i. Mary Lousada. Born 1811. Died last quarter of 1912 or 1913. Marcus Whitaker believes she was the 2nd daughter of M B Lousada of Finsbury Square rather than I B Lousada. Married 1st April 1834 Rev John Bacon (born 25th March 1809, died 28th February 1871), eldest son of John Bacon RSA (1777-1859).
(A) Rev Maunsell John Bacon, MA. Born 26th October 1839. Died Barton House, Pooley Bridge, Penrith 29th April 1924. Vicar of Newton-cum-Hauxton, Cambs 1874-8, Vicar of Swallowfield, Berks 1881-1922. Married Alice Bean.
(a) Roger Bacon.
(b) Alice Bacon.
(c) Arthur Bacon.
(d) Dorothy Bacon.
(e) John Maunsell Bacon. Born 13th September 1866.
(B) Francis Bacon. Born 1841. Married M Langley.
(a) Annie Bacon.
(b) Cara Bacon.
(c) Lizzie Bacon.
(d) Alban Bacon.
(e) Frank Bacon.
(f) Joan Bacon.
(C) Harry Vivian Bacon. Born 1844. Married 31st July 1878 Marie Ivanova Dolbeshoff (born Russia).
(a) Eustace Bacon.
(b) Harold Bacon.
(c) Marjorie Bacon.
(D) Rev John Mackenzie Bacon. Born Woodlands, St Mary Berkshire 19th June 1846. Died Coldash 25th December 1904. Married first 11 April 1871 Gertrude Myers.
(a) Francis Bacon. Born 23rd January 1872. Died 8th July 1873.
(b) Gertrude Bacon. Born 19th April 1874. Died 22nd December 1949. Married 1929 Thomas Foggitt (died 1934).
(c) Prof Frederic Bacon. Born 28th December 1880. Died 23rd August 1943. Professor of Engineering, Univ College, Swansea. Married 12 July 1911 Marion Fenner.
(1) Valerie May Bacon.
John married second 7 October 1903 Stella Valintine.
(d) Stella Mary Bacon. Born 16th November 1904.
(E) Arthur Hippisley Bacon. Born 1847. Died 1847.
3. Emanuel  Baruch-Lousada.
4. Isaac Baruch-Lousada.
k. Abigail d'Aguilar. Born 12th May 1749. Died 1822. Married Jacob Franco.
l. Joseph d'Aguilar. Born 1750. Died 31st July 1774. Lived in Margate.
m. Solomon d'Aguilar. Born 1752. Died 28 October 1817. Lived in Liverpool. Married Margaret Gillmer (born 1753, died 31 May 1829, will proved Chester). 3 sons, 4 daughters.
1. Lieutenant-General Sir George Charles d'Aguilar (1784-1855). Lt-Governor of Hong Kong. Altogether d'Aguilar served for twenty six years on the general staff, during eight of which he was assistant adjutant-general at the Horse Guards, principally under Prince Frederick, Duke of York and Albany, and for twelve years assistant adjutant-general of the army in Ireland. In 1841 he was promoted to Major-General.
n. Benjamin d'Aguilar. Born 1753. Died 12th July 1813. Married Jane _____.
1. Lt-Col George Thomas d'Aguilar, HEICS. Born 11th August 1783. Bap St Mary's Church, St Marylebone 10th May 1784. Died Calcutta 9th October 1839. Buried South Park Street Cemetary, Calcutta. Having secured a commission on the Bengal Establishment of the Honourable East India Company's service, he was posted to the 13th Native Infantry and promoted to the rank of Lieutenant on 29 May 1800. When he executed his will on 4 January 1836 he gave his rank as Lieutenant-Colonel and his address as "Bhaugulpore in the province of Bengal." Married Catherine Burton "who bore him 20 children in India". Her father was the Reverend Edward Burton Vicar of Annaghdown, County Galway and her mother was Maria Margaretta Campbell, who it was claimed descended from Louis XIV of France by a Countess of Montmorency. Catherine's brother Joseph Netterville Burton, was the father of Sir Richard Francis Burton (1821 - 1890), the noted Victorian explorer.
(Speculatively a grandson) Charles Burton d'Aguilar   Lt. Col. (ret'd) died 21 May 1959 at Bournemouth with burial at Ashwick, Oakhill near Bath - from London Times 25 May 1959.
i. (speculatively) Lt. Col. Henry d'Aguilar. Born Liverpool, c. 1809. Married with one
daughter at home at Sandhurst 1881. Henry and his brother Charles Lawrence may, rather, have been children of General George d'Aguilar, father of Georgina who married Sir Thomas Larcom, Under-Secretary of State in Dublin. We are uncertain where he fits in.
ii. (speculatively) Lt. Gen. Charles Lawrence d'Aguilar. Born Ireland c. 1812. He married Emily Percy and had children Emily G. and Constance.
iii. Eliza Harriet d'Aguilar. Married Rev John Pope.
(A) Charles d'Aguilar Pope. He fought and died at the battle of Isandhlwana against the Zulus in 1879. 
iv. Maria Margaretta d'Aguilar. Born 23 August 1817. Christened Meerut 15 February 1818. Died 21 August 1843. Married 24 July 1839 Welby Brown Jackson. Welby Brown Jackson was the son of Sir John Jackson, 1st Baronet of Arlsey in Bedfordshire. He was born in Ilford, Essex on 30 March 1802. Having joined the Bengal Civil Service in 1820, he advanced to Judge of the Sudder Court in Calcutta. He was living in Ootacamund in September 1843 when his son, George d'Aguilar Jackson, was christened. He retired on the Company's Annuity Fund in 1854 and returned to England. By 1855 he was living at 41, Wigmore Street in London. He subsequently moved to live in Upton-cum-Chalvey in Buckinghamshire. According to the census taken in England in April 1881, he was living on his income with his third wife, Elizabeth, and four servants at 3 Victoria Terrace, Upton Park in Upton-cum-Chalvey. He died on 17 November 1890. Jackson was married three times: His first wife, whom he married in St. John's Church, Calcutta on 10 April 1823, was Katherine Hungerford, the daughter of John Townsend Hungerford and Mary Ann Pyne. She died on 3 September 1836. His second wife, whom he married on 24 July 1839, was Maria Margaretta D'Aguilar, the eldest daughter of Lieut.-Col. George Thomas D'Aguilar, of the Honourable East India Company's Service. She died on 21 August 1843. His third and last wife, whom he married on 29 August 1856, was Elizabeth Ireland, the daughter of Thomas James Ireland, of Owsden Hall in Suffolk.
(A) Major General George d'Aguilar Jackson. Born Ootacamund 20 July 1843. Bap by the Archdeacon of Madras 8 September 1843. Died Torquay, Devon 24 April 1919. He was nominated as a Cadet for the Bengal Cavalry in December 1858, and received his commission as a Cornet on in November 1859. He trained in engineering at Thomason College, Roorkee; was seconded to the Public Works Department, Bengal; served in the Afghan War, 1879 (medal); was promoted to Major-General and retired in 1898. Married first 20 May 1874 Margaret Springall Thompson (died 1920), daughter of Springall Thompson, JP. Marriage dissolved 1887. She married, secondly, Maj.-Gen. David Limond, CB, of Lahore in India, the Secretary and Chief Engineer to Government, Public Works, General Branch, Punjab. He married second Fanny _____ (born Buscott, Gloucestershire c.1857).
(a) Isabel May D'Aguilar Jackson. Born Moltan, Punjab, India, 17 September 1875. Baptised in the Bengal Presidency in India 9 December 1875. Died 1922. Married 11 February 1902 Charles Norman Buzzard (born 29 April 1873. He was commissioned into the Royal Artillery on 15 August 1892, and retired as a Lieutenant-Colonel in 1920. He served as aide-de-camp to the High Commissioner and Commander-in-Chief of Cyprus in 1898-1899, and on operations during the Great War, 1914-1918 - being created DSO in 1918 and CMG in 1920. He remarried in 1922).
(b) Harold Frederick D'Aguilar Jackson, born in India in 1877. Educated at Harrow. Served with the United States Engineers on operations in France, 1918. Died 1942. Married 1903 Anna Lillian _____ (the widow of Count von Stadie, of Königsberg in Germany. In 1946 Mrs Jackson's address was given as 820, South Carondelet Street, Los Angeles, California. By 1969, however, she had moved to Venice, California). They had issue two children.
(c) Cecil D'Aguilar Jackson. Born out of wedlock in Paddington in London in 1882. In 1946 his address was given as Buenos Aires, Argentina. [Son by Fanny Jackson.]
(d) Florence D'Aguilar Jackson, born in the Bengal Presidency in India 1887. [Daughter by Fanny Jackson.]
v. Rev John Burton d'Aguilar, MA. Born India 1819. Vicar of Ashwick, near Bath. He assisted at the marriages of two nieces as announced in the Times 5 April 1875.  They took place on 31 March 1875 at St. Andrew's Church, Bath. Married Mary _____ (born Lancashire 1824).
(A) Mary Elizabeth d'Aguilar. Died 27 October 1921. Married Col Arthur Chichester William Crookshank.
(a) Col Chichester de Windt Crookshank.
(1) Chichester William Usher Crookshank.- see BLG Vol II, Crookshank
(i) Chichester Edward Jasper Crookshank.
(B) Grace Harriet d'Aguilar. Born Roorkee, East Indies 1856. Married Shepton Mallet, Somerset Jul-Sep 1877 Joseph Miller Kirkman.
(a) Bruce D Kirkman. Born Endon, Staffs 1879. Educated Cheltenham, Gloucs.
(b) Muriel G Kirkman. Born Wootton Bassett, Wilts 1880.
(c) Beryl Kirkman.  Born Wootton Bassett, Wilts 1881.
  vi. Emily d'Aguilar. Died young.
vii. George d'Aguilar. Born 2 April 1824. Baptised Barrackpor 12 September 1824.
viii. Edward Henry d'Aguilar. Born c.1836. Died Chinsurah 16 July 1839.
o. Hananel d'Aguilar. Born 1754/55. Died 28 November 1809. Went to Jamaica by 1786; his sons joined him c.1792. Married M Rebecca Treves. 3 daughters and:
1. Moses d'Aguilar.
2. Joseph d'Aguilar.
3. Hananel d'Aguilar. Had children by Emilie Guegues (a free Mulatto) including
i. William d'Aguilar. Born 14 February 1803. Had a son by Sarah Munroe whom he married by 1858:
(A) John Peter d'Aguilar. Born July 1828. Married first Emma Campbell.
(a) Hananel d'Aguilar. Born 4 December 1860. Married Amina (Anita) Moses.
(1) William Leopold d'Aguilar. Born 29 August 1890. Married in London 21 June 1916 Nora Mullett. 4 children   incl.:
(i) Olga d'Aguilar.
(ii) Gloria d'Aguilar.
(iii) Phyllis d'Aguilar.
(iv) Maurice d'Aguilar.
(v) William d'Aguilar.
(vi) Raymond d'Aguilar. 
(vii) Donald Leopold d'Aguilar. Married Carmen Marguerite Cawley.
A. Christopher ("Chris") Donald Vincenti  d'Aguilar.
B. Mark Anthony d'Aguilar.
C. Donna Lynn d'Aguilar.
D. Anna Maria d'Aguilar.
ii. Gaspar Lópes Pereira. aka Gaspar Dias Pereira and Gaspar de Aguilar. Born c.1644 died 10 May 1682 in an auto-de-fé in Lisbon after refusing to leave Judaism.

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