Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


To his wife


Mars, January 24, 1805

We fell in with the Colossus this morning, and have now bore up with a fair wind for Ushant, where I suppose we shall meet Admiral Cornwallis tomorrow.  The Rochfort squadron has of course got out, and it is supposed to have gone to Brest.  I think it the best thing that could happen, as we shall have only one port instead of two to watch.   It was quite a farce  to say, that our squadron was blockading the ships in Rochfort; we were only running great risk with our own; for I was always convinced that the French might have got out any day they pleased, without our ever seeing them.   They must however have passed very near us in the night, from the situation we were in, and the place where they were seen; and had we met, I think we should have given a good account of them. 


January 31 [, 1805]

Poor Captain Jervis, of the Tonnant, and some of the boat's crew, were drowned on Saturday last in going on board the San Josef.  I am very sorry for him indeed, as he was a particular friend of mine, and a very good fellow.  He was heir to Lord St Vincent's title and fortune.   


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