Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


To his wife


September 23[, 1805]

My dearest Sophia will readily believe how much I rejoiced on Saturday last to see our boy.  He is very well and has not been in the least sick.  All the rest are also well, though they have been sick during the passage.  It was very fortunate my meeting with the Aurora, as I was ordered by the Admiral to speak a frigate off the Gut, before I went to Tangier; and in doing so, I fell in with our boy, and got him out, otherwise it might have been some weeks before he had joined me.  I have for the present taken him into the cabin to mess, and sleep.  He seems very well pleased with his choice of a profession, and I hope will continue so.  I had the pleasure of receiving by the Aurora yours of the 27th July, 2nd and 12th of August, but I was informed a week before of Norwich's coming.  It is very off, that in Sunday before he joined, our captain of marines [, Captain Norman, who since died of his wounds,] who is a very pleasant fellow, told me when I went down to dine in the ward-room, that he seldom dreamt, but he could not resist telling me his dream of last night, that my son had arrived, and that he was taking him all over the ship, to show it to him.  So when Master Norwich made his appearance, the dream came into my head immediately.  


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