Captain George Duff

Born 1764
Died in command of H M S Mars 21st October 1805


To his wife


[Mars, off Ferrol,] July 4 [1804]

We have plenty of good provisions, our men never taste a piece of salt meat, and they have plenty of fresh water and fruit. We take it by turns to be the look-out ship, and I suppose I shall be a fortnight at least at anchor after this week. We go on shore whenever we please, excepting to Ferrol, and I have generally walked three or four hours every day; when the weather would allow it. My leg [injured twenty-four years earlier in a hurricane in October 1780 in the West Indies] is perfectly well, as we have not gone so far to the south as to affect it.

July 10


The night before we came inshore the French line-of-battle ship escaped from Corunna to Ferro1. I wish it had not happened during my look-out; but we are all much better pleased she has got there, as it was impossible to prevent them from going there if they wished it: but now they are shut up, so that they cannot get out without our seeing them.

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