Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


Captain Duff to his wife  


Mars, off Cadiz, October 8[, 1805]

I wrote my dearest Sophia a few lines yesterday by the Bittern; but as I left the fleet immediately, I do not know whether the Defiance brought us any letters or not.  We are detached only three or four leagues from the fleet, and always in sight of it.   At present our squadron consists of the Mars, Defence, Colossus, and Ajax.  I suppose as soon as Admiral Louis returns from Gibraltar, where he is now gone to water &c., he will take the command of the advance squadron, and deprive me of my honours


October 10[, 1805]

I am just returned from dining with Brown, of the Ajax, one of my squadron.  He is a very old acquaintance of mine, ever since 1780, when we were in the West Indies together, and have met frequently since on service.  I am sorry the rain has begun tonight, as it will spoil my fine work, having been employed for this week past to paint the ship a la Nelson, which most of the fleet are doing.  He is so good and pleasant a man, that we all wish to do what he likes, without any kind of orders.  I have been myself very lucky with most of my Admirals; but I really thnk the present the pleasantest I have met with: even this little detachment is a kind thing to me, there being so many senior officers to me in the fleet, as it shows his attention and wish to bring me forward; but I believe I have to thank my old friend Collingwood for it, as he was on board the Victory when I was sent for.   



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