The Genealogy of the Baird Family of Gartsherrie


(A) Alexander Baird. "Double-ribbed Sandy". Born c.1659.
AA. Alexander Baird. Born c.1689. Died 1766. Married first _____ Cumming.
I. John Baird. Born c.1719. Married first 9th August 1749 Ann Lawson. Married second Elizabeth Moffat.
A. Elizabeth Baird.  Married James Mochrie and left issue.
II. William Baird. Born 1721. Married Jean Baillie.
A. Alexander Baird of Lockwood.   Born 12th May 1765. Died High Cross 23rd December 1833.  Married in Old  Monkland 2nd August 1794 Jean Moffat (bap New Monkland 24 Jan 1768; died 8th July 1851), daughter of James Moffat in Airdrie and in Whitburn by his second wife, md Bothwell, Lanarkshire 4th November 1764, Janet Craig. James and Janet's children were Jean, Janet (bap Airdrie, New Monkland 15 Oct 1769), James (bap New Monkland 17 May 1772), Robert (bap New Monkland 20 June 1774) and John (bap New Monkland 25 Dec 1776). AB
1. Janet Baird. Born Woodhead 6th December 1794. Married first Alexander Whitelaw (died 10th August 1826), 2nd son of Thomas Whitelaw. JB
a. Jane Whitelaw. Died in infancy.
b. Alexander Whitelaw of Gartshore, Dunbartonshire and Woodhall, Lanarkshire. Born 1823. Died 1st July 1879. Married 1859 Barbara Forbes Lockhart (died 31st March 1909), ygst dau of Robert Lockhart.
(A) Charlotte Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 19th February 1860. Died 6th February 1902. Married Colonel Blackburn (died 1st December 1922).
(B) Janet Baird Whitelaw. Died 13th August 1935.
(C) Alexander Whitelaw, TD. Born 10th October 1862. Married Dorothy Disraeli, eldest dau of Ralph Disraeli.
(D) Graeme Alexander Lockhart Whitelaw. Born Old Monkland 4th November 1863. Married first 23rd July 1885 Elizabeth Stewart.
(1) Graeme Stewart Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 1900. Married first 1st July 1925 Hope Aline Havelock-Allan.
(a) Graeme Alexander Stewart Lockhart Whitelaw
(b) Elizabeth Jane Anne Whitelaw. Married Arthur Laurence Rook.
Graeme married second 1933 Vivien Middleton Middleton, dau of Middleton Middleton.
(c) Sara Lockhart Whitelaw. Married Captain Ian Stuart Cameron.
Graeme married second 30th April 1902 Laura Montagu.
(2) James Montagu Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 17th April 1903. Died 30th May 1903.
(3) Elsie Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 6th May 1904. Died 28th December 1958.
(4) Marion Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 24th June 1906.
(5) Sybil Lockhart Whitelaw. Born 31st August 1910.
(E) Mary Barbara Whitelaw. Died 5th November 1933. Married Captain Harold Francis.
(F) Helen Douglas Whitelaw. Died 21st April 1946. Married Gerald H Fitzgerald.
(G) William Whitelaw of Gartshore, JP. Born 15th March 1868. Died 19 January 1946. Married 4th September 1890 Gertrude Thompson (died 9th November 1948), dau of Col Thomas Charles Thompson, JP.
(1) William Alexander Whitelaw.  Born 30th June 1892. Died 14th February 1919. Married 28th April 1919 Helen Winifred Cumine Russell.
(a) Sir William Stephen Ian Whitelaw, 1st Viscount Whitelaw of Gartshore, KT.  Born 28th June 1918. Married 6th February 1943 Cecilia Doriel Sprot, dau of Major Mark Sprot.
i. (Elizabeth) Susan Whitelaw. Born 2nd November 1944. Married 1966 Hon Nicholas John Cunliffe-Lester (born 4 Sept 1939), son of 1st Earl of Swinton.
aa. Lorna Mary Cunliffe- Lester. Born 1968.
bb. Mark William Philip Cunliffe- Lester. Born 1970.
cc. Simon Charles Cunliffe- Lester. Born 1977.
ii. Carolyn Meliora Whitelaw. Born 18th June 1946. Married first 1973 Robert Donald Macleod Thomas. Divorced 1979.
aa. Miranda Cecilia Thomas. Born 1974.
bb. Rhoda Mary Macleod Thomas. Born 1977.
Carolyn married second 1983 Michael Francis Graves-Cotton.
cc. Cleopatra Frances Graves-Cotton. Born 1985.
dd. Helen Mercedes Graves-Cotton. Born 1987.
iii. Mary Cecilia Whitelaw. Born 15th May 1947. Married 1972 David Alexander Coltman.
aa. Susannah Mary Lavinia Coltman. Born 1987.
iv. Pamela Winifred Whitelaw. Born 9th March 1951. Married 1974 Malise Charles Richard Graham (born 1948).
aa. Arabella Mary Susan Graham. Born 1975.
bb. Georgina Carol Cecilia Graham. Born 1977.
cc. Laura Meliora Winifred Graham. Born 1981.
dd. Victoria Malise Samantha Graham. Born 1985.
(2) Robert Whitelaw.
(3) Geoffrey Whitelaw.
(4) Audrey Whitelaw.
(5) Rhoda Forbes Whitelaw.
(6) Evelyn Winifred Whitelaw.
(H) Caroline Forbes Whitelaw. Born Old Monkland 24th July 1869. Died 2nd May 1962. Married C Lacy Thompson.
(I) James Baird Whitelaw. Born 12th December 1870. Married 1893 Lillian Graham, dau of Alexander Gordon Graham.
c. Jane Whitelaw. Married Thomas Thorneycroft (born 10 Dec 1822) of Hadley Park, Salop.
(A) Jessie Thorneycroft. Married 15 August 1876 Joseph Arthur Platt.
(B) George Benjamin Thorneycroft. Married Blanche Mary Mervyn Archdale.
(1) George Edward Mervyn Thorneycroft. Married first Dorothy Hope Franklyn.
(a) Rt Hon (George Edward) Peter Thorneycroft, MP. Married first 3 May 1938 Sheila Wells Page. Divorced 1949.
i. John Hamo Thorneycroft. Born 24 March 1940.
Peter married second 2 April 1949 Countess Carla Roberti Cappi.
i. Victoria Elizabeth Anne Thorneycroft. Born 25 June 1951.
(b) Elizabeth Helen Mervyn Thorneycroft.
George married second Gertrude Harpham.
(2) Dorothy Inez Elinor Thorneycroft. Married Rupert Robert Vernon.
(C) James Baird Thorneycroft. Married Annie Chalmers Nicoll.
(D) Jeanie Thorneycroft. Married Francis Wheen.
(E) Hamo Douglas Thorneycroft. Born 4 Jan 1855. Died 1946.
(F) Eleanor Thorneycroft. Died unmarried 1941.
(G) Alexander Whitelaw Thorneycroft. Married Rebecca Frances, nee Percy, widow of Burrard R  Crozier.
(H) Wallace Thorneycroft. Married Margaret Campbell.
(1) Thomas Hamo Thorneycroft.
(2) Emily Vita Thorneycroft.
(3) Jessie Margaret Thorneycroft.
(4) James Alexander Campbell Thorneycroft. Married Barbara Greener.
(a) Caroline Thorneycroft.
(b) Alexander Herbert Thorneycroft.
(c) Camilla Thorneycroft.
(d) Verena Thorneycroft.
(5) George Wallace Thorneycroft. Married Hazel Margaret Sellors.
(a) Douglas Thorneycroft.
(b) Jeane Thorneycroft.
(c) James Thorneycroft.
(d) Elizabeth Thorneycroft.
(6) Jane Eleanor Thorneycroft.
(I) Florence Thorneycroft, OBE. Died unmarried 1 September 1944.
d. Thomas Whitelaw. Born 1826. Dsp 1850.
Janet married 29th November and 2nd December 1834 John Weir of Dunbeth,  Lanarkshire (died 25th December 1885). JB
e. William Weir. Born 1st September 1835, a twin.
f. Janet Weir. Born 1st September 1835 a twin. Died 6th August 1902.  Married in Old Monkland 23rd April 1857 David Wallace (born 26th February 1823, died 15th August 1877), Glasgow ironmaster. Bought the Glassingall estate 1875 (it was sold on shortly after W.W.I.). JW
2. William Baird of Elie, DL, JP. Born 23 April 1796. Died 1864. Married 14 July 1840 Janet Johnston (died 15 November 1886), dau of Thomas Johnston.
a. Jane Baird. Died 26 June 1916.   Married 17 June 1862  James George Baird Hay, DL, JP (born 12 September 1826, died 3 March 1913).
b. Alexander Baird. Dsp young.
c. William Baird, DL, JP. Born 2 September 1848. Died 29 June 1918. Married 1883 Caroline Muriel Callander (died Dec 1932), only dau of John Alexander Burn Callander.
(A) William James Baird. Married first 1918 Audley Porter. Married second 26 Jan 1937 Hon Barbara Vernon OBE (died 19 May 1961), formerly wife of Capt Robert Charles Horace Jenkinson and ygst dau of 1st Viscount Harcourt.
(1) Lavinia Enid Muriel Baird. Born 26 March 1923.
(B) (Ethel) Mary Baird. Born 31 Dec 1884. Married 6th Baron Sherborne.
(C) Janet Muriel Baird. Died 15 July 1960. Married 7 August 1926 Capt Henry Cecil Noel (born 23 May 1868), 2nd son of Rt Hon Gerald James Noel, PC.
d. Janet Ann Baird. Dsp 1916. Married Captain James George Hay.
e. Charlotte Baird. Married Capt W G Middleton. 1 dau.
f. John George Alexander Baird. Married 10 Nov 1880 Susanna Georgina Broun.
(A) Edith Christian Broun. Married 26 July 1921 Major Sir George Humphrey Maurice Broun-Lindsay, Kt Bach, DSO, DL, JP.
(1) Colin George Broun-Lindsay. Born 4 Nov 1926. Died 11 April 1989. Married 2 August 1952 Beatrice Marie Thrse Ferdinande d'Ursel (born 19 July 1924).
(a) Ludovic David Broun-Lindsay. Born 1954.
(b) Christian Georgiana Broun-Lindsay. Born 1956. Died 19 July 2002.
(B) Mary Janet Broun. Married 1925 Richard Alexis Downing Fullerton (born 1893). Lived at Ware, Lyme-Regis.
(1) Peter Fullerton.
g. James Douglas Baird. Born 1856. Died 17 February 1910.
h. Mary Elizabeth Baird. Married Col  Frederick Gordon Blair of Blair.
i. Cecilia Margaret Baird. Married Henry Burn- Callander.
j. Henry Robert Baird. Born 1861. Married. 3 sons.
k. Brig General Edward William David Baird, CBE. Born 29 June 1864. Married first 17 October 1893 Millicent Bessie Clarke (died 2nd or 7th May 1936) 2nd dau of Major General Sir Stanley Clarke GCVO CMG.
(A) Charles Edward Baird. Born 1894. Kia 1 July 1916.
(B) Rosemary Freda Baird. Born 1895. Married 28 Nov 1921 Col Sir Arthur Edward Erskine, GCVO, DSO (died 24 July 1963).
(1) Keith George David Erskine. Born 12 October 1922.
(2) Donald Seymour Erskine. Born 28 May 1925. Married 15 April 1953 Catharine Annandale McLelland
(a) Caroline Janet McLelland. Born 15 Sept 1954.
(b) Fiona Catharine McLelland. Born 25 Jan 1956.
(c) James Malcolm Kenneth McLelland. Born 22 Nov 1957.
(d) Julia Rosemary McLelland. Born 23 Jan 1962.
(e) Joanna Christian McLelland. Born 6 July 1968.
(3) Angus Bruce Erskine. Born 11 May 1928. Married 5 August 1961 Alison Gillian Duthie.
(a) Alexander David Erskine. Born 27 Feb 1964.
(b) Keith Malcolm Erskine. Born 15 Sept 1967.
(C) Millicent Irene Baird. Born 1897. Married Josiah Arthur Vivian Rowe.
(1) Elizabeth Margaret Rowe. Born 1 January 1934.
(2) Bridget Millicent Rowe. Born 14 August 1936.
(D) Vida Janet Baird. Born 2 August 1899.  Married 17 April 1929 Harold  Edward Spragge. Divorced.
(1) Edward Francis Spragge. Born 4 June 1930.
(2) David Charles Spragge. Born 2 March 1932. Married 20 April 1963 Caroline Joanna Baird  (qv below).
(a) A daughter. Born 16 January 1964.
(E) William Stanley Baird. Born 19 August 1903. Married 4 November 1944 Johanna Elizabeth Mackay, widow of Patrick Alexander Agnew and dau of late Baron Barthold Mackay.
(F) David Everard Baird. Born 11 June 1906. Married 9 August 1933 Winifred Isobel Thorburn.
(1) Caroline Joanna Baird. Born 3 May 1935. Married 20 April 1963 David Charles Spragge (qv above).
(2) Jane Rosemary Baird. Born 16 July 1938.
(3) Mary Ann Baird. Born 1 March 1941.
(G) Patrick Douglas Baird. Born 1912. Married 27 January 1940 Gillian Margaret Warren.
(1) Neil Alexander Baird. Born 11 Feb 1941.
(2) Kirsty Baird. Born 16 Aug 1943.
(3) Elspeth Baird. Born 24 Nov 1947.
(4) Anne Baird. Born 31 December 1948.
Edward married second Helen Cicely Kerr widow of Archibald Edward Butter and dau of Charles William Rudolph Kerr.
3. John Baird of Urie. Died 25 July 1895. Married Margaret Findlay.
a. Sir Alexander Baird, 1st Bt.  Married Annette Maria Palk.
(A) John Lawrence Baird of Lochaven, 1st Viscount Stonehaven, 2nd Bt. Born 27 April 1874. Married 15 Feb 1905 Lady (Ethel) Sydney Keith- Falconer, 11th Countess of Kintore.
(1) Annette Sydney Baird. Born 19 Nov 1905.
(2) James Ian Baird, 2nd Viscount Stonehaven, 12th Earl of Kintore, 3rd Bt. Born 25 July 1908. Changed his name from Baird to Keith by  Interlocuter Lyon Court 28 June 1967.
(a) Lady Diana Elizabeth Virginia Sydney Baird. Born 22 June 1937. Married 20 July 1957 John Francis Holman, OBE.
i. Richard Ian Holman. Born 2 Sept 1958.
ii. Edward Alexander Holman. Born 15 Feb 1960.
iii. Georgina Mary Holman. Born 4 Oct 1962.
iv. Emma Charlotte Holman. Born 11 April 1966.
(b) Michael Canning William John Keith Baird. 13th Earl of Kintore, 4th Bt. Born 22 Feb 1939. Married Mary Plum, only dau of Sqdn Ldr Elisha Gaddis Plum.
i. Lady Iona Delia Mary Gaddis Keith Born 1978.
(c) Alexander David Baird. Born 21 April 1946.
(3) Sqdn Ldr Robert Alexander Greville Baird. Born 15 April 1910. Kia 14 July 1943. Married 30 March 1939 Dorviegelda Malvina McGregor who md second  Algernon Ian ("Toby") Sladen.
(a) Rinalda Malvina Baird. Born 17 Apr 1940. Married 23 April 1963 Major David Henry Sandford Leslie Maitland Titterton.
i. Rupert Aulen Seymour Leslie Titterton. Born 28 Aug 1965.
ii. Shn Titterton Born 10 Nov 1967.
(b) Alastair Aulen John Baird.
(c) Ceanan Donald Baird.
(4) Ariel Olivia Winifred Baird. Born 16 August 1916. Married Kenneth Alexander Keith.
(5) (Hilda) Ava Fiona Nancy Baird. Born 20 April 1919. Married Ronald Fulton Lucas Chance.
(B) Evelyn Margaret Baird. Married Lt-Col Albert Edward Stanley Clarke (Died  8 June 1926).
(1) Alexander Frank Stanley Clarke. Born 9 Oct 1908. Married 7 June 1932 Vivien Antonia Bligh St George.
(a) Antonia Edith Clarke. Born 27 April 1933.
(b) Anthony Alexander Stanley Clarke. Born 11 March 1935.
(2) Annette Mary Clarke. Born 1 July 1911.
(C) Janet Norah Baird. Married Lt-Col Sir Arthur George Ferguson.
(D) Edith Annette Baird.
(E) Nina Isabel Baird.
(F) Muriel Jane Baird. Married Byron Vyner Noel.
b. John Baird of Lockwood.
c. Janet Findlay Baird. Married 9 January 1884 Col George Chalmer.
4. Alexander Baird. Born 29 December 1799. Dsp 2 March 1862.
5. James Baird DL, JP of Auchmedden. Born 5 December 1802. Dsp 20 June 1876. Married first 10 February 1852 Charlotte Lockhart, dau of Robert Lockhart. Married second 8 Dec 1859 Isabella Agnew Hay (died 7 Dec 1904).
6. Jane / Jean Baird. Born 24th August 1804. Married 6th December 1831 Thomas Jackson of Coats (died 8th July 1863).
a. Jane Jackson. Died in infancy.
b. Thomas Jackson. Born 10th December 1833. Married 1871 Mary Addie, daughter of Robert Addie.
(A) Mary Seton Jackson. Died 17 Nov 1949. Married 2 Sept 1908 George Frederick Montagu Villiers (qv below)
(B) Jane Frances Jackson.
c. Jane Jackson.
d. Jessie Jackson. Married John Mann Thomson, partner of William Dixon & Co, Ironmasters.
(A) Jeanie Baird Thomson.
(B) William Dixon Thomson.
(C) Harry Douglas Thomson.
e. Margaret Jackson. Died in infancy.
f. Alexander Baird Jackson. Born 1841.
g. William Baird Jackson. Died in infancy.
h. Douglas Baird Jackson.
i. Jemima Jackson.
7. Robert Baird. Born 16 April 1806. Dsp 7 August 1856.
8. Douglas Baird of Closeburn. Born 31 March 1808. Died 7 December 1854. Married 28 July 1851 Charlotte Acton (died  30 Sep 1868).
a. Jane Isabella Baird. Died 27 April 1943. Married 20 July 1869 Frederick Ernest Villiers (died 14 Oct 1922).
(A) George Frederick Montagu Villiers. Born 13 Sept 1870. Married 2 Sept 1908 Mary Seton Jackson (qv above).
(1) Jean Baird Villiers. Born 21 July 1909.
(2) Barbara Mary Villiers. Born 28 November 1911.
(3) Constance Adelaide Villiers. Born 24 Aug 1913.
(B) Florence Catherine Villiers.
(C) Charles Walter Villiers. Born 23 Sept 1873. Married Lady Kathleen Mary Cole (qv below), 2nd dau of 4th Earl of Enniskillen, KP.
(1) Florence Angela Villiers. Born 1 Nov 1904.
(2) (Francis) Berkeley Hyde Villiers. Born 8 Nov 1906.
(a) Nicholas Hyde Villiers. Born 3 Dec 1939.
(3) Helen Mary Villiers. Born 17 April 1915.
(D) Blanche Evelyn Villiers. Died in infancy.
b. Charlotte Marion Baird.  Died 30 January 1937. Married 12 July 1869 Lowry Egerton Cole, Viscount Cole, later 4th Earl of Enniskillen (died 28 April 1924).
(A) William Willoughby Cole. Born and died 1870.
(B) Charlotte Jane Christian Cole. Born 1872. Died 1892.
(C) Kathleen Mary Cole. Born 1873. Died 1956. Married Charles Walter Villiers (qv above).
(D) Marion Cole. Born and died 1874.
(E) John Henry Michael Cole, 5th Earl of Enniskillen. Born 1876. Died 1963. Married first 1907 Irene Frances Mundy.
(1) Ann Florence Verney Cole. Born 12 Dec 1910. Married 5 July 1935 John Hastings James. Divorced.
(a) Michael John Frederick Lowry James. Born 1941. Married 28 April 1965 Raye V Donaldson.
(2) Frances Jane Cole. Born 1914.
(3) Kathleen Irene Cole. Born 1919.
(4) Michael Galbraith Lowry Cole. Born 1921. Died 1956.
John married second 1932 Mary Cicely Syers.
(F) Florence Ame Cole. Born 1878. Died 1914.
(G) Muriel Augusta Mary Cole. Born 1879. Died 1880.
(H) Galbraith Lowry Cole. Born 1881. Died 1929.
(1) David Lowry Cole, 6th Earl Enniskillen. Born 10 Sept 1918. Married first 31 July 1940 Sonia Mary Syers. Divorced 1955.
(a) Andrew John Galbraith Cole, Viscount Cole. Born 28 April 1942. Married Sarah Frances Caroline Edwards.
i. Amanda Mary Cole. Born 4 May 1956.
ii. Emma Frances Cole. Born 14 Feb 1969.
(b) Linda Mary Cole. Born 26 March 1944.
David married second 7 May 1955 Nancy Henderson MacLellan.
(2) Arthur Gerald Cole. Born 15 Nov 1920. Married 5 Feb 1949 Prudence Tobina Cartwright.
(a) Berkeley Arthur Cole. Born 17 Dec 1949.
(b) Marian Rose Cole. Born 24 March 1951.
(c) Hugh Galbraith Cole. Born 4 June 1954.
(d) Richard Lowry Cole. Born 2 June 1956.
(I) Reginald Berkeley Cole. Born 1882. Died 1925.
9. George Baird of Stichill. Born 28 July 1810. Died 24 August 1870. Married 15 November 1858 Cecilia Hatton (died 5 March 1895), dau of Vice Adm Villiers Francis Hatton, MP.
a. George Alexander Baird. Born 30 September 1861. Died unm 18 March 1893.
10. David Buchanon Baird of Stichill. Born 18th November 1816. Dsp Highgate Hall, Essex 1860.
B. Helen Baird. Married Mr Hart. No issue.
C. John Baird. Married Elizabeth Smellie.
1. William Baird. Dsp.
2. John Baird.
3. Janet Baird. Married William Colines (dsp).
4. Thomas Baird. Dsp.
5. Robert Baird.  Dsp.
6. Alexander Baird. Married and left two children:
a. Helen Baird.
b. Alexander Baird.
7. Helen Baird.
8. Elizabeth Baird. Married Thomas Convay and has  issues.
9. Jean Baird. Married Thomas Russell and had issue.
10. James Baird.
D. William Baird. Died unmarried.
III. Robert Baird. Married Janet Thom.
A. John Baird.  Married Janet Clelland. They had issue.
B. James Baird.  Married and had issue.
C. Ann Baird.  Married 15 July 1797 Walter Thom. They had issue.
D. Agnes Baird.  Married  Robert Moffat. They had issue.
Alexander Baird. Married second Elizabeth Patterson.

This genealogy is not intended to be comprehensive. The mark (a), (1) or whatever does not necessarily indicate that the child is a first child.   Please send comments, corrections, additions and amendments to Sir William Arbuthnot, Bt

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