Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


To his wife


August 26[, 1805]

On Friday we were joined by the Queen, Tonnant, Bellerophon, Minotaur, and two frigates;   but I am sorry to find our friend Sir Richard Bickerton is left behind sick at Gibraltar, and is going home by the first opportunity.  Admiral Knight succeeds him in the command of the squadron.    

August 27[, 1805]

The enemy are still snug in port.  They have not been joined by the ships from Cartagena, so that I think it likely they may go up the Mediterranean.   

August 31[, 1805]

We were joined yesterday by Sir Robert Calder, with 18 ships of the line, and we now consist of 26.  Our friends in Cadiz will not therefore come out again for some time.   We expect to be joined every day by Lord Nelson with one or two ships, so that we shall have more than we want. 

I went on board Admiral Louis last night, where I found Pultney Malcolm, and his brother:  they made many kind enquiries about your all, and desired to be particularly remembered to you:  he has now the Donnegal, a very fine ship indeed.  He has gone inshore with Admiral Louis to watch Cadiz; I may not therefore see him again for some time, as my Admiral has taken me close to himself, - He is a very fine fellow, and stuck very close to the combined fleet with his little squadron. 



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