_____ Ramsay. It is thought that he went to Cambridge to study mathematics on the back of an inheritance from his uncle by marriage, conditional on his changing his surname. Married _____ Barry.
      Alexander Ramsay. Alexander Barry, teacher, per his son's marriage certificate  (died before 27 Nov 1898). He and his brother came from Hawick (Roxburgh) and changed his name to his mother's maiden name, Barry, before his marriage. He  married Elizabeth ("Mary Ann") _____ who was older than him, a needlewoman. It is thought that she left the family as a result of which he committed suicide. The children were brought up in an orphanage in west London and she stayed there too.    
I. (Albert) Edward Barry. There were births 1872 Islington and 1874 Lambeth; Jenny thinks he was born 1872. Hairdresser (journeyman). Married at St Simons Church, Hammersmith, 27 November 1898 Alice Marsh (born 1870), daughter of the late Robert Marsh, carriage builder. They went to Hull summer 1906.
A. (Albert) Lawrence Barry. Born Fulham 18 February 1900. Died 30 September 1956. He and Richard ran the Hull branch of Swallow & Barry Ltd, hairdressers shops. He played the piano and had emphysema. Married q3 1927 Laura Joan McIntosh (died).
a. (Edward) Bruce Barry. Born 24 January 1928. Died 30 April 1995. Auctioneer, land buyer and estate agent. He had emphysema. Married 20 March 1954 Bernice Pamela Cheeseman (born 22 January 1929; died 9 April 2011). Divorced 1978.
(a) Louise Alexandra Mary Barry. Born 23 August. Married 26 August 2010 Sir William Reierson Arbuthnot Bt and has issue.
(b) Mark Edward Barry. Born 21 August. He had child by Kim Grant
i. Danielle Grant. Born 5 November 1990. She had a child by Ben _____.
(A) Rosie-Mae Grant. Born 5 December 2010.
He had issue by Beverley Keene.
i. Jessica Clare Barry. A twin born 11 November 1993.
ii. Leanne Sophie Barry. A twin born 11 November 1993.
(c) Sarah Jane Elizabeth Barry. Born 28 March. She had a son by Jonathon Derek Petty:
i. Oliver William Barry. Born 14 January 1993.
b. Richard Harley Barry. Born 5 January 1934. He became Leader of the Conservative Councillors in Hull. Honorary alderman. Married Pat Paddison. Divorced December 1982.
(a) (Lawrence) Neil Barry. Born 16 April 1964. Works for Ministry for Overseas Development and the Swiss Red Cross. Married Julie Bryant.
i. Harriet Barry. Born 1994.
ii. Georgina Barry. Born 1996.
(b) Edward Barry. Married Mercedes Zarrabi (half Iranian).
i. James Barry. Born 1999.
ii. Emilia ("Millie") Barry. Born 2002.
B. (Beatrice) Stella Barry. Born 24 March 1902. Died 1986. Married March 1940 (Francis) John Myers (born 14 July 1895; died 12 October 1959), a dentist.
a. Jennifer ("Jenny") Jane Myers. Born July 1941. Dentist. Married 1969 David Edward Cooper. Orthodontist. They live in Rugby.
(a) James Andrew Cooper. Born 14 September 1971. Engineer. Married 2005 Elaine Blessing, pathologist.
i. Eloise Jane Cooper. Born 21 November 2006.
(b) Rachel Alexandra Cooper. Born 5 March 1973. Educated Durham University (MSc, Engineering). She is a chartered accountant.
b. Roger Barry Myers. Born 1 February 1946. Architect. Married 1981 Fenella Walsh, fashion buyer.
- Dan Myers, Fenella's son.
(a) Jamie Myers. Born 21 September 1992.
C. Vera Minnie Barry. Born 28 February 1904. Dsp.
D. Leonard Alexander Marshall Barry. Born 1 January 1906. Dsp 7 December 1982. He and Vera ran the York branch of Swallow & Barry. Married first c1940 Pat _____, a geordie. Divorced. Married second 1953 (Lilian) Joan Taylor, nee Barks (dsp c.2002), soroptomist. Joan's first husband was Mr Taylor who was a clerk in Barclays Bank, was called up c.1940 and died on a parade ground.
II. Minnie Barry.
III. A daughter.

Thomas McIntosh.
I. Alfred Edward McIntosh. Born 1869. "Army people who lived in Chiswick Barracks in the 1880s; buried Turnham Green Cemetery". Married Sculcoates 12 April 1891 Jane Ward, daughter of William Ward.
A. Laura Joan McIntosh. Born q2 1902. Married (Albert) Lawrence Barry. They had issue (see above).
B. Amy Jane McIntosh. Born June 1903. Married 1932 Edwin Harley Hambrey.
a. A daughter. Born c.1930.
b. A son. Born c.1937.
C. Olga McIntosh. Born 10 January 1904. Died 1993. Married John Erik Franzen (died 1996), a Swedish citizen until 1947 (then naturalised British), who was in the Navy.
a. John E S Franzen. Born 5 January 1940. Married 24 December 1961 Beth Hodee. Divorced. Married again.
(a) A son.
(b) A son.
D. A son. Epileptic. Died c.1950.

Stephen Cheeseman.  Born Canterbury c.1657, Buried 27 December 1711, Carpenter. Freeman of the City of Canterbury 1681. Married first Mary Wickham. 
Married second Blean, Kent 3 July 1701 Mary Belly (born 1670) nee Phillips.
9. Philip Cheeseman.  Bap 14 January 1702/3. Buried 22 November 1769. Cordwainer, Freeman of the City of Canterbury 1721. Married Elham, Kent 20 August 1722 Rosamund Brice. 
a. Stephen Cheeseman. Bap 2 June 1723. Buried 6 June 1778.  Cordwainer. Freeman of the City of Canterbury 1744. Married 3 December 1752 Angelica Allen (bap 6 March 1730, buried 22 September1782). rootsweb
i. Stephen Cheeseman.  Bap 4 May 1761. Died 29 April 1841. Grazier. Married Lympne 11 February 1782 Sarah Bejent (born 1762, died  aged 57 on 11 July 1819 while walking along the road from Dymchurch  to West Hythe).
A. John Cheeseman. Bap Lympne, Kent 12 May 1793. Died St Luke's  Hospital for Lunatics, London November 1829. Buried Lympne. Labourer and shepherd.  Married New Romney, Kent 9 January 1814 Mary Ann Masters (born Icklesham, Sussex c.1789 died Kent 29 September 1860).
(I) John Cheeseman. Born 1813. Bap 27 November 1814. Died 1 August 1888. Married first Folkestone 17 June 1832 Mary Ann Hobday (1814-1884).
(A) John Cheeseman. born 7 september 1833 died 21 april 1897. Married Ann Walton. (born 29 september 1831; died probably 1907)
(B) Charles Cheeseman. Born 26 april 1835; died 28 november 1843. Married Christina Stewart (nee McDonald) (born c.1816).
Sentenced to 7 years transportation to Australia for theft. Travelled on the "John Barry"arriving 1839, receiving his ticket of leave 9 May 1843, and becoming a farmer till his death. Married second Wagga Wagga, 10 October 1853 Christina Stewart nee McDonald. 
(C) Amy Margaret Cheeseman.  Born 21 April 1860. died 15 September 1942. Married William Atkinson.
(II) Stephen Cheeseman.  Bap 25 February 1816. Died 29 December 1898. Shepherd, labourer and grazier. Married Rye 31 October 1841 Grace Tyrell (born 1820; bur West Hythe 28 September 1862), dau of William and Mary Tyrell
(A) William Mastus Cheeseman.. Born West Hythe 3 September 1843. Died 8 September 1915  Married first Alvina Miller (1844-1891)
I. Grace Terrel Cheeseman.  Born 1880. Died 1958. Married first Albert Lyrton Miller.  Married second Francis Anthony Tobin.
Married second Elizabeth Finlay.
II. Stephen Alfred Cheeseman.  Born 1891. Died 22 June 1975. Married Edith Alberta Fee (1900-1989).
III. William Mastus Cheeseman.  Born 7 August 1892.  Died 12 June 1980.
IV. Ethel Pauline Cheeseman  (1893-1978).
(B) Charles Tearall Cheeseman. Born West Hythe 25 December 1846. Died 13 June 1869.  Married Elizabeth Hobbs (b 1848)
I. Ann Grace Cheeseman. Born 1866.
II. Lydia Elizabeth Cheeseman. Born 1868. Died probably 1946. Married George Thomas Pilcher (born  1865).
A. Elizabeth A. Pilcher. Born 1886.
B. James Thomas Pilcher. Born 1890.
C. Alfred William Pilcher.  Born 1891.
D. Lydia Eliza Pilcher.  Born 1895.
E Richard Llewellwyn Pilcher.  Born 1890.
III. James Cheeseman born 1871 (inconsistent).
(C) Stephen Cheeseman (1850-1901). Married Dover 2 February 1878 Elizabeth Lewis (born 1850), dau of John Lewis.
I. Stephen William Cheeseman. Born Elham, Kent (2a 988) q4 1878. Married Folkestone 4 June 1900 Frances Agnes Walker (born Elham  [2a 939] q2 1879), who had a sister. Frances was the daughter of Walter Richard Walker (born Dover 1 Jan 1851, son of Thomas Walker and Elisabeth _____) and Susannah Harrison Major (dau of Henry Major and Ann _____). They had an only child:
A. William ("Billy") Lewis Cheeseman. Born Kent 10 June 1904. Died 10 May 1964. An amiable man. Married Doris Hudson (see below).
a. Bernice Pamela Cheeseman. Born 22 January 1929. Died 9 April 2011. Married Edward Bruce Barry and had issue, see above. Divorced 1978.
b. Lesley Suzanne Cheeseman. Born 30 March 1936. She has Alzheimers disease. Married first Adrian Wainwright.
(a) Suzanne Ashley Wainwright. Lives in Ireland. She has two children:
i. Liam Wainwright.
ii. Laurel Wainwright.
 Lesley married second George Collis.
II. Albert C Cheeseman. Born Folkestone 1881.
III. Charles Cheeseman. Born Folkestone 1887.
(D) John Cheeseman. Born 25 March 1853.
(III) Amy Hambrook Cheeseman. Born 1817 in West Hythe, Kent, England, and died 9 April 1882 in Buckland Union Work House, Kent England. She married Burvill George 6 November 1853 in Folkestone, Kent England, son of Thomas George and Mercy Burvill. He was born 1809 in St Margaret's at Cliff Dover, Kent, England, and died 1883 in Kent, England.
(IV) William Masters Cheeseman.  Born 1819 West Hythe.  Died 24 May 1847 Hougham, Kent. Labourer.  The 1851 census has a William Cheeseman, 34 year-old unmarried farm labourer who was born at Lympne, living and working at Caulshall Farm on King Ferry Road, Milton next Sittingbourne.  The 1861 censuses shows William (labourer, single and 42 years old) as a lodger at the house of James and Mary Hobday and family at 154 Dolphin Court in Dover. The LDS IGI shows that a William Mastus Cheeseman, single son of John Cheeseman, married Betsey Ann Bowen, single daughter of Richard Bowen, at Dover on 11 August 1861 (a copy of Dover St James marriage records sent to GC by Dave Dixon shows that William M. was the son of John Cheeseman a shepherd and Betsey Ann was the daughter of Richard Bowen a stonemason). Note that although Betsey gave her maiden name she had previously been married, to a John Lewis of Dover - see her details. We don't think that William and Betsey had any children.  The 1871 census shows William (a 54 year-old labourer) living at 115 St James Place in Dover with his wife, Ann (54) and stepdaughter Elizabeth Lewis (22 and born in Dover). The 1881 census shows a William Cheeseman (aged 62 years) who was living at Dover but had been born in West Hythe (in 1819). He was living with his wife Ann who was 64 years of age and had been born in Canterbury.  The Catherine House records show that a William Cheeseman, aged 75 years, died in the Dover registration district in the September quarter of 1884. The LDS IGI shows that a William Masters Cheeseman of Hougham in Kent, marital status unknown, who was born in 1819 was buried at Dover on 24 May 1887. This is confirmed by a copy of the Dover St James Burials which was sent to GC by Dave Dixon. 
(V) Sarah Bejant Cheeseman.   Birth: 1823 in West Hythe, Kent, England Death: 14 April 1823 in West Hythe, Kent, England Note: The parish records for Lympne and West Hythe show that a Sarah Bejent Cheeseman, an infant, was buried at West Hythe on 14 April 1823. There is no record of her parents.
(VI) Charles Cheeseman.   Birth: 1825 in West Hythe, Kent, England Death: 6 March 1825 in West Hythe, Kent, England Note: The parish registers for Lympne and West Hythe record that Charles Cheeseman and infant 'of West Hythe' was buried at Lympne on 6 March 1825. There is no indication of the parents' identity.
(VII) Alfred Cheeseman.    Birth: 1827 in West Hythe, Kent, England Death: 14 February 1885 in West Hythe, Kent, England Occupation: Shepherd Note: The LDS IGI shows that an Alfred Cheeseman was born at West Hythe on 6 November 1825 and died at West Hythe on 8 February 1885 (data provided by LDS member). The 1841 census shows Alfred, aged 14 years, living at West Hythe with his mother and siblings. The 1851 census has him living at Hythe with his mother, Mary (a 'labourer's widow' aged 62), sister Mary Elizabeth and 5 year-old niece Mary Ellizabeth. Alfred was then 24 years old. He was born in West Hythe and worked as an agricultural labourer. Alfred married after banns Ann Clerk at the parish church of Burmarsh on 17 January 1852. Their wedding certificate shows Alfred was a bachelor 'of full age' and Ann was a 19 year-old spinster. Alfred was a labourer who lived at West Hythe while Ann lived at Burmarsh. Their fathers were John Cheesman and John Clerk respectively, both labourers. The wedding was witnessed by Daniel Webb and Mary Clerk where all parties signed the certificate with a cross. The couple lived in West Hythe after their marriage and had at least five children there: Alfred (baptised in 1856 and died in 1859), George Arthur (1861), Ellen Jane (1865), Walter James (1865) and Edith Annie (1869 and died the same year). They may also have had a Louisa Eliza who was buried at West Hythe as an infant on 2 September 1860. The 1861 census shows Alfred, aged 34, living next door to his brother Stephen at West Hythe with his wife Ann (27). He was an agricultural labourer, born at West Hythe. She was born at Burmarsh. With them was a 'visitor': Albert Thomas James Clerk (aged 4 years old and born in West Hythe).The 1871 census shows Alfred (a 45 year-old carrier) living next door to his brother Stephen in West Hythe. Also there are Ann (38), George (9), Ellen Jane (6) and Walter James (4) where all except Ann had been born in West Hythe.  The 1881 census shows Alfred (head, 55) and Ann (47) living at Hythe with George (19), Walter (14) and Alice (8). All except Alice were born in West Hythe (Alice was born in Burmarsh). Alfred died of pneumonia in West Hythe on 14 February 1885. His death certificate states he was 60 years old. The informant was his son George who was present at the death.
(VIII) Benjamin Cheeseman.   Birth: 1829 in West Hythe, Kent, England. Died c.1856 Ararat, Victoria.  Gardener and labourer.Religion: Church of England
  • Note: The 1851 census indicates that Benjamin was born in West Hythe in Kent in 1829 although GC has not found any record of his birth among either the parish records or the Bishop's transcripts for West Hythe, Hythe or Lympne (nor ones for his siblings).  The 1841 census shows Benjamin, aged 12 years, living at West Hythe with Stephen Cheeseman (an agricultural labourer aged 25), Mary (40), Amy (20), Alfred (14) and Mary (10). All were shown to have been born in the county of Kent. (Note that those taking the data for the 1841 census tended to round down the ages of adults and adult children to the nearest five or ten year period, suggesting that Mary, Stephen and Amy could have been older than the ages given). When he was 21, Benjamin Cheeseman married Jane Bass (aged 22 years) in the St Mary's parish church in Dover on 3 December 1848. The marriage certificate records that Benjamin's father was called John Cheeseman (also a labourer) and that Jane's father was Thomas Bass (said to be a tailor). There is no record of their mothers' names. The wedding was witnessed by William and Eliza Bass where all parties signed the certificate with a 'mark' or 'cross'. Benjamin and Jane were said to be both living in 'Queen St' at the time and they were described respectively as a 'bachelor' and a 'spinster'.  The parish registers for Lympne and West Hythe show that Benjamin and Jane's first son, John Alfred Cheeseman, was baptised there on 15 August 1849 suggesting that the couple either travelled to Dover to be married or that they moved back to the area soon after they were married. Unlike the birth certificate, the parish registers recorded Alfred's parents as Benjamin Langford and Jane Hannah Cheeseman.   The couple's second son, Herbert William Cheeseman, was baptised in Hythe on 8 February 1851 (in this case, the parents were said simply to be Benjamin, a labourer, and Jane). The 1851 census, conducted on 31 March 1831, showed that Benjamin and Jane were living in Hythe in Kent. Benjamin was 23 years old and had been born in West Hythe. Jane who was born in Hythe was also aged 23 years. Living with them were their two sons Alfred (then aged 2) and Herbert (2 months) both of whom were shown to be born in Hythe. Benjamin and Jane's third child, Frances Mary Hannah ('Annie'), Cheeseman was born in Hythe, Kent on 13 December 1852 and was baptised there on 5 January 1853. The birth certificate showed Benjamin to be a labourer and the family was living at Concrete Row (?) in St Leonards, Hythe. Soon after Frances Mary was baptised, the family emigrated to Australia as assisted passengers on the sailing ship Calliope. This embarked from Southampton on 3 February 1853 and arrived in Port Phillip in the colony of Victoria on 18 May 1853. The ship's list shows Benjamin to be a shepherd aged 24 years, Jane was 25, Alfred was 3, Herbert was 1 and Fanny an infant. The list also stated that Benjamin and Jane could both read and write. Accompanying Benjamin and Jane and their three children on the voyage out was a Thomas Cheeseman, aged 5 years. This was probably Jane's illegitimate son who was baptised in Hythe on 5 August 1846. Also on the ship was Jane's 20 year-old sister Emily Bass who was said to come from Kent and could both read and write. The ship's list showed that Benjamin and Jane had been engaged by a James Egan of the Major's Line Station (near Heathcote) for a period of six months from the 25th May 1853 and for which they were paid fifty pounds plus rations. Emily had also been engaged by Egan to work for six months as a domestic servant at the station. The Major's Line station had been established by a Henry Townsend in around 1840. It lay on the track marked by Major Mitchell when he walked through the area in 1836 and was a few miles east of the town of Heathcote. Townsend sold the lease to the station to James Egan in 1842. Known as 'one-armed Egan' after he lost an arm in a shooting accident in July 1847, James came from King's County in Ireland. He lived on the station with his wife and family until 1863 when they moved to the Wild Duck Hotel (which Egan had purchased three years before).   According to an application for a lease made on 1 April 1848, the station was some 45,000 acres in size and comprised mainly barren forest land. In 1852 the station had on it ' a good house, kitchen and sleeping rooms, a 12-stalled stable, a store with sleeping rooms attached, a woolshed and stockyard'. There were around 380 permanent residents in the area (comprising 16 propietors and their wives, 135 shepherds and hutkeepers, 10 overseers, 20 bullock drivers, 100 stockmen, blacksmiths and other workers, and 100 children), three hotels - the McIvor Inn, Mia Mia Inn and Matheson's Inn - and a police camp. There were no churches and the first school was not built until 1854.  The discovery of gold at McIvor Creek in October 1852 led to an influx of people into the area so that, by early May 1853, an estimated 20,000 people were living and working in the area of McIvor Creek and Wild Duck Gully. These included many 'of the very worst class of humanity. Horsestealing, theft and robbery with violence were of daily occurrence and, if their victims resisted in an effort to protect their property, there were cases where robbers did not scuple to commit murder' (Randell, 1985: 13-14). But the gold was petering out and, by the end of the year, the prospecters and those who prospered from their labours had started to leave. On 1 June 1854 the Argus correspondent reported that the population of Heathcote had dwindled to around 2000 people. On 8 January 1855 he noted that the rush to Simpson's Diggings near Maryborough had nearly depopulated Heathcote and a mere 800 men were left at work on the field.   Benjamin had just missed out on the Heathcote gold but not the fever that accompanied it. His contracted duties completed it is likely that he dug for gold at McIvor Creek and when that was no longer available, followed the hordes to Maryborough. His son Alfred John Cheeseman's obituary also indicates that the family were at the Ararat diggings before going to Carngham to reside. Some time between 1862 (the year of the death of his son Herbert) and 1873 (the time of second wedding of his son Thomas), Benjamin died where the versions of what actually happened to him differ slightly. Some in the family thought that he died of thirst on the 'Old Man's Plains' while trying to walk to the Orange goldfields. Others thought he was found wandering in a state of delerium on the 'Emu Plains' and was taken to the Ararat mental asylum where he died soon after admission (Teen thinks this version is incorrect and that it probably relates to Jane's second husband. She also thought Benjamin's name was Alfred William). Whatever the truth of the matter, there is no official record of Benjamin's death or of his burial - his final whereabouts remains a mystery. More on the life and times of Benjamin and Jane's family in Australia can be viewed at first families.
  • (IX) Mary Elizabeth Cheeseman. Born 1831.  The 1851 census shows Mary Elizabeth and her niece of the same name (the illegitimate daughter of her sister Amy) living at Hythe with her widowed mother, Mary Ann, and brother Alfred. The Catherine House records show that a Mary Elizabeth Cheeseman was married in the Elham district in May 1881 (vol 2a, page 1162).

    William Hudson, a blacksmith. Died c.1896. He had two brothers, one of whom sold the blacksmith business when William died. Married Emmie Stephenson (dvu).
    I. Herbert Hudson (1879-1949), an only child. Apprenticed to a plumber. Married Sculcoates June 1901 [9d 356] Mary Ann Forrest (pronounced with the emphasis on the 2nd syllable) who was one of 12 children (one of whom Ralph, another Annie and a third Gertie and Gertie had 2 daughters called Elsie and Ethel) and who came from Westcote Street, Dry Poole, Yorkshire. Her parents were potato farmers in Jersey
    A. Emily Hudson. Born 28 March 1901. A formidable lady who was very good looking and contracted Alzheimers disease. Married George Brodie, a captain in the merchant navy.
    a. Eric Borrell Brodie. Died. Married Jill _____. 5 sons.
    b. Antony Brodie. Married Judy _____, an Australian. Divorced. 4 children. Tony married second _____ _____.
    B. Doris Hudson. Born 1 November 1903. Died 7 May 1999. Superb needlewoman. Married William Lewis Cheeseman and had issue  (see above).
    C. Gertrude ("Jean") Hudson. She changed her name to Jean. Died 1993. Married Galen Nesbitt (died 1980).
    a. Marcia Nesbitt. Married Geoff Alder.
    (a) Richard Alder. Quantity surveyor. Married Claire Stern, a criminal barrister who became a judge.
    i. Thomas Alder.
    ii. Sophie Alder.
    (b) Edward Alder, barrister. Married Parchart _____, a Thai woman. They live in Hong Kong.
    i. Henry Alder.
    ii. Claudia Alder.
    (c) Annabel Alder. Married Russell Taylor.
    i. Frederick Samuel Alexander Taylor.
    ii. Phoebe Taylor.
    b. Felicity Nesbitt. Married Paul Myers, a teacher. Divorced 2005.
    (a) Sonnie Nesbitt. Married Andrew Rosenbrook.
    (b) Andre Myers. Married Hannah Wilson.
    (c) Leon Myers. Married Georgina Fields.
    D. Marie Hudson. Much younger than her siblings. Married Tom Aldridge. Both died before 2008.
    a. Jane Aldridge. She married first 1968 Anthony Wray.
    (a) Daniel Wray.
    (b) Jonathon Wray. Married Louise Hammond.
    (c) Anna Wray.
      Jane married second 1983 Geoff Lyon.
    b. Martin Aldridge. Accountant. Married Jane Trewitt, teacher.
    (a) Charlotte Aldridge.
    (b) Sophie May Aldrdge.

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