Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


To his wife


October 30 [, 1804]

I went on board my Admiral yesterday to dinner, without being invited; and left the first lieutenant here to take my place.  I had a note from my old friend Gardner, who is here the Hero, saying the Admiral would be glad to see me, as he dined there, so I went, and found as usual a very hearty and friendly welcome.  We have with us the Dreadnought, Queen, Hero, Warrior, and Mars, with the Doris and some small craft inshore.         

October 31 [, 1804]

No news, only a very blowing disagreeable day, of which we may expect many before the winter is over.  However, I think my ship seems to sail pretty well, and I have every hope of her improving daily.        

November 2 [, 1804]

The Tonnant has joined us this afternoon, but it blows so hard that we have not yet got our letters by her.  Our good Admiral takes very good care of us; and should it come to blow very hard, we have a fine anchorage off Quiberon Bay open for us.  I have never been there yet, but my pilot is well acquainted with this coast, and is a very sober good man.           


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