The families of Hüseyin Küçükbalaban and Ímam Aktaş



Hasan ("Kaybo") Küçükbalaban. He came from the tribe (asiret) of İkinci Ogullar or Karron, from the village of Yenı, now called Yenı-İkinciler, possıbly once called İkıncıö Ogullar, originally from Malatya, Akçadağ, Turkey. He was originally called Garro or Garron or Karron and changed his name. Married Sultan Cepe. Sultan had a brother whose son [who is a descendant of Hüseyin Uşağı - no, that is impossible]'s wife is Omojun Sulte Cepe who is aged 110-115 and lives in Malatya and is a descendant of Hasan Uşağı. They are all Alevi of Kurdish origin except where stated.    
I. Hüseyin Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe, later Küçükbalaban. Dvu. Married Esma Aktaş. After his death she married second Ali Cepe, see below.    
A. Elif Küçükbalaban. Married Íbrahim Doğan, son of _____ Doğan.    
  1. Mehmet Doğan. Married Fadime Kücükbalaban, daughter of Hasan Kucukbalaban, see below. They live in Germany.    
    a. Hasan Doğan.    
    b. Ergün Doğan. Marrıed Jale Kücükbalaban, see below.    
    c. Elif Doğan. Married ____ ____. Lives ın Germany.    
    d. Selvi Doğan.    
    e. Beyhan Doğan.    
  2. Mahmut Doğan. Married ____ ____.    
    a. Filiz Doğan. She married Mahmut Küçükbalaban.    
    b. Ulaş Doğan.    
  3. Selvi Doğan. Died. Married Hüseyin Küçükbalaban. They had issue, for details see below.   HS
B. İsmail Küçükbalaban. Born 11 June 1927. Died 8 February 2002. Married Kibar Özkan (born 11 June 1936).    
  1. Ali Küçükbalaban. Born 1 February 1952. Married his aunt Kibar Yüce as her second husband.    
    a. Cemal Küçükbalaban, Senior. Born 1 June 1969. Married 1994 Saadet Ergönül (born 5 August 1973), daughter of _____ _____. They live in London, England.    
      i. Cem Küçükbalaban, Junior. Born 17 January 1996.    
      ii. Şilan Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born 1 February 2000.    
    b. Şengül Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Married Mustafa Karagül son of ____ Karagül. They lıve ın Istanbul.    
      i. Gizem Karagül, a daughter.    
      ii. İrem Karagül, a daughter.    
    c. Sultan Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born 1 June 1973. Emigrated to England 28 April 1997. Married 18 May 1997 Erdogan Kırdağ (born 9 May 1970), son of ____ Kırdağ. Emigrated to England 30 September 1994.    
      i. Helin Kırdağ, a daughter. Born 11 December 2002.    
      ii. Direncan Kırdağ, a son. Born 22 October 1998.    
    d. Cevahir Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born 29 October 19??. Works as an accountant ın Istanbul.    
    e. Dilek Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Teacher.    
  2. Hüseyin Küçükbalaban. Born 1 January 1955. Married Ayşe_____.    
    a. Halil Küçükbalaban, a son. Married.    
    b. İsmail Küçükbalaban, a son.    
    c. Özkan Küçükbalaban, a son.    
    d. Gökhan Küçükbalaban, a son.    
    e. Mert Küçükbalaban, a son.    
  3. Halil Küçükbalaban. Born 1 January 1958. Married Reyhan _____.    
    a. Gülbenk Küçükbalaban, a son.    
    b. Anil Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
  4. Hasan Küçükbalaban. Born Göksun, Maraş 1 January 1962. Emigrated to England 21 September 2000. Married 12 February 1986 Asya Cepe (born 19 March 1962 per birth registry, Turkish ID card & passport but actually ____), daughter of Hasan Cepe (see below) and Güllü Ağaca.    
    a. Deniz Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born Istanbul 1 May 1989.    
    b. Ali Onur Küçükbalaban, a son. Born Istanbul 10 June 1997.    
  5. Mehmet Küçükbalaban. Born Guksun, Maraş January 1966. Emigrated to England 15 October 2001. Married 5 August 1991 Belgin Özdilek.    
    a. Umutcan Küçükbalaban, a son. Born Istanbul 15 March 1996.    
  6. Mustafa Küçükbalaban. Born 1 January 1968. He had a common-law wife Elif Cepe (divorced & died), sister of his sister-in-law, Asya (above). Married Fatma _____. Divorced.    

Rıza Küçükbalaban. Born Maraş, Ağcaşağar, Turkey 1933. Asya née Cepe and Mustafa Cepe say he was born Cepe and changed his name, following which, other members of the family changed their names - which we rather doubt.   Married Zeynep Aktaş (born 10 November 1937), daughter of Ímam Aktaş and Güley Kumral. For their family, see below.

  1. Esma Küçükbalaban. Born 1 January 1959. Married Haldun Erkoç (born 1 January 1952) son of ____ Erkoç. Divorced.    
    a. Güral Erkoç.  Born 1 June 1976. Died aged eight months.    
    b. Serkan Erkoç. Born 9 July 1979. Married 17 July 2004 Arzu Yararbas (born 21 July 1979).    
  2. Müzeyen Küçükbalaban. Born 20 February 1961. Married first Robert _____. Divorced. Married second Esraf _____. Divorced. Married third Murat _____.    
  3. Müjgan Küçükbalaban. Born 20 June 1963. Married 11 January 1985 Zekeriya Karadağ (born 6 June 1963) son of ____ Karadağ. They live in Toronto.    
    a. Azer Karadağ. Born 13 May 1985. At University in Turkey.    
    b. Ebru Karadağ. Born 15 August 1990. In Canada.    
  4. Saniye Küçükbalaban. Born 27 November 1965. Married first George Tarpley (dvu). Married second _____ Koca (divorced).    
  5. Oksan Küçükbalaban. Born 27 December 1966. Married first 1990 Richard Bevington (born 9 September 1953). Divorced. Married second 22 July 1998 Şeref Üzümlü. Divorced 8 May 2002.   OK
  6. Kumral Küçükbalaban. Born 1968. Died 1972.    
  7. Ümit Küçükbalaban. Born 10 October 1970. Married Fatma Oymak. Divorced.    
D. Hasan Küçükbalaban. Dvu. Married Kibar Yüce as her first husband.   HK
  1. Fındık Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Married Hüseyin Sığırcı.    
    a. Rustem Sığırcı, a son. Lıves ın Hull.    
    b. Mahtum Sığırcı, a son. Lıves ın Kayseri, Turkey.    
    c. Halil Sığırcı, a son. Married Feryal _____. Lıves ın Tottenham, London.    
    d. Cagla Sığırcı, a daughter. Born 12 December 1984.  Married Zülfükar Koyuncu (born 10 March 1977). Lives in Nıce, France. They have a son    
      i. Erden Koyuncu. Born 24 December 2001.    
  2. Ahmet Küçükbalaban. Married Döne Kırdağ, daughter of ____ Kırdag and sister of Erdogan Kırdağ.    
    a. Elif Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born 26 September 1983. Emigrated 2001. Married 19 September 2001, Mustafa Cepe (see below). They live in London.    
      i. İpek Cepe, a daughter. Born 29 July 2002.    
    b. Nergiz Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
    c. Ebru Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
E. Döndü Küçükbalaban. Dvu. Married Hasan Tepe.    
  1. Mustafa Tepe. Married.    
  2. Doğan Tepe. Married.    
  3. Mehmet Tepe. Married.    
  4. Gülay Tepe. Married.    
II. Hasan Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe, later Küçükbalaban. Died. Married Menekşe Kaya (died) - No, that is her son's wife.    
A. Mehmet Küçükbalaban. Married Elif Kaya (dvu c.1987/8).    
  1. Mahap Küçükbalaban, a son.  Married Aynur Altun, sister of Müzeyyen.  They live in Germany.    
    a. Can Küçükbalaban.    
    b. Caner Küçükbalaban.    
  2. Tacım Küçükbalaban. Married Müzeyyen Altun, sister of Aynur. They live in Germany.    
    a. Elif Küçükbalaban.    
    b. Güley Küçükbalaban.    
  3. Hüseyin Küçükbalaban, a son. Married Aygül _____. They live in Urfa, Turkey.    
    a. Zilan Küçükbalaban. Born c.1996.    
  4. Erdal Küçükbalaban, a son.  Born c.1985. Lives in Doncaster.    
  5. Ayşe Küçükbalaban, a daughter.  Married Rahim Eren, son of Ali Eren, brother of Kalendar's wife (see below). They live in Hackney, London.    
    a. Melek Eren, a daughter.    
    b. Elif Eren, a daughter.    
    c. Emre Eren, a son.    
  6. Ramiye Küçükbalaban, a daughter.  Married 2003 Mustafa _____. They live in London.    
    a. A child en ventre sa mere.    
  7. Fadime Küçükbalaban, a daughter.  Lives in Doncaster.    
  8. Ayfer Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Married her first cousin Ferhat Küçükbalaban, son of Kalendar Küçükbalaban. They live in England.    
    a. Deniz Küçükbalaban, a son.    
B. Hüseyin Küçükbalaban, a son. Married Selvi Doğan, for details of whom see above.   HS
  1. Jale Küçükbalaban. Married Ergün Doğan, son of Mehmet Doğan.    
  2. Mahmut Küçükbalaban. Married Filiz Doğan, daughter of Mahmut Doğan. They live in Istanbul.    
  3. Hakan Küçükbalaban. Lives in Hull, England.    
C. Hasan Küçükbalaban. Married first Menekşe Kaya (dvu).    
  1. Bülent Küçükbalaban.  Born c.1976. Married Melek Küçükbalaban, daughter of Kalender Küçükbalaban (see below).    
    a. Menekse Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born c.1999.    
  2. Nuri Küçükbalaban.  Married Nurcan ______    
    a. Bülent Küçükbalaban.    
    b. Ercan Küçükbalaban.    
  3. Güler Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Married and has a daughter. She lives in Malatya, Turkey.    
  Hasan married second Base _____.    
  4. Ali Küçükbalaban.    
  5. Selma Küçükbalaban.    
  6. Fatoş Küçükbalaban. Married.    
D. Ali Küçükbalaban. Married Gülizar Bulut.    
  1. Gülistan Küçükbalaban. Married Şabu Kaçın. They live in Akçadağ.    
    a. Elif Kaçın.    
    b. Filiz Kaçın. Married Tacım _____.    
      i. A son.    
    c. İnci Kaçın.    
    d. Erkan Kaçın.    
    e. Nevip Kaçın.    
  2. Yurdagül Küçükbalaban. Born c.1967. Married Hasan Bulut, son of _____ _____, Gülizar's brother. She lives in Osmaniye in the winter and in Kömesögüt in the summer.    
  3. Hülya Küçükbalaban. Born c.1972. Married İsak Şenol (a teacher from Diyabakır). They live in Akçadağ.    
    a. Zeynep Şenol.    
  4. Menekse Küçükbalaban. She is a part time student living in an Institute caring for orphans in Akçadağ.    
  5. Ferhat Küçükbalaban.    
  6. Doğan Küçükbalaban. He teaches computers in Ankara.    
  7. Süleyman Küçükbalaban. Born c.1974. Married Zöhre Özcan, sister of Hülya Özcan. They live in Mersin.    
    a. Berfin Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
    b. Ali Baran Küçükbalaban.    
  8. Aziz Küçükbalaban. Born 26 October 1969. Married in Haringey, London 28 February 2002 Hediye Kalan (born 12 September 1981) whose father is 1st cousin of Gülizar Bulut. They live in London.    
    a. Ece Küçükbalaban, a daughter. Born 22 January 2004.    
  9. Rıza Küçükbalaban. Married Hülya Özcan, sıster of Zöhre Özcan. They live in Kier, Germany.    
    a. Ulas Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
    b. Helin Küçükbalaban.    
E. Kalender Küçükbalaban, a son. Born 1 January 1939. Married Kibar Eren (born c.1948), brother of Ali Eren (see above) and daughter of _____ Eren. She emigrated to London 1989. They live in England.    
  1. İsmigül Küçükbalaban, a daughter.  Married her first cousin Hüseyin Eren, son of Ali Eren. They live in Tottenham, London.    
    a. Ercan Eren. Born c.1992.    
    b. Barış Eren. Born c.1999.    
  2. Melek Küçükbalaban, a daughter.  Born c.1980. Married Bülent Küçükbalaban, son of Hasan Küçükbalaban. For their children, see above.    
  3. Ferhat Küçükbalaban, a son.  Married Ayfer Küçükbalaban, dau of Mehmet Küçükbalaban.    
    a. Deniz Küçükbalaban.    
  4. Tahsin Küçükbalaban, a son.       
F. Fadime Küçükbalaban. Married Mehmet Doğan, son of Ibrahim Doğan . They live in Germany. Fo their children, see under his entry above    
G. Haydar Küçükbalaban. Born 12 June 1952. Immigrated 14 June 1989. Married Sepiye _____. They live in England.    
  1. Nurten Küçükbalaban, a daughter.   Qualified as a nurse in Turkey.    
  2. Nuray Küçükbalaban, a daughter.    
  3. Murat Küçükbalaban, a son. Born 12 July 1980. Studying aeronautical engineering.    
  There seems to be another Hasan as follows, but we are unsure where he fits in. His father was Hasan Küçükbalaban and his mother was _____ Gülizar.    
  1. Hasan Küçükbalaban.  Born Maraş, Afsin 1946. Married Zerrin  _____ headmistress of Yıldızlar College.    
    a. Özgür Küçükbalaban. Born 1978.    
    b. Özden Küçükbalaban. Born 30 June 1982.    
III. Boduklar Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe.    
IV. İbiş Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe.    
V. Ali Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe. Married Güley Özkan (aged 80, living in Elbistan, 2004).    
A. Hasan Cepe. Married Güllü Ağaca.    
  1. Asya Cepe (born 19 March 1962 per birth registry, Turkish ID card & passport but actually ____). Married 12 February 1986 Hasan Küçükbalaban. Born Göksun, Maraş 1 January 1962. Emigrated to England 21 September 2000.     
  2. Fındık Cepe. Born 10 March 1966. Married İmam Özkan (born 1 December 1963), emigrated to London 21 May 1989. They live in London.    
    a. Dilek Özkan, a daughter. Born 12 April 1989.    
    b. Elvan Özkan, a daughter. Born 1 August 1991.    
    c. Demet Özkan, a daughter. Born 8 November 1993.    
    d. Dilara Özkan, a daughter. Born 21 February 2001.    
  3. Rıza Cepe. Married Ruhu Gül. They live in Antep, Turkey.    
    a. Melisa Cepe, a daughter.    
    b. Hasan Cepe, a son.    
    c. Mehmet Cepe, a son.    
  4. Şengül Cepe. Married Ziya Budak. Lives in Istanbul.    
    a. Buse Budak, a daughter.    
    b. Hasan Budak, a son.    
  5. Elif Cepe, a daughter. Dvp.    
B. Hanım Cepe. She married _____ Güler son of ____ Güler. She lives in Ankara.    
  1. Rıza Güler.    
  2. Yusuf Güler. Married _____ _____, daughter of _____ _____ and niece of _____ _____. Lives in London.    
  3. Hasan Güler.    
  4. Hüseyın Güler.    
C. Hüseyin Cepe. Married Hatun Ergönül, paternal aunt of Saadet Ergönül (see above).    
  1. Mehmet Cepe. Born 10 June 1949. Died 21 August 2003. Asylum seeker to London 1989. Married İpek Gün (born 10 June 1949 - per ID card). Asylum seeker to London 1991. They live in London.     
    a. Fındık Cepe. Married 1991 Hayri Ergönül, son of ____ Ergönül, Saadet Ergönül's paternal uncle. They in London.    
      i. Hatun Ergönül, a daughter.    
      ii. Hatice Ergönül, a daughter.    
    b. Gülistan Cepe. Married 1993 Erdal Güler son of ____ Güler They live in London.    
      i. Baran Güler, a son.    
      ii. Berkan Güler, a son.    
    c. Songül Cepe. Married 1997 Ekrem Doğan, son of _____ Doğan. They live in London.    
      i. Ulas Doğan, a son.    
    d. Mustafa Cepe. Born 10 August 1979. Emigrated to London 1991. Married Elif Küçükbalaban, dau of Ahmet Küçükbalaban (see above)    
      i. İpek Cepe, a daughter. Born 29 July 2002.    
  2. Mustafa Cepe.  Born 10 August 1979. Married 19 September 2001 Elif Doğan (born 26 September 1983), dau of _____ Doğan.. She emigrated to London 2001.    
    a. Mehmet Cepe. He lives in London.    
    b. Fadime Cepe. She lives in London.    
    c. Hüseyin Cepe. He lives in London.    
  3. Ali Cepe.  Married Pamuk Ergönül, daughter of Sultan Ergönül who is sister of Saadet.    
    a. Hüseyin Cepe.    
    b. Sibel Cepe.    
    c. Ersin Cepe.    
  4. Hüseyin Cepe.  Married Güver Ergönül, dau of ____ Ergönül, and Saadet Ergönül's sıster. They emigrated to England approx 1989.    
    a. Ali Cepe. He lives in London.    
    b. Erhan Cepe. He lives in London.    
    c. Sultan Cepe. She lives in London.    
  5. Riza Cepe.  Married Aslı Er (born 17 February 1969). They live in London.    
    a. Hüseyin Cepe. Born 29 September 1995. He lives in London.    
  6. Cennet Cepe.  Married Ağbaba Yaşar.    
    a. Aysel Yaşar. Married Orhan Toraman. They live in London.    
      i. Ozan Toraman.    
      ii. Ezgin Toraman.    
    b. Haydar Yasar. He lives in London.    
    c. Müjde Yasar. She lives in London.    
  7. Çiçek Cepe. Married Aziz Demiralay. They live in London.    
    a. Can Demiralay.    
VI. İsmail Uşağı, later Çepe, later Cepe.    


İmam Aktaş. Married Güley Kumral.    
A. Zeynep Aktaş. Born 1937. Married Rıza Küçükbalaban. Born Maraş, Ağcaşağar, Turkey 1933. For their family, see above.    
B. Mehmet Aktaş. Married Elif Canpolat.    
  1. Leyla Aktaş. Married _____ _____.    
  2. Gül Aktaş. Married _____ _____.    
  3. Songül Aktaş. Married _____ _____.    
  4. Filiz Aktaş.    
  5. Ebru Aktaş.    
C. Yasar Aktaş. Died. He was employed by the police as a patrolman (bekçi). Married Döndü _____.    
  1. İmam Aktaş. He has children by _____ _____.    
    a. _____ Aktaş.    
    b. _____ Aktaş.    
  2. Mehmet Aktaş.    
  3. Mürüvet Aktaş.    
  4. Zeynep Aktaş. She has a daughter by _____ _____.    
    a. A daughter.    



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