The Genealogy of the Barnett Family

Benjamin Barnett. Baptised Alverstoke , Hants 15th March 1669 (Gregorian). Drowned November 1703. Lieutenant RN. Married St Thomas's Cathedral , Portsmouth 16th March 1695 the widow Mary Willin.  Serving on H.M.S. Stirling Castle, he perished when she foundered on the Goodwin Sands in the hurricane of 26th/27th November 1703. See Burke's Landed Gentry.
a. Commodore Curtis Barnett. Probably born Alverstoke, Hants 20th April 1696. Died in command of East Indies Squadron April 1746. Married, May 1725, Elizabeth Rosewell (born 1700, died Biggleswade 30th July 1775).   2 recorded sons who grew to adulthood (Charles and their second son called Benjamin)
A Benjamin Barnett. Born 27th May 1731. Died in infancy. 
B Charles Barnett. Born Gibraltar 17th May 1733. Died Biggleswade, 27th July 1811, having apparently been predeceased by all except one of his sons. Married, 17th February 1756. Bridget Clayton, daughter of Alexander Clayton. Matriculated Oriel, Oxford 1750.
(a) Bridget Barnett.  Born 1757. Died Biggleswade, 17th August 1838. 
(b) Brigadier General Charles Barnett.  Born  March 1758. Died (dvp) Gibraltar during a fever epidemic, 10th October 1804. Married, 22nd February 1796 his second cousin, Henrietta "Harriet" King  (died 17th September 1799). She was the daughter of Admiral Sir Richard King. (See  b.   A   (b) near the foot of this page for her genealogy)
(1) Caroline Barnett Died 1832. Married Dr. Thomas McGrath (died Biggleswade 28th May 1838).
(i) John Charles McGrath. Baptised Biggleswade, 12th February 1829. Died Marylebone 24th July 1892.
(2) Charles Barnett of Stratton Park, Biggleswade, Beds which he inherited from his grandfather. Born 31st October 1796. Died Brighton, 20th June 1876. Buried Biggleswade where he and other near kinsfolk are commemorated at St Andrew's Church by memorial tablets to the north of the altar. Married, 1st February 1826, Elizabeth Payne (died 3rd September 1883).
(i) Harriott Anna Maria Stanhope Barnett. Baptised Biggleswade, 20th February 1827. Died Potton. Beds, 20th May 1898.    
(ii) Elizabeth Barnett. Baptised Biggleswade 24th March 1828. 
(iii) Laura Jane Emma Barnett. Baptised Biggleswade 12th September 1829.  Married Biggleswade, 25th April 1854, James Chadwick.
(iv) Charles Fitzroy Barnett. Born Biggleswade 12th October 1830. Died (dsp) Biggleswade 23rd February 1887. Married Lucy Jane Gregory (died 22nd July 1908).
(v) George James Barnett. Born 8th December 1831. Died Biggleswade 5th October 1892. Married Westminster 27th November 1872 Emma Raynsford (died Biggleswade 20th April 1926).
(vi) Curtis Barnett. Baptised Biggleswade, 1st May 1834. Died RMC Sandhurst, 20th August 1851. Buried Biggleswade.
(vii) Louisa Maria Barnett. Baptised Biggleswade 16th May 1837. Died West Brixworth, Northants 5th June 1907. Married Pimlico, 29th July 1859, Edward Henry Frederick Dawkins (born 4th November 1837, died 5th October 1912).   
(A) Edward Charles Honeywood Dawkins. Born Biggleswade, 1860. Died Budleigh Salterton 25th July 1902. Married Fordingbridge, Hants, 27th September 1882, Kate Bradford (born ca. 1862, died Budleigh Salterton 12th July 1902).
(a) Auria Laura Dawkins. Born Christchurch, Hants 18th July 1883. 
(b) Hilda Louisa Dawkins. Born Shefford Woodlands, Hungerford 21st January 1886. 
(c) Charles Edward Dawkins. Born Hungerford, Berkshire, England 10th September 1887. Died Hungerford 13th November 1888.      
(d) Dorothy Dawkins. Born Hungerford 24th September 1889. 
(B) Percy Henry Dawkins. Born Potton, 28th September 1862. Died  6th December 1915.
(C) Ethel Louise Dawkins. Born Biggleswade 25th December 1868. Died 31st December 1954. Buried Moggerhanger. Married Guilsborough, Northants, 1st February 1906, Lt. Col. William Gordon Renton.
(viii) Clayton Barnett. Born Biggleswade 15th September 1839. Died Barnstaple, Devon 9th September 1900.
(ix) Rosewell Barnett. Born Biggleswade 3rd May 1841. Died Martley, Worcs  6th June 1898.
(c) James Barnett.  Born ca 1760. Died 1st October 1836. Banker. His father's executor. Married Ann ___ (died Cheltenham 10th March 1833).     
(1) Charles James Barnett.  Born 10th December 1798. Died Brighton 31st December 1882. Married Marylebone 29th June 1839  Sabine Louisa Curtis (born 4th December 1808, died Upper Norwood, Croydon, Surrey 4th November 1884).  She was daughter to Sir William Curtis Bt 1782 - 1847. 7 or more children.    
(i) William Barnett. Born Potton, Bedfordshire, England ca. 1843. Still alive 1883 when he registered his father's death..  
(ii) Augusta Georgiana Barnett. Born Tetworth, Potton, England 5th February1844. Still alive 1901.  
(iii) Jessie Louisa Barnett. Born Tetworth, Potton, England 15th September 1846. Still alive 1881.  
(iv) Ellen Matilda Barnett. Born Bays Hill, Cheltenham, England 13th December 1849. Still alive 1901 Married Col Frederick Edward Power  (born Waterford ca. 1849: still alive 1901).   
(A) Herbert Power. Born Northampton 14th March 1886. Died France (kia) 12th March 1915.
(v) Florence Henrietta Barnett. Born Tetworth, Bedfordshire ca. 1850. Still alive 1901. Married Christchurch, Cheltenham 17th October 1871 Lt. Alfred Edmund Dobson. Issue.      
(A) Captain RE Anthony Henry George Dobson. Married Susanna Oppenheim. Issue.    
(B)  Maud L Dobson. Born India ca. 1873.      
(C) Edith K A Dobson. Born India ca. 1877.      
(2) Amelia Barnett.  Born 25th February 1800.
(3) Henry George Barnett.  Born 26th May 1802. Still alive 1839.
(4) Matilda Caroline Barnett.  Born 15th April 1813.
(5) Marianne Barnett.  Born 15th April 1813. Died probably in childbirth 20th March 1837. Married 1836 as his first wife her third cousin Richard Duckworth-King (born 12th September 1804, died 2nd November 1887).        
(i) A daughter who died 26th March 1837.   
(6) Capt. Edward Barnett.  Born 27th November 1817. Married Ellen Delaval Gray  (born France ca. 1837). Issue.        
(i) Mabel Barnett. Born Westminster 20th March 1861. Married Holborn 10th November 1887 as his second or subsequent wife Charles William Frederick Cooper (born ca. 1844) Journalist.  
(A) Gladys Constance Cooper. Born Lewisham 18th August 1889. Died Henley, Oxon 17th November 1971. Star. Married firstly London 12th December 1908 Herbert John Buckmaster (born Kent ca. 1881).       
(a) Joan North Buckmaster. Married Robert Adolph Wilton Morley (born 26th May 1908, died Berkshire, Summer 1992) Actor. Issue.      
(7) William Barnett.  Born 27th November 1817. Died Cheltenham 26th March 1867.
(d) Joseph Barnett.  Baptised Biggleswade, 20th December 1765. Buried. Biggleswade 10th June 1766. 
(e) Amelia Barnett.  Baptised Biggleswade, 20th February 1774. Buried Biggleswade, 17th February 1808.    
C Benjamin Barnett. Born 29th September 1735. Died 1802 or 1804 or 1805. Banker. Married, 6th December 1770, Avice Wheate (born 1748, died August 1822).  She was a daughter of  Sir George Wheate (1695 - 1751) and  Avice Ackworth. Through his marriage, Benjamin Barnett would later inherit from the Wheate family the manor at Glympton Park.
(a) Henrietta Barnett  Baptised St Peter le Poer, London 10th October July 1774. Died London 11th Ferbruary 1847.
(b) Charlotte Barnett  Baptised St Peter le Poer, London 18th June 1776. Died London 10th February 1821.
(c) Lucy Bridget Barnett  Baptised St Peter le Poer, London 1st July 1778. Died London 12th March 1864.
(d) George Henry Barnett of Glympton Park, Woodstock. Educated Eton. Banker. Born Glympton Park, Oxon 4th April 1780. Died London, 26th April 1871. Buried Glympton. Married, 14th December, 1805, Elizabeth "Bess" Canning (baptised 6th March 1777, died Putney, 17th December 1838).  GHB
(1) Henrietta Barnett.  Born London 7th November 1806. Died 9th April 1859. Buried Glympton.   
(2) George Barnett.  Born 25th April 1809. Baptised 14th December 1809. Died in infancy. 
(3) Elizabeth Barnett.  Born 28th November 1810. Died Wantage, 15th April 1900. 
(4) Emma Barnett.  Born London, 29th January 1813. Died Lincoln, 21st January 1894. Married Putney, 29th July 1843, Dean William John Butler (born 10th February 1818, died Lincoln 14th January 1894. Buried with his wife St Mary's Cathedral, Lincoln with a fine marble tomb behind the high altar), son of John La Forey Butler (1786 - 1848) and Henrietta Patrick (born ca. 1793, died Brighton, 4th April 1884), she being a cousin of  Elizabeth "Bess" Canning (1777 - 1838).   An energetic cleric, remembered with affection for his time as vicar of Wantage (1846 - 1885) where he is commemorated through the restoration of a principal side chapel, William John Butler worked during his final years as Dean of Lincoln.  Dean Butler and Emma Barnett had 6 recorded children including the following:
(i) Prof. Arthur John  Butler. Born Putney 21st June 1844. Died Chertsey 26th February 1910. Buried, with his wife, Wantage. Married Mary Caroline Humphry (born Northolt 24th May 1855, died 17th April 1931).   Matriculated Trinity, Cambridge. Prof. Butler and Mary Caroline Humphry had 7 recorded children including the following.
(A) Frances Mary Butler. Born London, 29th January 1876.  Died Chertsey 13th March 1926. Head Teacher.
(B) (William) Martin Butler. Born 5th April 1882. Died near Valenciennes, Picardy 5th March 1919. Married London, 11th November 1911, Edith Mabel Chittenden.
(a) Elizabeth Enid Butler. Born 13th November 1912. Died York August 1987. Married North Collingham, 12th July 1934 Peter Jocelyn Branston (born Newark, 27th April 1908). Issue.
(C) Margaret Dorothy Butler. Born 20th May 1884. Died Guildford 15th March 1973. Married Weybridge, 16th January 1915, Dr. Alfred Edward Western (1873 - 1949). Issue.
(D) Rhoda Butler. Born 2nd April 1887. Died 9th December 1979. Married Chertsey 3rd January 1912, as his second wife, Rev. Andrew Allan Hunt (1876 - 1945).   They had 5 recorded children including Rev. Giles Hunt whose excellent compilation "Mehitabel Canning - A Redoubtable Woman" (Rooster Books of Royston, Hertfordshire, England, 2001) provides source information, corroboration and fascinating commentary touching aspects of these data.
(a) Anthony David Hunt. Born ca. 15th December 1921. Buried 4th January 1922. He lived for 20 days.
(E) Mary Caroline Butler. Born Chertsey 26th March 1891. Married Chertsey, 3rd February 1917, Canon (Michael) Robert Newbolt (born 27th September 1874, died 7th February 1956).   They had 4 recorded children.
(ii) Grace Harriet Butler. Born Wantage 25th May 1847.
(iii) William George Butler. Born Wantage 9th February 1849. Died Cirencester 14th May 1938.
(iv) (Edith) Emma Butler. Born Wantage 4th March 1851. Died Cirencester 18th October 1936. Married Wantage, 1877 Edward Lewis Knight (1817-1882)
(v) Mary Avice Butler. Born Wantage 19th February 1855. Died Cirencester 5th February 1938.
(5) Henry Barnett, MP, JP, DL of Glympton Park, near Woodstock. Educated Eton and Christ Church Oxford. Hon Col Queens Own Oxfordshire Hussars. Alderman, Co Oxon. Banker. MP Woodstock 1865 and 1868. Born 14th February 1815. Died 5th May 1896. Buried Glympton. Married, 18th September 1838, Emily Ann Stratton.
(i) Sister Frances Elizabeth Barnett. Born 1st August 1840. Died Matheran. Bombay (now Mumbai) 9th November 1895. Sister of the community at St Mary the Virgin, Wantage.
(ii) George Barnett. Born 4th April 1842. Died 6th May 1842. 
(iii) George Wheate Barnett. Born 19th August 1843. Died London 25th March 1878. Buried Glympton.  Matriculated Christchurch, 1861. 
(iv) Sister Emily Avice Barnett. Born London 1st April 1846. Died Wantage 27th January 1933.
(v) Gertrude Louisa Barnett. Born London 2nd April 1848. Died Wokingham 6th March 1912. Her twin sister was still born. Married Glympton, Oxon 7th January 1880 (as his second wife)  Ven. Charles Wellington Furse (born as Charles Wellington Johnson at Torrington, 16th April 1821, died Westminster, 2nd August 1900).   They had 2 children but no grandchildren.
(A) Katherine Emily Furse. Born 21st February 1881. Died 8th July 1911. 
(B) Herbert Reynolds Furse. Born 31st January 1887. Died 25th February 1956. 
(vi) Frank Henry Barnett. Born London 17th February 1850. Died Woodstock, Oxon 7th October 1907. Married London 17th October 1878 Frances Mary Davies.
(A) George Henry Barnett. Born London 12th November 1880. Died Chipping Norton 8th October 1942.  Married Ramsden, Oxon 27th March 1904  Mary Dorothea Baker  (born Ramsden 27 March 1876, died Oxford 26th June 1946). 
(a) Dame Mary Henrietta Barnett. Born 16th February 1906. Died 11th September 1985. DBE 1956. Director Womens' Royal Airforce 1956 - 60.
(b) Major Frank Henry Wheate Barnett. Born 11th December 1906. Died (kia) Dunkerque 2nd June 1940.
(c) Daphne Helena Barnett. Born Glympton, 16th August 1910. Died Oxford 17th August 1996. DBE 1956. Married Glympton, 29th October 1936 Major John Edward Staines Chamberlayne (born London, 26th November 1910, died Oxon, 27th October 1994. 2 children.
(d) Major Benjamin George Barnett, MBE. Born Woodstock, 5th December 1912. Died Banbury,  September 1988. Married London, 28th July 1943 Delia Peyton.
(1) David John Wheate Barnett. Born 16th February 1946.
(2) Charles Henry Barnett. Born 15th July 1948.
(3) Rosemary Dorothea Barnett. Born 13th April 1953.
(e) Rev. (Jessica Dorothy) Anne Barnett. Born 5th October 1918. Died Charlbury, Oxon, 11th May 2000.
(vii) Canon Herbert Barnett. Born Surrey 14th May 1851.  Died Binfield. Berks 23rd November 1937. Buried beside his son at Glympton. Married Mary Lethbridge (born 18th October 1865, died 16th October 1953).   Matriculated Christchurch. Canon Barnett was a distinguished churchman whose genealogical researches have contributed significantly to these data. 
(A) Avise Mary Barnett. Born Bracknell. Berks 16th June 1890. Died (dsp) ca. 1979. Married Bracknell 23rd January 1932 Archibald Frederick Cockburn.
(B) John Canning Lethbridge ("Jack") Barnett. Born Bracknell. Berks 27th May 1894. Died at Binfield. Berks from tuberculosis 26th November 1923. Buried Glympton. His nephew recalls that he joined the Royal Flying Corps in the First World War, flew too high in dog fights without oxygen and seriously damaged his lungs: this appears to have led to his early death. 
(C) Bridget Susan Barnett. Born Bracknell. Berks 21t July 1904. Died Ottery St Mary, 21st June 1996.  Married St Peter's, Pimlico, 7th July 1927 Peter Bevil Edward Acland (born London 9th July 1902, died Honiton, 9th January 1993). 2 children.
(viii) Walter Stratford Barnett. Born 30th May 1853. Died Glympton, 15th February 1861.
(ix) (Amy) Katherine Barnett. Born 28th June 1854 (per Burke's Landed Gentry); died 15th Jan 1943. Kittybrewster Ltd owns a portrait of her. Married 26th January 1875 (Edward) Alexander James Duff.  They had 8 recorded children concerning whom further details appear under The Genealogy of the Duff family pages, here accessible via link.    #201
(6) Charles George Barnett, of King's Beeches, Sunninghill, near Woking. Banker. Born 5th November 1816. Died Sunninghill 1st May 1896. Married, 22nd April 1847, Marianne Jane St John Mildmay (born Bangalore 1819, died Sunnnghill 29th January 1883), daughter of Edward St John Mildmay (1797 - 1868) and Marianne Catherine Sherson.
(i) Charles Edward Barnett,. Born London 20th January 1848. Died London 15th February 1937. Married London, 22nd July 1872, Augusta Rosa Walsh (born London, 27th August 1840, died Kensington 19th August 1923), daughter of John Walsh (1798 - 1881) and Jane Grey. 6 recorded children.
(A) Walter Edward Barnett. Born London 31st May 1873. Died Chandlers Cross, Herts 31st August 1944. Married London, 24th November 1899, Mary Cecilia Halsey (born Great Gaddesden, 31st December 1875, died 18th March 1957), daughter of Thomas Frederick Halsey, MP and Mary Julia Wells
(a) Charles Richard Barnett. Born 3rd September 1900. Died (kia) HMS Gloucester, off Crete 22nd May 1941. Married 13th November 1934 Audrey Wickham Edmondson (born 28th August 1907, died 23rd October 1987). Issue.
(b) Hugh Philip Barnett. Born 11th June 1903. Died 28th April 1975. US Citizen 1947. Married thirdly Ruth Edgerton Brown
(1) Curtis Fessenden Barnett. married firstly Illinois Christine Rastetter. Issue.
Curtis Fessenden Barnett. married secondly Kathleen Marie Clancy. They live in Kenilworth, Illinois.
(2) Mary Cecilia Barnett. Married Lake Forest, IL Henry Weber Meers. Issue.
(c) Rosemary Barnett. Born 27th September 1907. Died 7th March 1995. Married Savoy Chapel 8th March 1940 Major John Dennis Turner (born 16th January 1904, died 9th February 1969).
(B) Mabel Alice Barnett. Born London 6th September 1875. Died Witney 20th March 1953. Married Watford, 5th June 1894, Ven. Hon. Kenneth Francis Gibbs (born Hampstead, 2nd April 1856, died 1st February 1935). A son of Baron Aldenham, Ven Gibbs was appointed Archdeacon of St Albans 1909. 8 recorded children.
(a) Alan Christopher Henry Gibbs. Born Aldenham Vicarage, Herts,  25th June 1895.
(b) Leonard Charles Michael Gibbs. Born Aldenham,  29th September 1896.
(c) Louisa Dorothea Gibbs. Born Aldenham, 29th September 1897. Died 1987. Married Watford, 15th May 1924 William Macnamara Goodenough (born 10th March 1899, died 1951). 5 recorded children.
(1) Sir Richard Edmond Goodenough. Born 9th June 1925. Died London, December 1996. Married 22nd December 1951 Jane Isobel McLernon (born New Zealand 3rd June 1920, died 25th February 1998). Issue.
(d) Raymond Kenneth Gibbs. Born Aldenham, 17th September 1901.
(e) Anstice Rosa Gibbs. Born Aldenham, 2nd January 1905.
(f) Bernard Vicary Gibbs. Born Aldenham, 2nd January 1905.
(g) Andrew Anthony Gibbs. Born Yorkshire, 31st March 1914. Died Yorkshire, December 2000. Married 9th May 1947 Elizabeth Joan Flint.
(C) Richard Charles Barnett. Born London 3rd December 1876. Died Talana Hill, Natal, 20th October 1899. Buried Talana.
(D) Henry Granville Barnett,. Born London 7th July 1877. Stock jobber. Married London 30th September 1902 Evelyn Mary Bridgeman-Simpson. 2 children.
(a) Henry Evelyn William Barnett. Born Paddington 2nd April 1903. Died Wakefield, 15th March 1935.    
(b) Olga Harriet Bridgeman Barnett. Born Acton 12th May 1908.
(E) Geoffrey Arthur Barnett. Born London 17th September 1880. Died St Albans 1957. Married London, 24th July 1907 Aline Grimston.
(a) Peter Cedric Barnett. Born London, 30th January 1910. Died 1980. Married Westminster 14th October 1941 Sylvia Irina Kenny (born ca. 1917). 3 recorded children.
(b) Yvonne Frances Barnett. Born London, 9th September 1913. Died St Albans, December 1993. Married Westminster, 21st April 1938 Charles Standish Prendergast Vereker (son of Viscount Gort, born 23rd February 1912, died of wounds sustained in action Blandford 27th February 1941).
(F) Ralph Francis Barnett. Born London 27th August 1882. Married London, 6th June 1925, probably as her second husband, Gertrude Kathleen Frances Wilson (born ca. 1886, died following a motor accident wherein the car in which she was passenger was involved in a collision with a Ford Consul, Winchester 8th June 1960).
(ii) Jane Elizabeth Barnett,. Born London 13th August 1849. Died Wokingham 16th January 1929.
(iii) Francis Carew Charles Barnett,. Born London 20th December 1850. Died Abingdon 26th November 1924. Married Sunningdale. Berks, 29th May 1877, Emily Ursula Hamilton (born Sydney, 29th December 1846, died Staines 2nd October 1942). 
(A) Isabel Ruth Barnett. Born Reading. Berks 16th March 1878.
(B) Charles Frederick Robert Barnett. Born Reading 23rd December 1879.  Died (kia) Flanders 19th April 1915. Married Gloucester, 4th February 1903, Cicely Frances Cornish.   4 children.
(a) Sir Oliver Charles Barnett. Born Gloucester, 7th February 1907. Died Taunton 3rd February 1995. 
(b) Monica Frances Barnett. Born 14th October 1911. Died Winchester April 2001. Married 3rd February 1932 Douglas Peter Crossman (born Earl Stonham, 17th October 1908, died Cambridge, 15th May 1989). 3 recorded children. 
(c) Christopher Stephen Barnett. Born Gloucester, 27th March 1915. Died Surbiton 6th October 1996. Married 8th July 1950 Eileen Muriel Hollington (born 15th March 1920, died Gloucestershire March 2001). Issue.
(iv) Philip Barnett. Born Coulsden, Surrey 4th May 1852. Died Sunninghill 13th June 1918. Married, as her second husband, Evelyn Elizabeth Campbell / Seymour (born London, 21st February 1854, died Elham 22nd September 1929).
(v) Lt. Hugh Drummond Hay Barnett. Born Egham 7th February 1855. Served in Scots Guards. Died Ramleh, Egypt, 15th June 1885.
(vi) Alice Marion Barnett. Born Egham 14th June 1857. Died Poole, Dorset 13th January 1936. Married London, 14nd January 1886, Francis Spencer Thornton (born London, 8th February 1856, died Poole 5th December 1928), son of John Thornton (1809 - 1889) and Harriet Sarah Heber. 3 children.
(A) Captain Hugh Conway Thornton. Born London 9th October 1886. Died 12th December 1949. Married Savoy Chapel, 1st December 1917, Mabel Helen Methven Carlisle
(7) Mary Charlotte Barnett. Born 4th October 1818. Died Tunbridge Wells 28th December 1904. Married Putney, 3rd July 1842 Charles Unwin1 daughter (at least).
(8) Louisa Barnett. Born Paddington 5th October 1820. Died Tunbridge Wells 8th December 1913. Buried St Lawrence, Wyck Rissington, Glos., England Married London, 13th May 1854, Paul Butler (born ca. 1820: died following an accident Great Barrington 21st December 1875)   Miss Louisa Barnett thereby married the younger brother of the husband of her sister, Emma Barnett (1813 - 1894).
(i) Lt. Col. Francis ("Frank") John Paul Butler. Born 29th April 1855. Died 17th May 1936. Buried Wyck Rissington. Married London 30th January 1877. Elspeth Fitzhardinge Gifford (born Cirencester 25th July 1855, died 10th December 1913).
(A) Captain John Fitzhardinge Paul Butler VC DSO. Born 20th December 1888. Died of wounds East Africa (subsequently Tanzania) where he is buried 5th September 1916.  
(ii) Captain Lewis William George Butler. Born ca. 1857. Died Summer 1936. Married London, 23rd July 1887. Blanche Adelaide Seymour Bulteel (born Yealmpton 29th July 1864, died Malton, 3rd March 1940).
(A) Maude Adelaide Butler. Born Bray, 28th December 1892. Died Hildenley, 26th January 1967. Married Wokingham, 18th July 1930,  Captain Eric Geoffrey Dawnay (born 6th June 1890, died 12th September 1970). 2 children at least.
(iii) Arnold Hugh Butler. Born ca. 1858. Married Ramsden, Oxon 24th September 1902. Lettice Edith Baker (born Ramsden 8th April 1877, died Oxford 6th July 1952). 2 sons.
(A) Robert Arnold Paul Butler. Born Alverscot, 9th November 1905. Died 20th August 1973. Married Marian Alison Gordon (born Oxford 9th November 1908, died Witney 14th February 1994). Issue.
(B) Major William Francis Butler. Born Alvescot 7th May 1908. Died Tunisia 18th January 1943. Married Hawick Nancy Teacher. Issue.
(e) Lt. Colonel Charles John Barnett. Baptised  London, 12th March 1790. Died Englefield Green, Surrey, 4th August 1856.  
(f) Robert Barnett of Blackheath, Kent. Baptised St Peter le Poer, London, 8th April 1794. Died Blackheath Park, 9th August 1877. Married 1821, Henrietta Farquharson
(1) William Edward Barnett,  Born Old Charlton, Kent 26th October 1830. Died of fever at Bywell, Northumberland 26th March 1869. Married Bywell, 23rd January 1862, Alice Fenwick (died 2nd September 1931. Buried Bywell).
(i) Robert Barnett. Born London 2nd May 1863. Died of fever at Bywell, 18th March 1869.
(ii) Edward George Barnett. Born Bywell 22nd August 1864. Married London, 9th June 1896, Amy Emma Browne (born Alnmouth ca. 1864, died 7th December 1949).
(A) Ruth Avis Barnett. Born Corbridge, 26th May 1897. Died Halton Castle, Corbridge 17th May 1973. Married Westminster 23rd February 1927, Robert Ian Algernon Forbes-Leith whom she bore four recorded children.
(a) John Alexander Forbes-Leith. Born 31st August 1928. Died 25th September 1949, Malaya.
(b) Andrew George Forbes-Leith. Born  20th October 1929. Died 4th November 2000. 
(B) George "Sandy" Alexander Barnett. Born Hexham 5th May 1898. Died London 1970.
(C) Peter William Barnett. Born 11th August 1899. Died Perthshire 1994. Married 23rd October 1936, Vera Kate Churchman.    2 children.
(D) David Barnett. Born  Halton Castle 5th November 1902. Killed in action Crete 20th May 1941 while serving with the Northumberland Hussars. Married Northumberland, 10th August 1933, Gillian Straker (born Angerton 3rd June 1901). 2 recorded children.
(E) John Curtis Barnett. Born  Halton Castle 18th August 1904. Buried at Halton Church, Corbridge. Married 8th March 1940, Jane Birkbeck. 4 children.
(iii) Frederick Peere Barnett. Born Bywell 29th December 1867. Died Whalton 7th February 1939. Married, 13th July 1896, Susan Elizabeth Baker-Cresswell (born Alnwick, 19th March 1877).
(A) Mary Barnett. Born Pigdon 3rd October 1898. Married Northumberland 9th April 1919 as his first wife Commander Gordon Reinhold Bald. Issue. Married subsequently London 22nd November 1923 Baldwin Charles Walker (died 4th September 1927). Married subsequently London 14th November 1928 Aubrey William Graham Martin.   
(B) Guy Frederick Barnett Born Pigdon 10th September 1902.
(C) Captain Mark William Barnett. Born 11th August 1904. Died Westminster, 20th July 1939.
(iv) William Barnett. Born Bywell 26th October 1868. Died 16th July 1912. Married 5th February 1902, Laura Beatrice Middleton (born Montreal 16th January 1874, died Humshaugh, Northumberland 25th November 1967).
(A) William Henry "Harry" Barnett. Born 12th September 1905. Died Nairobi, 22nd March 1969.
(B) Alice Penelope Barnett. Born India 3rd January 1907. Died Corbridge, Northumberland 4th October 1985. Married Hexham Abbey 10th September 1931, Robert Joicey Dickinson (born Northumberland 20th May 1901, died 5th March 1981) whom she bore 5 recorded children.
(a) Gillian Mary Dickinson. Born Corbridge, Northumberland 10th June 1932. Died Westminster 25th June 2002. Her many enthusiasms included genealogy: she contributed substantially to the compilation of these data.
(b) William James "Billy" Dickinson. Born Corbridge 1st July 1945. Died December 2002. Buried Corbridge. Married with issue.   
(C) Roger Lambert Barnett. Born Northumberland 10th January 1910. Died Chollerton, Northumberland 6th November 1991. Married Savoy Chapel, 8th July 1943, Evelyn Dorothy Rich (born Warwickshire 19th January 1916. died Chollerton, 10th August 1985). 2 children.
(D) Col. Robert Arthur Barnett. Born  Bywell, 4th September 1911. Died Humshaugh 11th November 1994. A friend writes "I have never met anyone that possessed so much wisdom, kindness and integrity.  He ... could happily converse with King or labourer and we all adored him".
b Mary Barnett. Baptised. August 1702. Married firstly St Thomas's Cathedral, Portsmouth 30th January 1718 (Gregorian) , Arthur Colbrooke who presumably died before 1729. 
Mary Barnett married secondly St. Thomas's Cathedral, Portsmouth 25th September 1729 Curtis King (died during or shortly before 1744). 
A Admiral Sir Richard King. Born 10th August 1730. Died 27th November 1806. Married 30th November 1769 Susannah Margaretta Coker. Issue.   
(a) Vice Admiral Sir Richard King, 2nd Bt.  Born  28th November 1774. Died Sheerness, Kent 4th August 1834. Married firstly 30th November 1803 Sarah Anne Duckworth (born 9th August 1786, died 20th March 1819).  
(1) Richard Duckworth-King Born 12th September 1804. Died 2nd November 1887. Married 1836 his third cousin Marianne Barnett (born 15th April 1813, died 20th March 1837) who predeceased their daughter by six days.
a.   A   (c) (3) towards the top of this page.) 
(2) Anne Maria King Born ca. 1808. Died Kensington 17th October 1869. Married firstly 1st May 1833 Sir James Samuel Lake Bt. Issue.
Married secondly  20th September 1850 Dr George Frederick Mitchelson.
(3) George St Vincent Duckworth-King Born 15th July 1809. Died 18th August 1891. Married 16th December 1847 Caroline Mary Dawson-Damer (died 5th December 1851). 
(i) Dudley Gordon Alan Duckworth-King. Born 28th November 1851. Died 14th February 1909. Married Isle of Wight 15th April 1890. Eva Mary Gore (died 26th September 1921).
(A) George Henry James Duckworth-King. Born Lincoln 8th June 1891. Died 21st February 1952. Married 28th January 1915 Barbara Madalen Jean Scott Makdougall (born 6th September 1894, died 21st February 1979).
(a) Caroline Agnes Duckworth-King. Born 27th December 1917. Died Westminster ca. December 2002.
(4) Lt Col Henry Robert Cornwallis King Born June 1812. Died Deal, Kent 9th April 1893.  Married October 1837 Evelina Maria Augusta Searle.  
(i) Maria Evelina Sarah King. Born ca. 1853. Married Dover 14th January 1882. Henry Hugh Thomas Rose Phipps.(born ca. 1844: law student, apparently).  
(5) John Thomas Duncan King Born ca. 1815. Died January 1850. 
Vice Admiral Sir Richard King married secondly 16th May 1822 Maria Susanna Cotton (born ca, 1791, died Madingley, Cambs 8th January 1871). Issue.  
(6) Maria Philadelphia King Died 29th April 1888. Married 4th January 1865 Rt Rev George Hills (born Kent 26th June 1816, died Parham, Suffolk 10th December 1895. Bishop of (British) Columbia 1859 - 1892).   
(7) Charles Cotton King Born ca. 1824. Died 4th March 1846.   
(8) Fanny Rowley King Born ca. 1825. Died Bishops Stortford 25th September 1898. Married William Charles Smith (died before 1898).   
(9) Col. John Hynde King Born 22nd December 1826. Died 9th July 1870. Commander 2nd Batallion Grenadier Guards. Large memorial south wall Madingley Church.   
(10) Rowley Fludyer King Born 22nd June 1828. Died Wales 13th September 1866.   
(11) William Affleck King Born Sutton, Surrey 29 Oct 1830. Died Walden Place, Saffron Walden 24th August 1886. Major 17th Regiment. Married 14th October 1873 Charlotte Webster.      
(i) Elizabeth Amy King. Born Chelsea 8th November 1874. Died 22nd February 1951. Married Hockerill 5th July 1898. George Robert Brewis (born Kensington 12th October 1871, died Oxford 10th October 1955).  Issue.  
            (A) Charlotte Elizabeth Joyce Brewis. Born Essex 18th August 1899. Died Oxford 26th May 1987.       
(B) The Rev. John Salusbury Brewis. Born Oxford 13th May 1902. Died 1st March 1972. Married 3rd July 1935 Anne Beatrice Mary Palmer (born 26th March 1911, died 31st March 2002). Issue.   
(ii) Justine Mary Louisa King. Died 17 June 1964. Married Rev Jocelyn James Antrobus.
(A) Lt Col Charles Hugh Antrobus. Born 18th April 1916.
(B) Mary Elizabeth Antrobus. Born 6th June 1918. Died March 2002.
(12) Elizabeth Ann King Still alive 1898 when she registered her sister's death.   
(b) Henrietta "Harriet" King  Died 17th September 1799)  Married 22nd February 1796 her third cousin Charles Barnett (born  March 1758, died 10th October 1804). For their children and remoter issue see  a.   A   (b) near the top of this page.
(c) Elizabeth King  Married 7th December 1797 Charles Rowley (born 16th December 1770, died 18th October 1845). Issue.   
(1) Captain Richard Freeman Rowley Born March 1806. Died  13th August 1854. Married 12th July 1828 Elizabeth Julia Angerstein (born ca. 1804, died 18th February 1870).      
(i) Charles John Rowley. Born 24th December 1832. Died 11th November 1919. Married Pimlico 9th May 1867. Alice Mary Anna Elwes (born 9th May 1846) Issue.  

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive.  (Previously omitted branches may nonetheless be added in response to expressions of interest.)    Therefore the generation indicator mark (e.g.  (A), (i)  or whatever) does not necessarily indicate the chronological position of a child's birth date in relation to those of siblings. Sources include "Glympton, the history of an Oxfordshire Manor" by Canon Herbert Barnett 1851 - 1937.
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Additional research and contributions by Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt, Roger Barnett, Curtis Barnett, Gillian Dickinson 1932 - 2002, Philippa Cannon, Mark Dobson, Dorothy Harris and Mary McGowan.

We are grateful to the National Maritime Museum in Greenwich, England, for permission to link the name of Commodore Curtis Barnett 1696 - 1746 (above) to a copy of their portrait of him by John Ellys.

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